LIVE BLOG: USAG Nationals Event Finals

Welcome to the event finals at USAG Nationals! The best performers from yesterday will get to pursue individual national titles today, and since yesterday had some GREAT performances including five 9.900+ routines there’s a lot to look forward to.


Sanders (SEMO): FTY, soft on the table and crunchy body position throughout, small hop. 9.725

Kaziska (SEMO): Slightly off to one side on her FTY and a touch of pike but great leg form. Decent-sized hop back. 9.7625 oh yeah we have four judges

Johnson (TWU): Off to one side like Kaziska, pike throughout, small hop to the side. More foot form visible in slow-mo. 9.725

Stevenson (AFA): Yurchenko tuck full, big hop back and to one side and then steps off the mat to salute. 9.675

Davis (AFA): Super high FTY, large hop back. 9.8125

Leman (LU): Even more distance than Davis, off to one side, small step with one foot. 9.8

Gose (TWU): FTY not as high as the last few but cleaner body position, great direction, hop in place. 9.8625

Turon (LU): Yurchenko half, big with a little leg separation, substantial step back. 9.725

VAULT CHAMPION: Madeline Gose (TWU) 9.8625


Bardes (AFA): We cut in midway to her routine yesterday and DIDN’T SEE THE RELEASE so I’m amped. Piked Deltchev, eponymous, nailed it with just a touch of flat footedness on the catch. Overshoot, some imprecision on cast handstands, blind full double back with fake stick. 9.7875

Mitchell (LU): Blind maybe a touch late, super clean Jaeger, clear hip goes over and she has to re-cast after a few empty swings. Double layout with a step back. Tough last routine for her. 9.2375

Miller (SEMO): Pike Tkachev, always a little foot form but not a catastrophe, great Ezhova. Double lay, huge hop back. 9.8125

Solorzano-Caruso (SEMO): Ray, bail to toe hecht. Blind full a touch late to double back, kinda-stuck on her heels, step to salute. 9.8125

Wojcik (LU): Maloney to bail, toe point issues and substantial leg separations, double layout with small step back. 9.8

Barber (AFA): Tkachev, iffy cast handstand, bail to slightly short of handstand. Blind full double back with a hop. 9.775

Wilson (CC): Maloney to Pak, shapey with minor leg separations but this is super credible. FTDB with a hop in place to salute. Massive routine, would be totally credible at the DI level. (Honestly, is it actually worse than Kooyman?) 9.875 WHOA.

Griffith (TWU): Bit of a break on the catch of her Jaeger, got the bail, FTDB stuck. 9.8625

BARS CHAMPION: Taylor Ann Wilson (CC) 9.875


Fischer (SEMO): BHS LOSO, slightly off but arrests it with her arms, great double turn after struggling with it in touch. Switch split 1/4. Cat leap side aerial back full stuck. If that’s it for her career it’s a great way to go out. 9.85

Gose (TWU): Full turn, BHS LOSO just beautiful. Switch switch half, not sure about her split on the switch but this is a tough angle for splits. Hitch kick side aerial, one and a half twist with a tiny scoot to salute. Fire. 9.85

King (TWU): Small check on full turn, BHS LOSO, great extension. Front tuck with a small hop, switch straddle 1/4 with good splits but a touch flat footed. One and a half twist with two steps back. 9.825

Mitchell (LU): BHS LOSO, off but adjusts with her arms, still likely a deductible check. Solid leaps, side aerial with a bend check and then a bit of running around on the beam before she fell. Switch side, gainer full. 9.2

Roberts (LU): BHS BHS LOSO, slight front foot shift. Full turn, small check, switch switch split with substantial split issues. Cat leap gainer full stuck. 9.85

Kaziska (SEMO): Front aerial to split, BHS LOSO emphatic. Switch split. One and a half twist, slightly fake stick but might have had it for long enough. 9.9125

Barber (AFA): The leg over shoulder planche mount is still the coolest, full turn, front aerial and swims to try to connect but can’t do it. Split split 3/4 good. Front aerial BHS facing the other direction… she’s fully improvising and I love it. Split 1/1 good. BHS gainer full, hop. I love gymnasts who are smart and fix their problems on the fly. 9.7875

BEAM CHAMPION: Anna Kaziska (SEMO) 9.9125


Brock (AFA): Double pike, slightly low chest, one and a half front lay very good. Rudi to straddle. Strong start, dances off the floor which is always delightful. 9.8

Griswold (LU): Great double pike, held the two-foot stick for a second before lunging. Front full front lay, switch half wolf full good. Double back, overrotated with a substantial rebound back. 9.8

Leman (LU): Front double full, a little chaotic but arrests it, switch half split full. One and a half front pike with a bit of scoot. Rebound on her Rudi. 9.8125

Sanders (CC): Double pike, great, switch side Popa with aggressive positions. Rudi double stag awkward and lands sideways again, did that yesterday too. Front full front lay, a bit low with leg separation. 9.7875

Gose (TWU): Huge double pike, slightly awkward landing, switch side Popa Popa. Front full front lay, great form. Fantastic Rudi. 9.875

Kaziska (SEMO): Front double full, lunge out. Switch side Popa well controlled. One and a half front lay, probably could have stuck her Rudi. The greatness of this routine is just routine now. 9.875

Stevenson (AFA): Front full front lay, missed the punch and sat the layout, tour jete half wolf 3/2 underrotated. Solid double back. 9.025

Solorzano-Caruso (SEMO): Double pike, commentators are obsessed with her presence which is admittedly great. Front full front lay well controlled. Switch half Popa split full very precisely rotated. Rudi. 9.8625

Goyco (TWU): Had a bit of a video issue during her double pike but looked good. Switch side Popa. Front lay front full, looks like her punch was a bit off and the full was crunchy but she got it around. The camera was also super close to her so it was hard to see for sure. Good double back. 9.925 oh

FLOOR CHAMPION: Isabel Goyco (TWU) 9.925

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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