West Chester at Ursinus


Full Results West Chester: 192.825 Ursinus: 188.250
VT: Meakim 9.700 UB: DeLorme 9.800 BB: Betts, Marshall 9.725 FX: Meakim 9.800 AA: DeLorme 38.425

The Big Storyline: The Golden Rams proved their consistency after scoring within a tenth of their Friday team score after scoring within a margin of just over a point since the first week of competition. Vault continued to be a hit or miss, with this week scoring a little lower than its average highs, but West Chester brought it home with its solid beam lineup including placing in the top four spots on beam. Ursinus topped a 188 for the second week in a row, continuing to peak with new season highs on both bars and beam helped by Alyssa DeLorme who set a new program record herself as well. With just vault as the Bears’ only event that dropped a few tenths from the week prior, Ursinus has found its groove in this second half of the season. 

Implications: With Penn and Yale continuing their own dominance, West Chester continues to sit firmly in third in the GEC, its consistency both its strength and a hindrance. A few high scores could help it to unseat Yale in second. Ursinus stays steady in third in the NCGA-East, although with a few more solid meets under its belt could put some renewed pressure on the Bombers sitting in second. 

Records: Alyssa DeLorme of Ursinus set a new career high on beam with a 9.800, bars with a 9.800 and a 9.750 on floor. She set a new high of 38.275 in the all-around as well. Abigal Schwedt set a new personal best of 9.625 on beam.

The event is finished.


Feb 27 2022


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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