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LIVE BLOG: Seattle Regional Round One

Welcome to the Seattle regional play-in! This afternoon we have 29th ranked Stanford facing up against 34th San Jose State. At stake is moving onto the next round, where the winning team today will compete in round two session two with No. 4 Utah, No. 13 Oregon State and No. 19 Illinois.

Stanford goes into this meet with the better records across the board, and on a good day could outscore San Jose by a little over three tenths. But that three-tenth gap can be lost with just a few missteps from Stanford and stuck landings from San Jose. Their NQS team scores are just a slim tenth of a point apart. 

Both Stanford and San Jose have several individuals that could still advance if their team doesn’t, notably Kyla Bryant in the all-around for Stanford and Jada Mazury, as well as Lauren Macpherson for San Jose. Waiting on the other side, however, is Jade Carey. 

Your remaining individual qualifiers who would advance should their team not would be Madison Kirsch (SJSU, VT), Anapaula Gutierrez (Stanford, VT), Emma Milne (SJSU, BB), Brenna Neault (Stanford, BB), Taylor Lawson (Stanford).

We’ll have a delayed start due to an equipment repair, so things won’t be kicking off until 3:50 over here.

When things do get rolling, you’ll find live stats here.

The Stanford Stick is here today, my friends.

Rotation 1: Stanford VT, San Jose State UB

Chrobok (Stanford): FTY, some form. 9.725

Lopes (SJS): Almost over on that first handstand, good shaposh. Slow on the giant full, hops back on the double tuck. 9.750

Weyhmiller (SJS): Straddle jaeger, good. Pak to a swingy switch kip. Really goes for that last hs. Sticks the double lay. 9.850

Navarro (Stanford): Y full, gets some good distance, hops back. 9.800

Gutierrez (Stanford): Y 1.5, some soft knees in the air but good distance. 9.850

Macpherson (SJS): Great height on the tkatchev, flexed feet though. Bail looked nice. Little shy on that last hs. FTDB takes a step forward. 9.725

Neault (Stanford): Y half on back pike off, biiig step back. 9.650

Milne (SJS): Toe on shaposh, nice, to pak, floaty. Double lay, hops in place but doesn’t pick up her toes.9.800

Brunette (Stanford): Y full, nice height and form, hops back. 9.850

Bryant (Stanford): Y full, beautiful and looked stuck from here. 9.900

Mazury (SJS): Blind to pike jaeger, beautiful form, pak switch kip. Hits that last hs so perfectly, double lay, tiny bounce. 9.900

Solomon (SJS): Little shy on the first hs, biiiig toe on piked jaeger. Double lay with just a step forward. 9.850

After 1: San Jose 49.150, Stanford 49.125

I wish this meet was a little closer. San Jose had the luxury of counting four scores over a 9.800 on bars, a few tenths left behind with landings but looked clean overall. Stanford struggled on the landings on vault but keeps it within .025 of San Jose so far.

Rotation 2: San Jose State VT, Stanford UB

Mazury (SJS): Y half on back pike off, some form troubles. 9.650

Waguespack (Stanford): Shaposh nice, pak extra floaty. A little shy on the last hs. Double lay, just a small hop to the side. 9.800

Macpherson (SJS): Y full, clean form takes a step. 9.775

Lawson (Stanford): Shaposh, good. Bail to hs was clean. Fumbles on the giant full and comes off. Sticks the double tuck. 9.300

Gentry (SJS): Y full, but without much of a block and lands super close to the vault without much height. 9.600

Brunette (Stanford): Little shy on that first hs. Deltchev, nice. Honestly, can’t get enough of those. Double lay takes a step back. 9.775

Kirsch (SJS): Tucked fty, some form in the air. 9.850

Neault (Stanford): Toe on shaposh, pak, both nice. Goes for that last hs, toe to blind full, good landing on the double tuck. 9.800

Lopes (SJS): Y full, not as much height but great landing. 9.850

Kelperis (SJS): Some form in the air, but otherwise not a band end to the vault rotation. 9.775

Bryant (Stanford): Great extension on the tkatchev, really going for each hs here too. Double lay with just a small hop. 9.850

Gutierrez (Stanford): In for Widner. Straddle jaeger nice, bail to hs a little wigggly. Double front half out a slight underrotated so takes a big step forward.

After 2: Stanford 98.075, San Jose 98.050

Scratch all that. Stanford is keeping this razor-thin, pulling ahead by the slimmest of margin after bars. If it wants to keep that going, it’ll need to survive beam but San Jose will need to close its meet out on beam. Zero pressure on either team at this moment. An out-of-bounds or balance check could sway the scale today.

Rotation 3: Stanford BB, San Jose State FX

Stephenson (Stanford): Front aerial, pause, beat jump. BHS loso, puts her hands down and comes off. Split jump sheep, nice. Gainer full, stuck. 9.150

Marquez (SJS): Caught the opening pass in the corner of my eye, looked good. Switch leap wolf full wolf full, could have a slightly more defined shape. A slightly low landing on the double tuck, nice otherwise. 9.750

Lopes (SJS): Big double pike, just some soft knees and feet but so floaty. Little shy on the extension in the leap. She makes tumbling look easy. Closes with an easy double tuck. 9.800

Gutierrez (Stanford): Love this mount. BHS LOSO, hits. Little shy on the second leap in her series. RO 1.5, hops forward. 9.800

Kelperis (SJS): Sweet dream floor music. I’m done. Put it on repeat. RO 1.5 to front full and keeps it in by a toe. Great leaps. Closes with a double tuck. 9.850

Navarro (Stanford): Jump to split mount, love this. BHS BHS LOSO, quickly shuffles her feet but keeps that on like a pro. Switch leap split jump straddle quarter with beautiful extension. RO 1.5 with just a tiny step. 9.775

Macpherson (SJS): Double pike to open, and has the softest landing ever. Physics were broken today. Great leap series. Closes with a double tuck. All three of her passes were gorgeous. 9.850

Neault (Stanford): Love the rolling mount. BHS LOSO, balance check but smooths it out. Front aerial, smooth arm circle. Switch ring to beat jump and no complaints about that ring shape. RO 1.5, stuck. Stanford needed that. 9.825

Mazury (SJS): Front lay to rudi, very well controlled and clean form, too. Great leaps, she doesn’t hold back. Closes with a great double pike. 9.900

Bryant (Stanford): BHS LOSO, leg comes up but fixes it. Bobble on the jump series. Hop on the front tuck but square otherwise. BHS step out bhs double tuck, just a step. 9.800

Orcutt (SJS): Switch ring half, some form. Double pike, just keeps it in. Switch ring switch half better ring but a little shy on the second split. Into this floor music. Just keeps the second pass in but her front twisting is a dream. 9.825

Widner (Stanford): Switch leap to split jump, A++ extension. BHS LOSO, absolutely solid. Front aerial to split jump. This is the routine Stanford needs to end on. She is UNBOTHERED. Side aerial to lay full, STUCK. 9.900

After 3: San Jose 147.275, Stanford 147.175

Stanford started off in a rough place with a fall on the leadoff. The rest of the lineup fought tooth and nail for each skill and Widner capped it off nicely. San Jose absolutely killed it on floor, looking to crack that door open to a victory.

Rotation 4: San Jose State BB, Stanford BB

Weyhmiller (SJS): Leap series, good. Just a tiny shy on full extension. Comes off on the BHS LOSO. Side aerial to lay full. Good other than the fall. 9.275

Neault (Stanford): Double pike to open, good. Solid ring shapes in her leaps. Solid double twist, just some small knee form. RO 1.5 to front lay, floaty. 9.825

Mazury (SJS): Hitch kick to side aerial, comes off. BHS LOSO, good. RO 1.5, stuck. 9.150

Gutierrez (Stanford): 2.5 to punch front, absolutely great height. Love this routine. Great shapes on leaps. Closes with a double pike, just a bit of a bounce back but good otherwise. 9.850

Lopes (SJS): BHS BHS LOSO, comes off. Good routine otherwise. 9.000

Brunette (Stanford): Is this Beetlejuice? I don’t know what it’s from but I love it. Great opening pass, she’s the quickest front twister. Double tuck nice and floaty. 9.850

Macpherson (SJS): Switch leap to split jump, good. Solid series, leg comes up but smooths it over well. Gainer LOSO, ohhh more of those. RO 1.5 just a small step back. 9.850

Hoang (Stanford): Double lay to open but steps it back out of bounds. Great leaps. FHS front lay front full, good. Double pike nice and nice, good. 9.650

Milne (SJS): Side aerial LOSO, beautiful. Split jump to bhs swingdown, good. She moves with ease. Just a step hop on the dismount. 9.850

Lawson (Stanford): RO 1.5 through to a double tuck, oh okay. Great leaps. Double pike to close with a little shuffle hop back. 9.900

Kirsch (SJS): BHS onodi, so smooth I love it. Great routine and a good note for San Jose to end on. 9.800

Stonecipher (Stanford): Whip half pass to open, keeps it in by the smallest amount but a gorgeous pass. Double tuck, good. Living for this backspin choreo. 9.825

Final: Stanford 196.425, San Jose 195.150

Well– that was close until beam decided to do what beam does and just destroy everything and everyone it touches. Everyone’s been there. Stanford had the edge coming in today, but San Jose kept the pressure on until the end. Stanford will go on to square off against Utah, Oregon State and Illinois tomorrow night and for San Jose, the season comes to an end. But not without a stellar party on floor earlier.

VT: Bryant, 9.900

UB: Mazury, 9.900

BB: Widner, 9.900

FX: Mazury, Lawson 9.900

AA: MacPherson 39.150

Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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