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LIVE BLOG: No. T-26 Arizona at No. 12 Oregon State

May I interest you in aa little Saturday afternoon Pac-12 action?

After a rough opening meet, Oregon State picked up right where it left off last season. Jade Carey continues to be Jade Carey, though the Beavers have taken the liberty to rest her on floor a couple times so far this season. Floor is a highlight for the Beavers this season, as is their beam squad. Plus, Sydney Gonzales has reworked her beam routine after encountering start value issues that went undetected for the first few meets.

Arizona also had a rough start to the season, but seems to have mostly found its footing. The Wildcats will want to put together a good road meet today to erase their opening 194.95 from their NQS and work towards dropping the next lowest score in the 195s. Malia Hargrove has been a rock for this team as a solid all-around contributor. Jessica Castles returned to competition last week after missing the previous week, though the same can’t be said for Elena Deets, who has been mysteriously absent as of late.

Arizona lineups:

OSU lineups:

Rotation 1: OSU VT, AZ UB

Garcia (OSU): nice yfull to kick off the meet. Tiny bit of form but clean overall and a hop back. 9.75

Mueller (AZ): short first hs, straddled Tkatchev good; bail hs, some form; slightly short final hs; dlo, leg sep but stuck, and a hit routine to start off for Arizona. 9.75

Letzsch (OSU): yfull, tiny preflight leg sep and a small hop. We’re told she’s working on a 1.5! 9.825

LaRusso (AZ): straddled jaeger, hit; bail hs, some leg sep; slightly short final hs; ftdt stuck. This camera angle sucks for handstand judging. 9.8

Briones (OSU): yfull, short with a hop step forward. 9.7

Linton (AZ): good hs work; Maloney to pak, some leg sep; wonky pirouette, goes too hard for the hs position and ends up coming off; dlo with a small hop. 9.25

Gonzales (OSU): yfull-on pike, pretty clean but a good-sized hop back. 9.8

Hargrove (AZ): ok first hs; wonky blind full but saves it and goes into straddled tkatchev well. solid bail. ftdt, chest down and a small hop. Good recovery for Arizona. 9.725

Dagen (OSU): y1.5, some leg form and a step back. 9.825

Fears (AZ): great first hs; straddled tkatchev, lovely; really hitting these hs positions well; dlo, tiny hop. Great routine for her! 9.85

Carey (OSU): dty, basically her normal form but stuck cold this time. We have a 10, folks!

McCabe (AZ): good first hs; piked jaeger, nice; hs hit well so far. dlo, leg sep but stuck. A lot of these seps might not be easily seen from the judges’ angle, but very obvious from this one. 9.9

After 1: OSU 49.200, AZ 49.025

It wasn’t Oregon State’s best vault rotation, but Carey’s 10 was the obvious highlight. Arizona did a good job erasing the fall and hitting 5 good routines.

Rotation 2: AZ VT, OSU UB

Herry (AZ): yfull, small hop. Solid start. 9.75

Beeman (OSU): good opening hs; straddled jaeger, slightly bent arm catch; pak hit; stalder double tuck, stuck. 9.85

Mueller (AZ): yfull, good position in air and good height, think she hopped on the landing but I missed it. 9.75

Weaver (OSU): ok first hs; blind full gienger, good; hits bail hs; nails final hs; blind full double tuck stuck. 9.9 lol

Nosek (AZ): another yfull, slightly more leg form in the air than the last 2 but gets better hight and distance. Small hop. 9.775

Caso (OSU): great first hs; Maloney to pak, slight leg sep; van leeuwen, some legs; stalder double tuck, takes a bunch of steps back and finally sits it down. 9.3

Hargrove (AZ): y1.5 STUCK. Clean in the air too. 9.975! I would’ve been fine with a 10, tbh

McMillan (OSU): Maloney to bail hs, relatively clean. good final hs; dlo, small step. 9.8

Castles (AZ): yfull with good position in the air and a hop in place. 9.85

Briones (OSU): straddled jaeger, wayyyy close and smacks her face on the bar and comes off. OSU is counting a bars fall now. pak fine; dlo, small hop. 8.975

LaRusso (AZ): stuck yfull. entry leg sep and pulls her heels together on the landing. 9.85

Carey (OSU): nice first hs; Maloney to bhardwaj, pretty clean; van leeuwen good; ftdt, hop forward. Very good routine to close it out for OSU. 9.9

After 2: AZ 98.225, OSU 97.950

Solid vault lineup for Arizona, obviously highlighted by Hargrove’s stunning y1.5. A less than ideal bars lineup including counting a fall for Oregon State puts the Beavers slightly behind Arizona at the halfway point.

Rotation 3: OSU BB, AZ FX

Peterson (OSU): bhs bhs loso good; switch half straddle, good positions; gainer pike stuck. Exactly how you want to start on beam. 9.875

LaRusso (AZ): front double full, some crossy legs and a controlled landing; hits her leap combo. ro 1.5 to lay, a bit of a tentative landing upon underrotating. Closes with a nice rudi. 9.8

Domingo (OSU): front aerial back pike, rock solid; switch leap straddle split 3/4, good; gainer full stuck.

Castles (AZ): back 2.5 to front punch, stuck; switch ring switch half solid; oh, her dad is here from England! double pike, low chest and a step forward. 9.775

Letzsch (OSU): front aerial, her hips are off center and she comes off; repeats, nails it this time and connects it into a back tuck. split split ring, secure; gainer front full stuck. OSU will want to drop this one.

Mueller (AZ): Nice double pike to open; switch side popa, solid; back 1.5 to lay, well done; double tuck, well-controlled. Nicely done! 9.875

Gonzales (OSU): front aerial back tuck, slight hesitation; side aerial, secure, that’s part of the new routine construction. Hits her leap connection. Front full, stuck. 9.925

Schultz (AZ): front double full punch front, hit; switch ring switch side, solid; fhs rudi solid. 9.85

Dagen (OSU): not doing bars rn because of a sore shoulder; bhs loso, secure; switch switch half, would like a little more extension; ro 1.5, sticks but ends up stepping out of it. 9.925

Herry (AZ): double tuck, kind of hops into her lunge; switch half popa, solid positions and rotation; back 1.5 to lay, very nice. double pike, low chest with a step forward instead of back. 9.85

Carey (OSU): front aerial straddle, good; solid bhs loso; switch leap switch side, hit; gainer full, stuck. 9.975

Hargrove (AZ): ftdt, well-controlled; whip half front full, another solid pass; hits her leaps; double tuck, very nice. 9.925

After 3: OSU 147.575, AZ 147.525

Oregon State was able to erase a fall to put up a massive 49.625 on beam. Some of those scores are a tad high, but it’s Oregon State at home, what do you expect? Arizona quietly put together a very nice floor lineup.

Rotation 4: AZ BB, OSU FX

Fears (AZ): we’re told she’s still nursing a foot injury from December. bhs loso, good; small check on her full turn; cat leap side aerial, maintains composure; hits her leaps; ro 1.5, small step forward. Good start to this rotation. 9.825

Miller (OSU): good opening double pike; hits her leaps well; back 1.5 to lay, little bit of leg form but controlled landing; double tuck, well-controlled. 9.9

Herry (AZ): bhs loso, secure; side somi, hit; straddle straddle half, lovely positions; bhs 1.5, small hop. Lovely set. 9.825

Peterson (OSU): back 1.5 front full, tentative landing with a leg raise; good leap positions overall; double tuck, bounds forward. 9.7

Linton (AZ): double wolf turn, looked off but covered it up well; bhs bhs loso, large check but she stays on. switch split, hit; back 1.5, step. 9.525

Young (OSU): double pike, nearly oob but stays in; double tuck, oob this time; hits her leaps; fhs front lay front full solid. 9.6

Mueller (AZ): side aerial loso, small hip bend; switch leap straddle, could have more split, secure landing; ro 1.5 small hop. 9.75

Gonzales (OSU): front full front lay, nice; leap combo solid; double pike, steps forward instead of back; switch ring switch half, good. 9.85

Hargrove (AZ): bhs loso, hit; cat leap side aerial, solid; small check on her full turn; split jump sheep jump, secure; ro 1.5 stuck. Great routine from her. 9.925, which gives her a new career high in the all around, per the commentators.

Dagen (OSU): front lay rudi, solid; switch half popa straddle jump, good positions; double pike, small step forward. 9.95

Castles (AZ): exquisite tik-tok mount sequence. bhs loso oooof scary fall after missing her front foot. Recovers well with hit leaps. ro 1.5 with a small step. Not the way Arizona wanted to end the meet, and the Wildcats will count Linton’s 9.525. 9.275

Carey (OSU): double double, step forward; solid leaps; front lay through to double pike, good. 10, really shouldn’t have been with that first pass though.

FINAL: OSU 196.975, AZ 196.375

OSU didn’t have its best meet, but still managed a near-197 thanks to a healthy dose of home scoring and Jade Carey. Arizona gets a road 196 which will be great for its NQS. Beam wasn’t totally there, but it was close to being an all-around great meet for the Wildcats.

Event Winners:

VT: Jade Carey (OSU), 10.000
UB: Ellie Weaver, Jade Carey (OSU), Bailey McCabe (Arizona) 9.900
BB: Jade Carey (OSU), 9.975
FX: Jade Carey (OSU), 10.000
AA: Jade Carey (OSU), 39.875

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Live blog by Tara Graeve

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  1. Please compare OSU’S beam 49.650 to Utah’s beam rotation. Do you think they match up? Absolutely nope. What were the judges smoking during this meet. Oh forgot. It’s legal there

  2. Did Maddie D really get a 9.95 for that floor routine. Ouch y judges. what were they thinking. Seriously need a judging revamp up there

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