Fantasy Central: Week 10

It’s Tuesday again, and your fantasy lineup is due soon. Not to worry! We have all the info you need to play like a pro this week. 

Note that lineups close on hour early this week due to a Thursday meet!

Injury updates:

Bold indicates confirmed season-ending injuries.


  • Hannah Munnelly – George Washington – torn achilles (2/24)
  • Kyana George – Cal – rolled ankle (2/24)
  • Maddie Mariani – Michigan – tweaked ankle – (3/1)
  • Alaina Kwan – Kentucky – in a boot (3/1)
  • Alexis Castellaneta – Brockport – in a boot (3/1)
  • Lacy Dagen – Oregon State – sore knee (3/1)
  • Brookelyn Sears – Northern Illinois – torn ACL (3/1)
  • Talitha Jones – Cal – unknown knee injury (3/1)

Week 10 Byes and Doubles:

Byes: Seattle Pacific

Doubles: Arizona, Arizona State, Bowling Green, George Washington, Iowa, Maryland, Rutgers, Temple, Towson, Washington

Experts Say…Your Hot Tip for Week 10: 

Phew that doubles list! Be sure to double and triple check your performers from those teams for consistency before starting them. Keep in mind, too, that SEMO is coming off a double with a lot of travel and doesn’t have a bye. Tough stretch.

We’re in senior week territory, and those meets can tend to get score-happy. Oklahoma hosts Michigan for what should be a 9.900-fest; the Wolverines might see a boost (if you’re thinking 198, go knock on wood, but also…same). 

Utah is bringing its regular season championship hardware home to host Stanford. Oregon State hosts Washington at home; both of those Pac-12 matchups could get generous too.

Illinois travels to Kentucky this week. While the Wildcats aren’t known for having the most lenient SEC scoring, it is an opportunity for an Illini squad that is starting to see some big numbers poke through the noise.

We get to see the O.G. rivalry meet this week: Georgia heads to Alabama. There will be fireworks here of some kind or another.

One team to watch is Ball State: It has set and then broken its program record this season, and is heading home to host North Carolina. That meet could be much more interesting than it appears at first glance. 

Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em:

Are you struggling to decide when the time is right to pull a gymnast who keeps letting you down? Wondering whether that surprise star has what it takes to score well in the weeks to come? Never fear! We’re going to weigh in.


We know Andrea Maldonado for her incredible floor work, but she’s a strong vaulter, too. Don’t let her bad outing last week make you pull her. Alecia Petrikis has been a strong vaulter for Pittsburgh all year, and just put up a 9.900. Maggie Nichols is back on all four despite her ankle injury last week, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Gracie Kramer’s vault continues to be okay; she has landing issues that make us think she may eventually be pulled from the lineup, and that suppress her score. We won’t blame you if you don’t start her. Similarly Oregon State’s Madi Dagen, who has been very hit-or-miss.

Start: Marissa Nychyk, Deja Chambliss, Alecia Petrikis, Maggie Nichols, Andrea Maldonado

Sit: Gracie Kramer, Madi Dagen, Karen Howell, Raena Worley


If you’re only putting Josie Angeny up on beam, you’re missing out on a reliable bars number. Zaza Brodevani had a bit of a rough go after a week off of bars, but we’re confident she’ll recover. Shannon Farrell has been a rock for Rutgers on bars this year.

Sabrina Vega just doesn’t quite have bars together. Georgia could use her on her full game here, so she’ll likely stay in the lineup, but hold her off another week. Natalie Morton is on bars for Denver in the injury wake, but isn’t quite up to the task yet.

Start: Shannon Farrell, Amelia Mohler, Anna Salamone, Josie Angeny, Zaza Brodevani,

Sit: Sabrina Vega, Natalie Morton, Hannah Willmarth


Despite the Ohio State beam situation, Ella Hodges has been rock solid the last four times out. We never fully know the Lexi Graber situation, but her beam potential is too high to leave her out of your lineup.  

Alyona Shchennikova had a strong beam debut, but since Kiya Johnson was just being rested, we can assume Shchennikova will be the alternate here. While Gabrielle Gottula is a great three-eventer for Missouri, she’s been a little off her game on beam; there’s always the chance she scores a 9.900, but she can also be inconsistent.

Start: Michaela Burton, Ella Hodges, Hailey Lui, Amber Koeth, Lexi Graber

Sit: Alyona Shchennikova, Maela Lazaro, Gabrielle Gottula


Ball State is breaking records, and Claudia Goyco’s stellar floor is part of it. Bria Northrop has been on fire on floor for two months now; she shows no sign of slowing down. We assume Kiya Johnson will be back on all four for LSU. There’s no reason to think Kyla Ross will sit out floor two weeks running.

Denver’s Amoree Lockhart has been fine but not outstanding here, and she has struggled with expanded event responsibilities the past few weeks. It’s reasonable to sit her until she is more comfortable with her bigger roll.

Start: Claudia Goyco, Chloe Cluchey, Bria Northrop, Kiya Johnson, Maddie Diab, Kyla Ross

Sit: Nya Reed, Amoree Lockhart, Emma Andres

Week 10 Pickups:

Trying to figure out who to pick up to replace an injury? Looking for a ninja to up your weekly beam total? We’ve got you covered, down to the data on who should still be available.


Sekai Wright (48 conferences) is back in action for UCLA. Kennedy Rae Johnson (47 conferences) is an almost automatic 9.800 each week.  North Carolina is full of great vaulters, and Alexis Allen (43 conferences) has had three straight strong outings. Illinois’ vault rotation is settling in, in part due to Mia Townes (45 conferences).


Zoe Schweitzer (54 conferences) can dip into the 9.7s, but her floor is high and she hits 9.8s many times out. Kentucky’s Shealyn Luksik (20 conferences) has yet to score below a 9.775. Meredith Robinson (70 conferences) has had three strong hits in a row for N.C. State.


Collea Burgess (77 conferences) returned to competition for Maryland this weekend. Dani Castillo (76 conferences) is coming off a bye for Iowa and has settled into her role on beam. BYU’s Elease Rollins (52 conferences) has stepped into beam in late February and has two 9.900s in a row.


Ronni Binstock (53 conferences) is a reliable option from Western Michigan. Alexis Beucler (32 conferences) has a 9.950 ceiling and 9.822 averageNorthern Illinois’ Tara Kofmehl (20 conferences) hasn’t gone below 9.800 since the Huskies’ first meet.

Notes from the Fantasy Roundtable:

UCLA’s Madison Kocian did not travel to the team’s matchup in Corvallis. We don’t know why Maela Lazaro sat out beam for the Beavers.

Illinois’ Morgan Bixler performed an exhibition bar set. It could be because it was her senior night, but she was an important piece of that lineup last year, so we’re watching the situation. Washington’s Talia Brodevani also performed an exhibition bar set.

Article by Emily Minehart with additional reporting form Emily Howell-Forbes and Jenna King.

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