Under-the-Radar International Gymnasts Heading to NCAA Gym

As we conclude our most anticipated series, it is time to discuss those international gymnasts who were successful in their home country but achieved little international recognition. Don’t be misled by such lack of spotlight, though. Talent knows no borders and gymnasts with solid basics can be as good as famous elites in college. We looked at the data and videos for each international freshman on each event, and we included here both international elites who did not make our most anticipated elite articles and talented international level 10s we could not rate for our most anticipated J.O. series. We also took into account the potential impact the gymnast could make to their school’s lineups.

Amelia Knight, Illinois

VT | UB | BB | FX

The British elite will be a fantastic addition to Illinois’s roster. Not only does she have all around potential but she brings a lot of exciting and unique skills to college. We would love to see her Ezhova on bars, her unique mount and side aerial to back handspring stepout series on beam, as well as her front double twist to full turn on floor.

Emilie Hong, Iowa State 

VT | UB | BB | FX

The Canadian level 10 is an excellent vaulter. Her Yurchenko 1.5 scored a perfect 10.0 last year at Canadian nationals and will contribute to Iowa State’s strong lineup, which could boast six 10.0 start values next year. Hong also has potential to make the beam and floor lineups.

Emily Walker, Alaska 

VT | UB | BB | FX

The Canadian will likely become a standout all arounder at Alaska in her freshman year, after the Seawolves lost their two best all around gymnasts at the end of the 2020 season. Her lines are especially pretty on beam, and on floor her sassy choreography will soon become a fan favorite.

Martina Comin, Nebraska

VT | UB | BB | FX

We are intrigued by what the Italian elite will bring to Nebraska, both because it is difficult to find any videos or information about her gymnastics, and because she was practically unknown before Nebraska recruited her. Given that the Huskers did not have a floor lineup at the end of the 2020 season, we assume that head coach Heather Brink reached out to her primarily for this event, and with good reason—she can open her routine with both a full-in and a double Arabian.

Hope Moxam, Bridgeport 

VT | UB | BB | FX

Bridgeport will find in Moxam an elegant gymnast and a strong beam and floor worker. Her beam routine is solid and her lines on this event are very pretty. On floor, her choreography is stunning. Brooklyn Moors is not the only super expressive Canadian to join the NCAA this year.

Marcela Bonifasi, Alaska

VT | UB | BB | FX

An elite from Guatemala who also competed as a level 10 in the U.S., Bonifasi will be a strong addition to Alaska’s beam and floor lineups in the program’s final season. There are not many available videos of her gymnastics, but from what we can see, beam is perhaps her best apparatus. She has plenty of skills to choose from, and her execution is very good.

Shannon Farrell, Southern Connecticut

VT | UB | BB | FX

The Australian elite, not to be confused with Rutgers’ homonymous gymnast who just graduated, could become a standout beam worker at SCSU. She won the Australian state title in 2019. Additionally, she has pretty lines on bars and is training a double Arabian on floor. Her Yurchenko full, if consistent, could be an excellent addition to SCSU’s lineup.

Amanda Pedicelli, Towson 

VT | UB | BB | FX

The Canadian elite is a good all arounder who shines especially on bars, beam and floor. Floor stands out particularly because of her intense choreography, which is fantastically expressive. We hope to see her double front dismount off bars and her side aerial to back handspring stepout series on beam in college. 

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua, Jenna King and Rebecca Scally

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