2022 TWU USAG national champions

Potential Lineups: MIC

TWU dominated the second half of 2022, handily winning both the conference and USAG national titles. With few graduating routines, the rest of the conference will need to step up its game to apply additional pressure on the Pioneers. Illinois State was ranked at the top of the conference all season long and will look to peak at the right time this season to claim the conference title that has eluded the Redbirds since 2012. SEMO will look to have a consistent reason to return to the top as well. Lindenwood transitions into Division I while Centenary will have its second new head coach in the past two seasons. 

Don’t forget there is the potential for new additions to the MIC in the future. There are three new teams in college gymnastics without announced conference affiliations–Greenville, Fisk and Simpson. Any of the three would be solid additions to the MIC. Look out for our Potential Lineups for these three teams at the end of November. 

The preseason is starting and 2023 will be here before we know it. That means it’s time for our annual potential lineups analysis! As gymnasts get back into the gym with new goals for the new season, we’re breaking their prospects down and taking a look at what each team’s lineups may look like come January—from who’s expected to contribute, holes that need to be filled and exciting upgrades fans should look out for.

No. 49 Texas Woman’s 

Texas Woman’s had its ups and downs in 2022, but it peaked at just the right time to take the MIC and USAG national titles. Don’t expect the Pioneers to slow down much anytime soon. 

Losses: Emerson Adams (VT, FX), Mackenzie Balderas, Domi Bonzagni (UB, BB, FX), Isabel Goyco (UB, FX), Lexi Leake (UB, FX)
Gains: Brooke Ferrari, Ruby Goad, Allison Landry, Kami Zarlengo
Returning From Injury: Delaney Bruns


Potential Contributors: Daisy Woodring (NQS 9.825), Madeline Gose (9.790), Sierra Muns (9.780), Mara Johnson (9.755), Beth Lazarus (9.720), Steelie King (avg 9.754), Emily Six (9.675), Kyla Podges, Ruby Goad

How It Looked Before: Consistency was the hallmark of the Pioneers’ vault lineup, with scores staying in the mid 48s to low 49s all season long. 

How It Looks Now: All but one contributor from 2022 is returning this season. There is some wiggle room for upgraded 10.0 vaults from Muns and Podges, but the world will not end without them. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Expect the vault team to look about the same. Adams’ vault consistency will be difficult to replace, but the Pioneers have the talent to make up the difference.


Potential Contributors: Mara Johnson (NQS 9.745), Steelie King (9.740), Kyla Podges (9.700), Maddie Griffith (9.695), Beth Lazarus (9.640), Alix Pierce, AnnaKate Bickel, Brooke Ferrari, Allison Landry, Kami Zarlengo, Delaney Bruns

How It Looked Before: Bars was the determining factor in TWU’s success. It was an inconsistent event, but when it went well, there was nothing standing in the team’s way. 

How It Looks Now: Expect the freshmen to push to contribute early on this event. The core of the lineup will likely remain the same, but there’s room for Ferrari to begin to make a name for herself. The fight to earn a spot in the lineup this season looks like it’ll be tougher than last. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Bars should trend up this season. The freshman class has multiple college-worthy Jaeger routines, which will complement the core of returners to the event. With the loss of Goyco and Bonzagni, it might take time for the lineup to get into its groove.


Potential Contributors: Madeline Gose (NQS 9.835), Steelie King (9.830), Kyla Podges (9.770), Emily Six (9.740), Mackenzie Kunzman (9.735), Daisy Woodring (9.640), Sierra Muns (avg 9.450), Alix Pierce (9.450), Beth Lazarus, Lainey Hunt, Allison Landry, Ruby Goad

How It Looked Before: The depth on this event helped the team hit its stride by midseason. The return of Podges and Kunzman was a spark the team needed. 

How It Looks Now: Once again, the core of the beam lineup is returning this season. Expect the staples to remain the same. There are individuals who competed minimally last season who stand the chance of pushing their way into the lineup, though. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Expect the beam team to perform about the same this season. The team should take fewer meets to get used to competing with so many returners with experience on the event. 


Potential Contributors: Madeline Gose (NQS 9.850), Mara Johnson (9.835), Sierra Muns (9.815), Alix Pierce (9.765), Daisy Woodring (9.725),  Brooke Ferrari, Allison Landry, AnnaKate Bickel, Ruby Goad

How It Looked Before: Floor was the team’s best performing event throughout the season. The Pioneers leaned on the one-two punch of Gose and Goyco to lead the team. 

How It Looks Now: TWU will look to replace strong, consistent performances from Goyco and Bonzagni. With some openings available, expect a push from Woodring to re-enter the lineup in her senior season. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Expect the floor team to trend slightly down this season due to the loss of two experienced floor performers. 

Three Big Questions

How much will the freshmen contribute?

The past couple seasons have brought a growing roster to TWU. More athletes means more competition for the six coveted competition spots on each event. Bars is the event where fresh routines are most needed. Landry, Ferrari and Zarlengo should be vying for spots on the event. The other three events are filled with highly experienced competitors, so sneaking into those lineups will be a bit more challenging. 

Will bars continue to be the weak link?

Bars has been hit or miss for the Pioneers the last couple seasons. Although the team graduated two strong routines, this is probably one of the more bars-heavy freshman classes in recent years. Considering the strength of the other three events, bars is definitely still the largest question mark. Lack of talent has never been the problem but rather a lack of consistency.   

Will Texas Woman’s repeat its 2022 success?

The rest of the teams will not go down without a fight, but the Pioneers have all the pieces to put together another successful season. The team will be missing the consistency and leadership of Goyco, but there should be plenty of depth to go around on each event.

No. 51 Illinois State

Illinois State led the conference for the majority of the season but fell flat at the MIC championship. The Redbirds will look for redemption in 2023. 

Losses: Charlise Doctor (VT, UB, BB), Isabelle Fox (VT, UB, BB, FX), Sofia Iribarren (UB, BB, FX), Mia Quigg (FX), Kaylee Sugimoto
Gains: Nirel Bart-Williams, Leah Davis, Mackenzie Flutman, Mia Oh, Berta Pujadas Rusiñol, Joy Ziegenfelder
Returning From Injury: Reagan Hesterman, Sara Wabi


Potential Contributors: Angelica Labat (NQS 9.880), Alana Laster (9.875), J’Chelle Heard (9.820), Jaye Mack (9.780), Madison Kipp (avg 9.731), Kaitlyn Donovan (9.633), Mya Robinson, Nirel Bart-Williams, Mia Oh, Joy Ziegenfelder 

How It Looked Before: The team was led by Laster’s and Labat’s 10.0 vaults. 

How It Looks Now: The number of 10.0 start value vaults should increase even more this season. Bart-Williams owns a strong Yurchenko one and a half of her own that will nicely complement the back half of the current lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Vault should trend up some this season with the potential for adding 10.0 vaults from Mack and Bart-Williams.


Potential Contributors: Madison Kipp (NQS 9.830), Angelica Labat (9.820), Alana Laster (9.705), Isabella Decroo (9.530), J’Chelle Heard (avg 9.125), Sara Wabi, Nirel Bart-Williams, Mia Oh, Berta Pujadas Rusiñol, Joy Ziegenfelder

How It Looked Before: Bars had its high and low points throughout 2022 but was led by the beautiful form from Kipp and Labat. 

How It Looks Now: The team will have to lean on the additional depth of the freshman class to fill in the less consistent spots in the lineup.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? It’s too soon to tell. The Redbirds will have to replace roughly half of the 2022 bar lineup. Trending up or down will depend on how smoothly the new contributors acclimate. 


Potential Contributors: Angelica Labat (NQS 9.825), Madison Kipp (9.815), Alana Laster (9.700), Mya Robinson (9.210), Jaye Mack (avg 9.360), Leah Davis, Mackenzie Flutman, Mia Oh, Berta Pujadas Rusiñol, Joy Ziegenfelder, Sara Wabi

How It Looked Before: Beam was consistently the worst-performing event for the Redbirds in 2022. The team banked on strong performances from Labat and Kipp while the rest of the lineup tried to get its footing. 

How It Looks Now: The returners will need to step up their consistency as the freshmen push to make their name here. Ziegenfelder has strong lines and rhythm on this event, a strong contender for the lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? It’s too soon to tell. Competitive consistency will be the determining factor. 


Potential Contributors: Jaye Mack (NQS 9.900), Angelica Labat (9.840), Alana Laster (9.835), Isabella Decroo (9.725), Madison Kipp (avg 9.718), Kaitlyn Donovan (9.708), J’Chelle Heard, Nirel Bart-Williams, Mackenzie Flutman, Mia Oh, Berta Pujadas Rusiñol, Joy Ziegenfelder

How It Looked Before: Floor consistently improved as the season went on, led by the consistent 9.9-plus performances from Mack. 

How It Looks Now: The back half of the lineup will likely remain the same, but there’s room for freshmen and returners to become consistent floor performers. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Floor is likely to trend up. This is the event with the most options for depth, thus increasing the scoring potential. 

Three Big Questions

Can the Redbirds put it all together when it counts?

The last two seasons in particular, Illinois State has led the conference rankings all season long and fallen short at the conference championship, finishing second in 2021 and third in 2022. With strong returners, including NCAA qualifiers Labat and Mack, as well as talented freshmen coming in, this might just be the Redbirds’ time to shine. From a difficulty standpoint, ISU should have the advantage, but the consistency will have to rise to the occasion if the team hopes to grab its first title since 2012. 

Who will be Illinois State’s next NCAA qualifier?

If we’re talking returning athletes, Laster’s vault is 100% nationals worthy. She qualified to regionals in her freshman season, but a goofy landing left her out of the running to advance. Labat in her senior season is never a bad bet either, as well as Mack again on floor. 

Who will be the standout freshman?

This year’s freshman class is large and stacked with talent. Expect Bart-Williams and Ziegenfelder to make an immediate impact with their difficulty, height and clean lines. Don’t forget that this class also includes Spanish National Team member Berta Pujadas Rusiñol as well. 

No. 53 Lindenwood

2022 was an up and down season for the Lions. Although the team surpassed 49 on three events throughout the season, inconsistency held it below its potential. Losing three athletes to the transfer portal will definitely impact 2023. How much? Only time will tell. 

Losses: Jenna Eagles (VT, FX), Payton Gatzlaff (VT), Michelle Reed (VT), Hadley Roberts (BB, FX), Paige Sorenson
Gains: Allie Berkley, Jaly Jones, Reagan Jones (LIU transfer), Nya Kraus, Samantha Krenzel
Returning From Injury: Savannah Newsome


Potential Contributors: Gayla Griswold (NQS 9.865), Riley Daniels (9.740), Sydney Lopez (9.715), Simone Evans (9.690), Trinity Caffey (9.620), Hannah Moon (avg 9.635), Nicole Wojcik (9.250), Allie Berkley, Jaly Jones, Nya Kraus

How It Looked Before: Vault was one of the events where the Lions struggled most with consistency. Griswold’s Yurchenko one and half was a show stopper, scoring as high as 9.975. However, low landings and large hops kept the event total lower than normal for Lindenwood. 

How It Looks Now: All three unexpected departures contributed to the vault lineup in 2022. Turning this event around will require improved landings from the returners and contributions from the freshmen. Berkley, Jaly Jones and Kraus all competed strong Yurchenko fulls in club, so look for them to transition to collegiate competition. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? It’s too soon to tell what vault will look like in 2023. Griswold is likely to be more consistent with hers, but the development of the freshmen on this event will be an indicator of the team’s success. Losing three vaulters unexpectedly is definitely going to hurt. 


Potential Contributors: Hannah Moon (NQS 9.790), Riley Daniels (9.735), Kaylee Cooper (9.720), Carley Scott (9.705), Nicole Wojcik (9.675), Sydney Lopez (9.620), Hannah Appleget (9.205), Gayla Griswold (avg 9.525), Savannah Newsome, Allie Berkley, Jaly Jones, Nya Kraus

How It Looked Before: The majority of contributors on bars were underclassmen, and the lack of experience was evident. The potential was there, but counting falls was not uncommon. Moon and Daniels asserted themselves as the leaders on the event. 

How It Looks Now: Expect Newsome to reassert herself as a star on this event after missing 2022 due to injury. Berkley and Jaly Jones have the potential to make big contributions to the lineup as well. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Expect bars to trend up slightly in 2023. There are plenty of athletes who gained competitive experience last season, and there are some athletes with big releases coming in. 


Potential Contributors: Madison Rush (NQS 9.785), Hannah Moon (9.760), Gayla Griswold (9.760), Hannah Appleget (9.755), Nicole Wojcik (9.735), Riley Daniels, Allie Berkley, Jaly Jones, Nya Kraus, Samantha Krenzel

How It Looked Before: While this event showed flashes of 49-plus potential, the young lineup had some shakiness as well. Beam relied on Rush and Roberts to consistently bring it home. 

How It Looks Now: The lineup is likely to rely on experienced returners. However, Jaly Jones’ side aerial layout step-out series will be a strong contender for a lineup spot. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Expect beam to trend down a bit with anchor Roberts’ transfer to Washington for her fifth year. The returners will need to get consistent quickly to keep things on track. 


Potential Contributors: Gayla Griswold (NQS 9.865), Reagan Jones (9.800), Trinity Caffey (9.750), Simone Evans (9.745), Sydney Lopez (9.725), Hannah Moon (avg 9.692), Madison Rush (9.567), Kaylee Cooper (9.563), Riley Daniels (9.413), Hannah Appleget (9.363), Allie Berkley, Jaly Jones

How It Looked Before: The floor lineup shuffled around quite a bit throughout the season but was still the Lions’ most consistent event in 2022. Roberts and Griswold were the staples. 

How It Looks Now: The 2023 lineup will miss Roberts, but the depth and amount of competitive experience on this event will help absorb the blow. Berkley brings a routine that features two double backs that will make a good addition to the lineup, and look for Moon, among other returners, to push to find a more consistent spot as well. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Floor will trend up this year. The increased depth from the freshman class, as well as junior transfer Reagan Jones, will increase the consistency on this event. 

Three Big Questions

Will Lindenwood get its consistency back in 2023?

Consistency, especially on vault and bars, was a struggle throughout last season. However, the young Lions team did get a lot of competitive experience that should help in 2023. Vault is still a concern, though, since three regular contributors were lost to the transfer portal and early retirement. This season is still likely to be a building year for Lindenwood, but the team is definitely on the right track. 

Who will be the breakout performer?

Last season, Moon asserted herself as a strong all-arounder for the Lions after participating more minimally in lineups her freshman season. This year, expect Jaly Jones to make her way onto multiple events. She is a versatile athlete with the dynamics and difficulty to make an immediate impact in 2023. 

What impact will switching to Division I have on the Lions?

The immediate impact for the 2023 season is likely minimal, but there will likely be changes in recruiting, facilities and resources in the near future. In addition, if the amount of scholarships increases, the team could lose its eligibility to compete at the USAG national championships, which is only for teams with seven and a half or fewer full scholarships. SEMO is the only Division I school currently eligible, excluding the Ivy League and service academy Air Force.

No. 59 SEMO

SEMO was a bit beat up in 2022 with some athletes returning later in the season due to injury and others suffering season-ending setbacks mid-year. 

Losses: Ashley Albrecht (VT, UB), Anna Kaziska (VT, BB, FX), Mackenzie Marciniak, Lydia Test (student coach)
Gains: Anna Chodon, Sydney Crouch, Kailyn Hamilton, Taylor Ingle, Ailey Kuehn, Chaniya Miller, Lily Pierson
Returning From Injury: Mallory Desch, Jordan Jones


Potential Contributors: Lindsay Ockler (NQS 9.820), Molly Maxwell (9.665), Nyah Reader (9.570), Jolie Miller (9.565), Lydia Webb (9.540), Madison Greene (avg 9.692), Janelle Lopez (9.305), Anna Chodon, Chaniya Miller, Lily Pierson, Taylor Ingle  

How It Looked Before: Vault felt the effects of less depth than the 2021 season. Several Yurchenko layouts had to be utilized throughout the season, and the fulls were not always consistent on landing. Ockler stood out from the start and continued to assert herself throughout the season. 

How It Looks Now: The freshman class will add increased competitive experience with higher start value vaults. Chaniya Miller brings a unique Tsuk entry that will be a good addition to the lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Vault is likely to trend up due to more athletes getting competitive experience last season and the addition of more potential twisting vaults. 


Potential Contributors: Jolie Miller (NQS 9.865), Lindsay Ockler (9.840), Lydia Webb (9.770), Molly Maxwell (9.495), Jordan Jones (avg 9.250), Janelle Lopez (8.955), Anna Speller, Sydney Crouch, Kailyn Hamilton, Lily Pierson, Lindsey Moffitt

How It Looked Before: Bars was up and down in 2022, but Jolie Miller and Ockler brought the heat at the end of the season, taking home both the conference and national bar titles. Webb’s addition to the lineup provided a spark to the bars team’s success. 

How It Looks Now: Expect Ockler and Jolie Miller to continue to lead, but keep an eye out for Pierson’s lovely lines as well. The rest of the returners will need to step up the consistency to improve on this event. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too soon to tell. Will Jones and Moffitt be able to contribute consistently this season? Will the freshmen immediately step into the lineup?


Potential Contributors: Nyah Reader (NQS 9.755), Molly Maxwell (9.670), Jolie Miller (9.665), Lydia Webb (9.640), Anna Speller (9.220), Jordan Jones (avg 9.760), Anna Chodon, Taylor Ingle, Chaniya Miller, Ailey Kuehn, Lindsey Moffitt

How It Looked Before: The beam team depended on a regular 9.85-plus from Kaziska in the anchor spot. It peaked just in time for nationals with a program-best 49.425. 

How It Looks Now: Without Kaziska, beam will have to step it up to limit her absence. If Jones can get healthy enough to be consistently in the lineup, beam will be in good shape. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending down. Without Kaziska, and with key returner Speller’s lineup spot in question due to an offseason shoulder surgery, it’s hard to see beam breaking another program record this season. 


Potential Contributors: Madison Greene (NQS 9.855), Lydia Webb (9.780), Molly Maxwell (9.740), Lindsay Ockler (9.655), Nyah Reader (9.515), Jordan Jones (avg 9.617), Sydney Crouch, Kailyn Hamilton, Taylor Ingle, Ailey Kuehn, Lindsey Moffitt

How It Looked Before: Floor was SEMO’s most consistent event throughout the season. Greene and Kaziska led the way, but Webb stepped up too. 

How It Looks Now: The depth on floor is tight for the returners, so the freshmen will have to step into some lineup spots early. Luckily, the incoming class is large and has plenty of talent to score well in college. Moffitt’s return for her senior season will be much welcomed. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Floor will trend up a tad this season due to the increase in depth from the freshmen. Expect the returners to increase consistency as well. 

Three Big Questions

Who’s the returner to watch out for?

Keep an eye on the senior class. Moffitt is making her return to competition after missing the 2021 season. She has the capacity to make a large impact on the team this year, especially if she returns to competition without skipping a beat. Jones is returning from an ACL injury. She previously contributed on three events, but her contribution on bars and beam will be the most integral to SEMO’s success. 

How will the bar lineup get back on track?

Bars historically has been a low-depth event for SEMO, easily impacted by injury. To improve bars’ scoring potential this year, SEMO will need a combination of things to fall into line: increased consistency of returning athletes, gymnasts successfully returning to the event after injury, freshmen contributions to the lineup, and the individual national champions to repeat their 2022 success. 

Who is going to be the all-around star? 

Webb burst onto the scene last season as an all-arounder, scoring as high as a 39.075. With that experience heading into her junior year, expect her to only get better and more consistent. Vault landings were the biggest hit to her all-around total, so watch out for that event in 2023. 

No. 72 Centenary

The graduation of the 2022 class along with multiple leadership changes will likely be felt this season. The incoming class features a talented bunch that will make an immediate impact on lineups, but the returners will need to up the consistency to improve upon last year’s finish. 

Losses: Chloe Armentor (UB), Xian Baumgartner (UB, BB, FX), Kendall Knaps (UB), Madison McCary (UB), Kendall Sanders (VT, UB, BB, FX), Lauryn Stiff
Gains: Claire Flores, Amy Foret, Sophie Schmitz, Olivia Stratmann
Returning From Injury: Roxanne Myers, Mylia Vidtor


Potential Contributors: Kendall Huff (NQS 9.700), Leilani Johnson (9.659), Emma Lavelle (9.450), Isabel Plaza (9.380), Lacey Wedge (9.335), Carissa Martinez, Olivia Stratmann, Amy Foret, Claire Flores

How It Looked Before: Full difficulty was never realized as Centenary reached for five hit vaults. Huff, Sanders and Johnson were the only consistent 9.5-plus scores. 

How It Looks Now: The team will look to increase difficulty to improve the scoring potential on vault this season. The freshmen bring some strong vaults to the table, and upgrades from Johnson and Lavelle could make for a lineup of 9.9-plus start values. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? With only one 9.95 start value vault graduating and several incoming, this event should trend up this season. Stratmann, Foret and Flores will add some much needed difficulty and scoring potential to the lineup. 


Potential Contributors: Taylor Ann Wilson (NQS 9.695), Rose Deshler (9.420), Emma Lavelle (8.795), Kendall Huff (avg 8.825), Olivia Stratman, Claire Flores

How It Looked Before: The Ladies tried to lean on difficulty but couldn’t quite get the consistency that made the risk worthwhile. 

How It Looks Now: 2021 national champion Wilson is the only consistent returning bar routine. There is potential for improvement on this event if returners such as Lavelle can consistently put together their upgraded routines. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Bars is likely to trend down this season. With so many routines graduating and limited depth of 10.0 start value sets, bars is likely to be the low scoring event in 2023. This will be a place where the freshmen will be able to make an immediate impact, though. 


Potential Contributors: Emma Lavelle (NQS 9.520), Rose Deshler (9.440), Carissa Martinez (9.355), Rylie Molina (9.165), Kennedy Stephens (avg 9.458), Sophie Schmitz, Amy Foret, Claire Flores

How It Looked Before: The team heavily leaned on the senior duo of Baumgartner and Sanders to bring in a solid team total. The lineup shuffled often as the team looked for consistency. 

How It Looks Now: The returners will need to step up to their potential on this event while the newcomers get their feet wet in collegiate competition. Expect greater contributions from Stephenson. The freshmen are solid beam workers, too, so competition for lineup spots should increase. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Expect this event to trend up slightly as competition for lineup spots drives up the demand for consistent performers. Expect big things from Foret on this event. She comes to Centenary as the reigning Region 3 beam champion. 


Potential Contributors: Emma Lavelle (NQS 9.560), Kendall Huff (9.520), Rose Deshler (9.335), Carissa Martinez (avg 9.380), Leilani Johnson ( 9.130), Lacey Wedge (8.860), Amy Foret, Olivia Stratmann, Claire Flores

How It Looked Before: Floor was another event where lineup shuffling was common as the Ladies looked for consistent performers. The potential was there, but stepping out of bounds and silly landings were common. Sanders was the bright spot on in the anchor position. 

How It Looks Now: With Sanders gone, the lineup will have to look to returners to set the tone. Lavelle, Martinez, Johnson and Wedge could be staples with increased consistency. However, the freshmen class is going to put some major pressure for the rest of the team to step up its game. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Floor should trend up some this season with so many athletes getting competitive experience on the event in 2022. The freshman class brings some heavy hitters who could easily work their way into the lineup as well. 

Three Big Questions

Who will rise to the occasion?

From a leadership perspective, the large senior class will need to come to bat. Generally, this class has been limited in its participation in lineups due to injuries and has struggled to find its consistency. That will need to change this season to help set the tone for the rest of the roster. Expect the freshmen to make an immediate impact. Watch for Stratmann on vault and Foret on beam. 

What seniors should you watch out for?

Huff has always been an athlete who has been willing to step up when called upon. Although she has previously been performing in the shadows of other athletes, this will be her year to shine. Look out for her strong work on vault and floor, but don’t be surprised if she appears on other events as well. Don’t forget about Wilson, either. She’s known for her work on bars but stepped into the beam lineup some last season, too. 

What impact will the coaching staff turnover have on the team?

Typically a change in coaching staff leads to a refocusing or shift in team culture. Centenary has had two changes in the past 11 months. That can lead to a level of chaos within the program. To ease the transition, the team will have to be even more intentional about building relationships and forming strong leaders. Expect 2023 to be a rebuilding year for the Ladies with new athletes getting a crack at the lineups.

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Article by Tavia Smith

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