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The USAG Dismount: Week 6

Welcome to the second half of the regular season! Lindenwood continues to dominate the USAG division, just holding off Air Force and a fierce West Chester squad, ready to climb the rankings at a moments notice. Gayla Griswold is working hard, leading the charge for Lindenwood with her pocketful of 9.900s from the weekend. Yale defended its home turf in the Barbara and Don Tonry invitational, holding off SCSU. The difference between third and sixth place is less than a tenth heading into week seven. You won’t want to miss the coming action as the teams continue to jostle it out for the top of the podium. 

Our Lady of Leaps

Natalie Marshall, beam, 9.675

This switch leap to straddle three-quarter by Natalie Marshall, noble member of the Golden Rams, is the standard to which all leaps and straddle jumps will be held going forward. I don’t make the rules, I just follow the ones set by Our Lady of Leaps.

Consistency Queen 

Emerson Adams, vault, 9.850

This weekend’s 9.850 on vault marked Adams’ fifth score over 9.800 in six attempts. What’s the sixth score? You might ask. 9.775. Whether home or away, Emerson Adams’ vault remains the same. She is the steady anchor in her team’s lineup, and she’s just a freshman!

Undercover Performance of the Week

Gayla Griswold, vault and floor, 9.900

Gayla Griswold was awarded a 9.900 on two of her three events this weekend. Too bad those who were not present in Houck will never get to see those performances in all their glory. We’re particularly interested to see her Yurchenko one and a half. It’s been getting progressively better throughout the season, but we want to see the one worthy of throwing a 9.900. 

Overall Standings

2Air Force193.192
3West Chester192.867
6Texas Woman’s192.796

Top Scores

Madison GreeneSEMOFloor9.925
Anna KaziskaSEMOFloor9.925
Calista BradyCornellFloor9.900
Gayla Griswold LindenwoodVault9.900
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodFloor9.900
Jessica MeakimWest ChesterFloor9.900
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceBeam9.900
Madeline GoseTWUBeam9.875
Madeline GoseTWUFloor9.875
Anna Kaziska SEMOBeam9.875
Emerson AdamsTWUVault9.850
Velandra BrochiAir ForceBeam9.850
Briona CarswellAir ForceBeam9.850
Mei Li CostaBrownBeam9.850
Simone EvansLindenwoodVault9.850
Lily McFarlandWest ChesterBeam9.850
Lindsay OcklerSEMOBars9.850
Kendal ToyYaleBars9.850
Nyah ReaderSEMOBeam9.850
Sherry WangYaleBars9.850
Julia BedellBrownVault9.825
Amber BollAir ForceBars9.825
Mei Li CostaBrownVault9.825
Victoria DeMeoCornellBeam9.825
Isabel GoycoTWUFloor9.825
Steelie KingTWUBeam9.825
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.825
Kate MicheliniCornellFloor9.825
Hadley RobertsLindenwoodBeam9.825
Genevieve SabadoAir Force Floor9.825
Kendal ToyYaleBeam9.825
Raegan WalkerYaleBeam9.825
Sarah WilsonYaleBars9.825
Daisy WoodringTWUVault9.825
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.800
Caroline CascaddenWest ChesterBeam9.800
Briona CarswellAir ForceFloor9.800
Kat DoranBridgeportBars9.800
Ayla McKeanAir ForceFloor9.800
Eva PhairCornellBeam9.800
Lindsay OcklerSEMOVault9.800
Kyla PodgesTWUBeam9.800
Michelle ReedLindenwoodVault9.800
Hadley RobertsLindenwoodFloor9.800
Madison RushLindenwoodBeam9.800
Daija StevensonAir ForceFloor9.800
Raegan WalkerYaleBars9.800

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Article by Allison Freeman, Katie Walsh, Rebecca Scally and Tavia Smith

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