The Dismount: Week 10

Below you’ll not only find fast facts from every DI meet this weekend (for more on USAG and NCGA teams, check out their respective Dismounts), but a few superlatives for some of our favorite moments as well.

Routine of the Week

Ona Loper (Minnesota) VT – 10.000

We always love seeing Big Ten teams score big since scoring is often tight in their part of the country. We also love when any gymnast scores a perfect 10 on the road. This vault from Loper combines those two things for what we consider to be a truly perfect vault.

Innocent Moment of the Week

It was senior night at Denver this week, and in senior Maddie Karr’s farewell video presentation, she said, “I don’t think a lot of you know, but I had knee surgery in the fall.” Sweetie…we all knew.

Heartwarming Moment

Bre Showers hasn’t competed her final two seasons due to injury, but the Sooners sent her off on senior night with one final “routine.” It’s the nicest thing you’ll see today.

The Highlights

No. 5 Michigan at No. 1 Oklahoma
Full Results Oklahoma: 198.100 Michigan: 197.425
VT: Nichols 10.000 UB: Nichols 9.950 BB: Nichols 9.950 FX: Webb, Nichols 9.950 AA: Nichols 39.850

The Big Storyline: The Wolverines came back to earth a bit after two 197.900-plus performances, but this is still a fantastic number for the team with nationals dreams. A slightly off bar rotation is the only thing that held Michigan back from another massive meet. The Sooners are 198 machines at this point. Their only hiccup, if we can call it one, was having to count Ragan Smith’s 9.775 on floor.

Implications: Florida will inch closer to Oklahoma with this home total,  but the Sooners are still in the drivers’ seat at No. 1 with two weeks of regular season to go. Michigan’s NQS will go up about two tenths, putting pressure on No. 4 Utah. The Wolverines also come away from this one knowing they can hang with the best team in the nation at home on senior night even with a down rotation.

Controversies: No one is mad about it; it’s not a controversy, but on her senior night Bre Showers got one final routine. The team surprised her by playing an old floor set on the jumbotron, and her reaction was priceless. A true controversy? That only a small market in the Oklahoma City metro area could watch No. 5 at No. 1. FSOK, we hate you, alright?

No. 2 Florida at No. 25 Penn State
Full Results Florida: 198.100 Penn State: 196.225
VT: Alexander 9.950 UB: Schoenherr, Thomas 9.950 BB: Gowey 10.000 FX: Thomas 10.000 AA: Thomas 39.525

The Big Storyline: It was a big day for Florida, notching a 198 on the road and recording three perfect scores in the process. Trinity Thomas got a 10.000 on floor, while Rachel Gowey matched that number on the beam, and Sierra Alexander recorded a perfect 9.950 for her Yurchenko full. Penn State also had a good day, scoring another 196, led by Tess McCracken’s 9.950 on beam.

Implications: Because Penn State’s other home scores have been higher, this number will not help its NQS. The Nittany Lions will drop a bit in the rankings after this week, but have two more road opportunities to improve its NQS. Florida remains in second and will likely retain that ranking for the rest of the regular season.

Records: Florida’s NQS of 197.880 is the highest in program history.

No. 9 California at No. 3 UCLA
Full Results UCLA: 197.900 California: 196.725
VT: Ross 10.000 UB: Ross 9.975 BB: Bordas 9.925 FX: Dennis, Hano 9.950 AA: Ross 39.725

The Big Storyline: Kyla Ross once again led the way for UCLA with a bars win and a perfect 10 on vault as the Bruins’ second highest score of the season was no match for visiting California. Ross also won the all around while teammates Nia Dennis and Felicia Hano tied for the floor title. The Golden Bears’ Maya Bordas posted the highest score of the meet on beam to prevent the UCLA title sweep.

Implications: Both teams will not move in this week’s rankings. Kyana George returned to the all around today for California after sitting out the previous few meets due to injury. UCLA’s Margzetta Frazier returned to the bars lineup for the first time in a month.

Records: Gracie Kramer placed second on vault for the Bruins with a 9.950 that is a new career high for the senior.

No. 29 Stanford at No. 4 Utah
Full Results Utah: 197.750 Stanford: 196.725
VT: Tessen 10.000 UB: Isa, Waguespack 9.900 BB: O’Keefe 9.975 FX: Bryant 9.950 AA: Bryant 39.550

The Big Storyline: Kim Tessen’s perfect 10 on vault pushed the Utes to a season high total on vault that propelled them to a comfortable win over Stanford and an undefeated Pac-12 conference regular season. Freshmen Maile O’Keefe matched her career high on beam while Cristal Isa won bars to claim titles for Utah. Kyla Bryant led the way for Stanford with her floor and all around wins as the Cardinal notched a new season high in their final meet before the Pac-12 championship meet.

Implications: This was Stanford’s final chance to alter its NQS prior to conference championships. Utah has one remaining regular season meet—next weekend against Utah State.

Records: Tessen’s 10.0 on vault was the first perfect score of the Utah senior’s career.

No. 6 LSU, No. 17 Arkansas, No. 67 Centenary at No. 50 Texas Woman’s
Full Results LSU: 197.000 Arkansas: 196.300 TWU: 192.250 CC: 191.625
VT: Shaffer 9.925 UB: Lovett, Hambrick, Harrold 9.875 BB: Campbell 9.925 FX: Carter, Campbell 9.925 AA: Gianfagna 39.000

The Big Storyline: Teams often use their trip to Texas Woman’s as a rest meet for big stars and an opportunity to test depth, and that was no different for Arkansas and LSU as they traveled to Denton, Texas, this weekend. LSU rested senior Kennedi Edney completely and Kiya Johnson on floor. This gave some gymnasts like Courtney Goodrich and Maddie Rau an opportunity to compete, both doing so on floor. Arkansas also rested its senior Jessica Yamzon on all four events. As for the actual gymnastics, things played out pretty predictably for the DI teams in attendance.

Implications: LSU was able to drop its last remaining 196 from its NQS, which bumped it up to a 197.285 while it remained No. 6. Arkansas’ NQS also moved up marginally as it dropped a 196.100 but dropped to No. 18 in the rankings.

No. 12 Washington, No. 46 San Jose State, No. 63 Alaska at No. 7 Denver
Full Results Denver: 196.925 Washington: 196.125 San Jose State: 193.775 Alaska: 193.525
VT: Karr 9.900 UB: Karr 9.975 BB: Vasquez 9.950 FX: Hoffa, Karr, Washington 9.950 AA: Karr 39.725

The Big Storyline: Denver notched at least a share of every event title in a home quad-meet win where Maddie Karr led the way with three of those titles. The Washington duo of Kristyn Hoffa and Maya Washington tied with Karr on floor to prevent the full Pioneer sweep as the Huskies suffered from missed routines on beam in their second meet of the weekend. San Jose State placed third ahead of Alaska, who earned a new season high team score.

Implications: Although scoring over a point lower than its previous meet of the weekend, Washington will move up to 11th in this week’s rankings. Denver remains steady, but it will want to get further into the 197s if it wants to improve its ranking. 

Records: San Jose State freshman Emma Milne placed third on bars with a career high 9.925.

Controversies: Alaska inquired Sophia Hyderally’s beam score, but it was ultimately rejected. 

No. 10 Georgia at No. 8 Alabama
Full Results Alabama: 197.450 Georgia: 196.050
VT: Graber, Olsen 9.900 UB: Mahoney 9.900 BB: Blanco, Baumann 9.900 FX: Graber, Blanco, Desch, Doggette 9.925 AA: Graber 39.450

The Big Storyline: Georgia continued to struggle with limited depth while Alabama closed out its seniors’ home careers in style with a win over its long term rival. The Gymdogs had to count a fall on bars to open the meet, putting the team in a hole from the start, when freshman Haley De Jong fell on her Ray and Marissa Oakley went over on a handstand and was unable to finish her routine. Conversely, Alabama closed out its meet with a strong 49.600 on floor, backed by seniors Shea Mahoney’s and Maddie Desch’s 9.900 and 9.925, respectively.

Implications: Georgia continues to slide in the rankings, sitting at No. 12 entering week 11. Alabama remains steady at No. 8 with a mid-196 still left to drop next week as it visits Birmingham for Elevate the Stage vs. Auburn.

Controversies: Many on the gymternet are concerned with Oakley remounting the bars after coming off and holding her shoulder momentarily before ultimately deciding to remount. She then broke form on a handstand and fell again on her Pak before deciding to stop the routine. It is not up to us to decide whether it was her decision to continue her routine or not.

No. 11 Minnesota at No. 22 N.C. State
Full Results Minnesota: 197.625 N.C. State: 196.550
VT: Loper 10.000 UB: Ramler, Sales 9.925 BB: Ramler 9.975 FX: Grantham 9.925 AA: Ramler 39.675

The Big Storyline: Minnesota recorded a season high and its second highest score in program history in a big road win at N.C. State. Notably Ona Loper notched a perfect 10 on vault. N.C. State also recorded a season high as well as the highest score in the EAGL this season.

Implications: Minnesota will move up one spot in the rankings but still remains outside the top 8 at No. 10. The top 8 is within reach if the Gophers can keep scoring at this level. N.C. State will remain at No. 22, but with five scores on 196 or better, shouldn’t have a problem staying in the top 28 to avoid a play in at regionals.

Records: Tiarre Sales set three career highs on bars (9.925), floor (9.875) and in the all around (39.400). Lexy Ramler’s 9.950 on vault was a career high as was Mary Korlin-Downs’ 9.925 on beam. Alexis Beucler’s 9.825 on vault was also a career high.

No. 12 Washington at No. 14 Oregon State
Full Results Washington: 197.250 Oregon State: 196.750
VT: Thompson 9.950 UB: Copiak, Gill 9.900 BB: Lowery, Ruttan, Vandenkolk, Washington 9.900 FX: Hoffa 9.950 AA: Roberson 39.425

The Big Storyline: Washington scored its first road 197 of the season in a win over Oregon State to start its double meet weekend. Geneva Thompson’s perfect score on her Yurchenko full on vault highlighted the meet for Washington who had seven different gymnasts take home at least a share of an event title. Oregon State notched its third highest total of the season led by wins from Sabrina Gill on bars and Isis Lowery on floor.

Implications: Washington will slide up one spot in the rankings by adding another 197 to its NQS total while the Beavers will slide down one spot.

Records: Thompson’s 9.950 on vault marks a new career high. Talia Brovedani made her NCAA debut for Washington on bars after not competing previously due to injury.

No. 17 BYU at No. 26 Utah State
Full Results Utah State: 196.600 BYU: 196.450
VT: Matthews 9.900 UB: Jeppesen, Sullivan 9.900 BB: DeHarde 9.875 FX: DeHarde 9.950 AA: N/A

The Big Storyline: This was a close one from start to finish! Interestingly enough, neither team had any all around contributors. Leighton Varnadore returned on three events for Utah State, while BYU’s Shannon Evans was still limited to bars. Beam wasn’t the best for either team, but the Aggies were able to capitalize on an iffy beam rotation from the Cougars with a good floor rotation. 

Implications: Despite the impressive performance, Utah State drops to No. 29 overall. This was the Aggies’ last home meet so they have the rest of the season to drop a low 195 and potentially even a mid-195 score. They will want to build on this score moving forward if they want to stay outside of regionals play-in territory. It’s clear that BYU is pacing Shannon Evans; it has fared well without her at full strength, but the interesting thing moving forward is if she begins to contribute more events or if she stays fairly limited events-wise. 

Records: Autumn DeHarde’s 9.950 on floor is a career high. Utah State also went undefeated at home for the first time since 1979. 

No. 30 Iowa at No. 20 Iowa State
Full Results Iowa: 196.425 ISU: 196.225
VT: Maxwell, Steinmeier 9.875 UB: Greenwald, Steffensmeier, Kaji, Ros Vaquer 9.875  BB: Vance, Converse 9.850 FX: An. Maldonado 9.950 AA: N/A

The Big Storyline: Cy-hawk time! That’s right, the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series, you know, that rivalry showdown between Iowa and Iowa State that the teams do battle in across every sport every year. Iowa takes the upset in this one, the first of what was two excellent 196-plus outings on the weekend. In this one, it came down to a stellar floor rotation, with support from a strong bars outing, capped with three straight 9.875s. The Cyclones had beam problems that left the door open for the surging Hawkeyes. 

Implications: Iowa needed this weekend. The Hawkeyes will jump five ranking spots to a comfortable No. 25, well in the regionals zone. They could still end up in a play-in, depending on the next two weeks, but this is the late-season trajectory they need. The Cyclones total is solid, despite the loss, and though this one is a psychological blow at home, it’s not a performance that will harm them moving forward.

No. 21 Southern Utah at No. 34 Boise State
Full Results Boise State: 196.925 Southern Utah: 195.300
VT: S. Smith, Bruden, Tervort 9.875 UB: Muhlenhaupt 9.950 BB: Amado, Nipp 9.875 FX: Amado McClain 9.925 AA: Masiado 39.250

The Big Storyline: In the second of two consecutive weeks of meeting, Boise State flipped the script from last weekend and scored a season high to top the Thunderbirds. Boise State had one of its best meets of the season led by Emily Muhlenhaupt’s 9.950 on bars. The Broncos hit 24-for-24 which is a big step forward for them. Meanwhile, Southern Utah didn’t have its best meet. The Thunderbirds had to count a fall on both bars and beam, while floor was a highlight. 

Implications: Both teams can now drop a 194 in their NQS, but it doesn’t help either one much yet in the rankings. Boise State showed how good it can be when it’s on, even if it was enhanced by a little home scoring. Southern Utah showed it has the pieces, but also demonstrated the inconsistency it’s shown over the course of this season. At this rate, the MRGC title could be anyone’s game. 

No. 23 Illinois at No. 13 Kentucky
Full Results UK: 196.450 Ill: 196.250
VT: Patterson, Nixon 9.850 UB: Korth 9.900 BB: Takekawa 9.975 FX: Worley 9.950 AA: Korth 39.450

The Big Storyline: This one was close all the way through; certainly closer than anyone expected. Illinois has been on a 196 roll the past few weeks, but was solidly a pace behind the Wildcats coming in. Kentucky counted a fall on bars which is what kept it so tight. Mia Takekawa’s 9.975 on beam solidifies her position on that event; one 10.0 can be a fluke, but once a gymnast replicates or gets close to repeating the number, we know it’s the real deal. 

Implications: Despite the solid results, neither team will see much movement. For Illinois, every 196 in the bank before Big Tens is a confidence booster; the Illini were shuffled into the afternoon session due to conference seeding tie break rules, and will be looking to put up a big total and upset evening session teams. Each good number is a boost toward that goal.

No. 15 Auburn, No. 33 Central Michigan, No. 47 Rutgers at No. 35 New Hampshire
Full Results Rutgers: 195.900 Auburn: 195.825 CMU: 195.175 UNH: 195.075
VT: Gobourne 9.900 UB: Hammond 9.950 BB: Joyner 9.900 FX: Gobourne, Huang 9.850 AA: Joyner 39.350

The Big Storyline: Rutgers was the surprise winner at this meet, recording a season high and the best road score in program history, while the other teams counted mistakes. Auburn did not have a disastrous meet, but a few too many counted 9.7s meant that the Tigers couldn’t get a usable NQS total. Central Michigan had a fantastic bars rotations but a counted fall on beam and some weaker scores on vault and floor kept the total down. New Hampshire also had a great day on bars, but a counted fall on beam kept the Wildcats from getting a useful NQS score.

Implications: Auburn will not be able to count this total towards its NQS and will drop out of the top 16 to No. 17 overall. Rutgers’ score moves it up to No. 44. While the Scarlet Knights will probably need some help, qualifying to regionals is not out of the question. Central Michigan will be able to improve its NQS slightly but with several teams behind it recording bigger numbers, the Chippewas will drop out of the top 36 this week down to No. 38. New Hampshire did not get the big total it needed and drops back to No. 41. Its regionals chances are in danger, as the Wildcats have still yet to break into the 196s.

Records: Rutgers’ score is the highest road score in program history and the fourth highest overall. Its bars score is the third best in program history and beam is the second best. We also think this is Rutgers’ first win over an SEC opponent.

No. 16 Missouri at No. 19 Nebraska
Full Results Miz: 196.450 UNL: 195.925
VT: de Jesus, Verceles Carr 9.925 UB: Hu, Houchin 9.900 BB: Hu 9.950 FX: Hassel 9.950 AA: Houchin 39.525

The Big Storyline: Despite finally seeing the Taylor Houchin all around performance the Huskers need to be at their best, they fell short on senior night after counting a fall on beam, and 9.7-heavy vault and bar rotations. Missouri was also mired in the 9.7s for a bit of the meet so that counted fall was truly the difference.

Implications: Nebraska is a team that always seems to get it together for postseason, despite making us question whether it’ll be able to do it again year after year. We’re in the same spot, wondering if the Huskers can sort out their mental game to hit at Big Tens in two weeks. This total won’t be enough to challenge Michigan and Minnesota, and would open them up to upsets from lower-seeded teams. Missouri’s NQS will jump about two tenths with this away number, putting them in a solid position to challenge for an SEC afternoon session top finish.

No. 35 Arizona State at No. 24 Arizona
Full Results Arizona State: 196.525 Arizona: 196.300
VT: Scharf 9.875 UB: Boyer 9.875 BB: Linton 9.900 FX: Hargrove 9.900 AA: Wilson 39.325

The Big Storyline: In a close rivalry meet, visiting Arizona State got the upset over Arizona thanks to an all around win by Morgan Wilson and the first all around performance of the year by Cairo Leonard-Baker. Despite the loss, the Wildcats posted a season high team score for the second week in a row as Sirena Linton and Malia Hargrove led the way with beam and floor wins, respectively.

Implications: The return of Leonard-Baker in the all around is a great sign for Arizona State heading into the end of the season as she had only been competing limited routines. The Sun Devils were also able to drop two away scores this week with good performances in this and Monday’s meet, resulting in a jump in NQS totally by over eight tenths.

Records: Wilson’s winning all around total is a career high mark for the senior.

No. 32 Ohio State and No. 51 Bridgeport at No. 24 Arizona
Full Results Arizona: 196.225 Ohio State: 195.700 Bridgeport: 193.250
VT: Leydin 9.925 UB: Swartzentruber 9.900 BB: Brovedani 9.900 FX: Hodges 9.875 AA: Roland 37.275

The Big Storyline: Arizona upped its season high for the second time this weekend in a home tri-meet win over Ohio State and Bridgeport with the help of a season high bars score. The floor team struggled a little at the end, with lukewarm landings from big hitters, but it wasn’t enough to cause major problems. Ohio State put together a fantastic meet except for beam, which is a familiar outcome for the talented-yet-inconsistent Buckeyes. 

Implications: Despite two good meets over the weekend, Arizona will enter the final week of the regular season as the lowest ranked Pac-12 team, but only two hundredths of a point behind Stanford.

Records: Zaza Brovedani set a new career high of 9.900 on beam.

Controversies: Maddi Leydin likely injured herself during warm-ups for floor. We can’t tell how or what body part at this point, but she used crutches to walk to the floor during her senior presentation.

No. 27 Maryland, No. 41 George Washington at No. 52 Towson
Full Results Maryland: 196.350 Towson: 195.675 GW: 195.500
VT: Chambliss 9.900 UB: Tsiknias 9.900 BB: Hurst, Weitz 9.925 FX: Burgess, Silberman 9.900 AA: Chambliss 39.400

The Big Storyline: It was a big day for Towson, who scored a season high (and the highest score since 2018) to defeat EAGL conference mate George Washington. George Washington was strong on three events, but a counted fall on beam meant the Colonials couldn’t quite get the score they wanted for NQS. Maryland did not quite have the nearly record breaking performance as last week, but another 196 will help keep its ranking in the top 28.

Implications: All three teams had another meet on Sunday.

Records: Towson broke its attendance record with 1,029 fans. The Tigers also broke their beam record.

No. 27 Maryland, No. 52 Towson, No. 53 Yale, No. 62 William & Mary at No. 41 George Washington
Full Results GW: 195.825 Towson: 195.625 Maryland: 195.300 W&M: 194.725 Yale: 193.300
VT: Silberman, Marr 9.875 UB: Wright 9.950 BB: Chia 9.875 FX: Chambliss 9.900 AA: Chambliss 39.400

The Big Storyline: It was a great day for the Colonials, who scored a season best 49.200 on bars en route to a sweep of the meet. Deja Chambliss continues to impress, scoring her fifth 39+ in the all around this season. She will be one to watch as an individual for regionals if George Washington doesn’t qualify a team. Towson had another fantastic day, scoring the best road score of the season and nearly matching the score from Friday. Maryland was unable to replicate the success in its last two meets, recording a score that will be unusable for NQS. 

Implications: George Washington puts itself back into regionals position at No. 36. It still has a 194.900 to drop and will need to continue to score well to keep lower ranked teams from passing. Maryland will not be able to increase its NQS and remains steady at No. 27. 

Records: Anna Warhol notched a career best 9.875 on bars. William & Mary’s score is the sixth best in program history and Katie Waldman’s 9.925 on bars is a program record. Erika Marr recorded a personal best 9.875 on vault.

No. 31 West Virginia at No. 30 Iowa
Full Results Iowa: 196.750 WVU: 196.175
VT: Guerin 9.900 UB: Rogers 9.875 BB: Holmes-Hackerd 9.875 FX: Guerin 9.950 AA: n/a

The Big Storyline: Holy cow, Iowa. What a double meet weekend the Hawkeyes had, capping it with this massive season high. The Hawkeyes set season highs on bars and floor and tied their season best on vault. Iowa took its sweet time settling into the 2020 season, but now that it has it’s achieving results that many fans didn’t think were possible in January. West Virginia’s Emily Holmes-Hackerd was the biggest story for West Virginia—the freshman made her beam debut and won the event immediately. The Mountaineers scored their best road total of 2020 in Iowa City.

Implications: Iowa jumps five spots nationally to No. 25 in the new rankings, also bumping conference-mates Maryland and Penn State. West Virginia stays level at No. 31, likely too good to be in danger in the regionals race, but should watch its back because things are heating up in the last few weeks.

Records: Iowa gymnasts got numerous career highs at this meet, including Ellie Rogers’ 9.875 on bars and Bridget Killian’s 9.900 on floor.

No. 43 Eastern Michigan at No. 31 Michigan State
Full Results MSU: 195.875 EMU: 194.200
VT: Smith 9.850 UB: Jackard 9.850 BB: Douglas 9.925 FX: Douglas 9.925 AA: Mitchell 39.150

The Big Storyline: This was a solid outing from both teams. A tough time on bars held the Eagles back a bit, but it wasn’t a disastrous outing by any stretch. For Michigan State, 196s are the goal; solidifying mid-lineup routines will get the Spartans there. 

Implications: Michigan State scored a Big Ten night session spot due to the conference’s new tie break rules. This result doesn’t quite live up to that placement, given activity in the rest of the conference. The Spartans will be vulnerable to being upset by an afternoon team, and will want a confidence-boosting number in the 196s next week before that meet, because this performance wouldn’t secure the Spartans a fourth-place finish. 

Controversies: There have been questions recently about Ella Douglas’ scores, and her pair of 9.925s here should quiet the critics.

No. 37 Pittsburgh at No. 35 Arizona State
Full Results Arizona State: 196.825 Pittsburgh: 196.200
VT: Reeves, Petrikis, Herbine 9.925 UB: Baker, Boyer 9.900 BB: Burton 9.900 FX: Ginn, Boyer 9.900 AA: Boyer, Wilson 39.350

The Big Storyline: Arizona State recorded its second 196 of the weekend, putting it solidly in regional contention after being in the danger zone before this weekend. Pitt had another fantastic day, breaking the vault record for the second consecutive week and recording its third 196 in a row. 

Implications: After two big meets this weekend, Arizona State skyrockets to No. 21. The Sun Devils should not be in any danger of not making regionals now. Pitt was able to drop a 194.575 and move up into regionals position at No. 35. The Panthers still have another 194 to drop and two meets left to do it.

Records: Pitt’s 49.325 on vault is a program record and both Alecia Petrikis and Deven Herbine recorded career highs of 9.925 in that rotation. Morgan Wilson recorded a career high on bars (9.875) and in the all around (39.350).

No. 38 North Carolina at No. 43 Ball State
Full Results BSU: 195.850 UNC: 195.375
VT: Hislop 9.925 UB: Nychyk, Culton 9.800 BB: Hislop 9.825 FX: Goyco 9.900 AA: Culton 39.100

The Big Storyline: What an upset for the Cardinals! Some of the Tar Heels bars woes returned, but they didn’t count a fall on the event; Ball State was simply better on the day. Claudia Goyco continues to prove that she’s one of the best floor workers outside regionals contention teams in the country; we expect to see her in postseason play. For North Carolina, Elizabeth Culton has emerged as both the team’s answer to the bars and as a strong all arounder.

Implications: Ball State will be thrilled to have this number under its belt with just one week left before conference championships. The MAC is very competitive, and a high-195 is right in line with where the conference is. This is North Carolina’s first 195 on the year (yes, really); it has always been 194 or lower or in the 196s. Putting up an alright performance that doesn’t become a disaster is always a good sign that a team’s mental game is strong, something the Tar Heels will be glad to know about themselves as regular season winds down.

No. 40 Kent State at No. 39 Western Michigan
Full Results WMU: 196.175 KSU: 195.500
VT: Thomas 9.850 UB: Decavitch, Harrison 9.875 BB: Fletcher 9.850 FX: Harrison 9.925 AA: Decavitch 39.125

The Big Storyline: Western Michigan isn’t messing around this year. The Broncos have been strong start to finish, but hadn’t hit 196 until this meet. Stacie Harrison is an invaluable member of the team, and she proved why yet again. Kent State didn’t have a bad day; longtime star Abby Fletcher was more on than she has been for much of the year, and the Golden Flashes put up their second-best total of the year.

Implications: The Broncos will host the MAC championships in two weeks, and they have to feel good about their chances there after this one. They’ll drop a few places in the rankings simply because other teams were able to drop low scores. Kent State sits at third in the conference, and will also be looking at late March optimistically.

Records: Western Michigan’s 49.375 on floor is a program record.

No. 42 Northern Illinois at No.55 Illinois State
Full Results NIU: 195.725 Ill. St.: 191.300
VT: Lamberti, Welc 9.825 UB: Hooper 9.875 BB: Cooke 9.825 FX: Bartemio 9.875 AA: Labat 38.600

The Big Storyline: We don’t get an Illinois Classic this year, with Illinois opting for a road swing in California to end the first season without UIC competing in the state. This dual is the remainder of that traditional quad, and it did not go Illinois State’s way. The Redbirds have been solidly a 193-194 team most of this year, so this will be a showing to drop and forget, one riddled with mistakes from veteran, reliable competitors nearly universally. The Huskies, on the other hand, hit right about in their sweet spot, with no major mistakes and some strong individual performances. 

Implications: The MIC championships are going to be absolutely cutthroat this year, with any of the teams capable of taking the meet on the day. Illinois State cannot perform like this and hope for a strong finish there in two weeks, so next week will be a gut check. This away number will help defending MAC champ Northern Illinois rocket to second in the conference just a hair behind foe Central Michigan. That conference meet will also be riveting. 

No. 45 UC Davis at No. 59 Sacramento State
Full Results UC Davis: 194.875 Sac State: 194.225
VT: Ito 9.825 UB: Johnson, Landess 9.800 BB: Johnson 9.925 FX: Landess 9.900 AA: Clagg 39.175

The Big Storyline: UC Davis came up just short of a season high after a minor beam hiccup but put together a good meet anyway, defeating cross-town rival Sacramento State by a significant margin. The Aggies had a season-best floor rotation and were lifted by a pair of 39.100+ all around scores by Logan Clagg and Cammi Johnson. Unfortunately, both Gabby Landess and Alyssa Ito fell on their triple series on beam, and Kelley Hebert had a check on hers. Sac State matched its own season high and soared on floor to a season-best 49.100 but never lead the meet. Seniors Alexis Belkoff and Tara Catour got to have a special senior day experience, each finishing second on one event.

Implications: Neither team will see a substantial ranking change from this meet, with UC Davis dropping one spot and Sac State rising by one.

Records: Johnson’s 9.925 on beam ties the program record.

No. 65 Southern Connecticut, No. 66 Cornell at No. 47 Rutgers
Full Results RU: 195.625 CU: 190.950 SCSU: 190.300
VT: Hall 9.850 UB: Joyner, Leon 9.900 BB: McLachlan 9.850 FX: Huang 9.850 AA: Joyner 39.225

The Big Storyline: This was a nice little meet for each team. No season highs, but all three were right in their late-season sweet spots. Bianca Leon tying for the bar title should perk your attention; we knew she was capable of 9.900s on beam, but doing so on bars is new. It’s a little too late in the season, and she’s had too many misses, to think about regionals, but she’s a name to watch in coming years. Hannah Joyner continued her strong freshman season with another great result. She’s certainly one to watch for regionals.

Implications: Southern Connecticut and Cornell are still on the outside looking in at USAG national qualification. Rutgers is proving that it can put up numbers competitive with the Big Ten peloton, a good sign going into the conference meet in a few weeks.

Records: Leon’s 9.900 on bars was a program record for the Owls.

No. 54 Bowling Green, No. 57 Penn, No. 58 West Chester at No. 48 Temple
Full Results Penn: 194.000 Temple: 193.975 WCU: 192.000 BGSU: 188.700
VT: East 9.875 UB: Castrence, Brooks 9.825 BB: Yang, Nodarse 9.800 FX: East 9.900 AA: East 39.225

The Big Storyline: Temple came up just short to ECAC rival Penn but finished ahead of West Chester and Bowling Green. This is a meet that Bowling Green will want to forget, but it wasn’t all bad, as Jovannah East won vault, bars and the all around.

Implications: Both Temple and Bowling Green had another meet this weekend.

Records: Taylor Newland scored a career best 9.800 on floor.

No. 75 Ursinus at No. 48 Temple
Full Results Temple: 195.575 Ursinus: 185.775
VT: Brooks 9.800 UB: Estrella 9.900 BB: Garin, Brooks 9.800 FX: Castrence 9.900 AA: Castrence 39.225

The Big Storyline: Temple finally put a complete meet together, scoring a season high and the third best score in program history. Ariana Castrence continues to be a standout for the Owls, scoring her third score of 39.2 in the all around.

Implications: Temple still remains solidly at No. 1 in the ECAC and moves up a spot to No. 47 nationally.

Records: Temple’s total is the third best in program history and the best score in Josh Nilson’s tenure. Castrence’s 9.900 on floor is a career high. 

No. 54 Bowling Green, No. 79 Rhode Island College at No. 64 Brown
Full Results BGSU: 193.900 Brown: 193.500 RIC: 180.000
VT: Lawson 9.900 UB: Fochler 9.925 BB: East 9.850 FX: East 9.875 AA: East 39.300

The Big Storyline: Bowling Green bounced back from its scary sub-190 outing last weekend with one of its best numbers of the year, led by another strong Jovannah East all around performance. Brown’s season-best number was highlighted by a great bar rotation capped by Mei Li Costa. Rhode Island sat right about where it has all year. 

Implications: The MAC conference meet will be vicious, and Bowling Green is a pace behind the pack. It will need another solid performance next weekend, and then a season best at the big show to make a play for the title. Brown is sitting just outside the USAGs picture, and will remain there going into next week.

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