The NCGA Dismount: Week 5

As with most weekends during season, this past one saw its fair share ups and shake downs in the college gymnastics world. However, most of these NCGA teams absolutely crushed it! Ithaca, Springfield, Ursinus, UW-Stout, UW-Whitewater and Winona all had team scores that were season highs, while many of the other teams had event highs. 

The rankings have become quite interesting—particularly in the WIAC where four teams are ranked in the top five of the division—but the competition out east is also heating up with teams six through eight being separated by a mere four tenths. 

Below you’ll not only find fast facts from every NCGA meet this weekend (for more on DI and USAG teams, check out their respective Dismounts), but the overall NCGA standings, top scores and a few superlatives for some of our favorite moments as well.

Routine of the Week

Skylar Haas, Ursinus, beam

This routine was a beauty to watch; a gorgeous triple series, cat leap + side aerial + beat jump and ending with a stuck gainer full. This 9.850 beam routine is the highest score Urinus has seen since 2018 and the highest in DIII all season.

Stick of the Week

Taylor Jackson, Springfield, vault

Not only did Jackson’s handspring front have beautiful form, she found the landing perfectly and claimed the event title in the team’s meet against West Chester and Rhode Island this past weekend. 

Pointiest Feet

Kerrie Legault, La Crosse, bars

From a floaty Maloney to nice stalder work, Legault’s whole bar routine is lovely. However, what really sets this freshman’s routine apart from others is her impressive toe point. It’s a thing of beauty to say the least!

Overall Standings

Place Team Average
1 Brockport 187.190
2 UW-Oshkosh 186.669
3 UW-Stout 186.533
4 UW-La Crosse 185.588
5 UW-Whitewater 184.744
6 Springfield 184.663
7 Cortland 184.413
8 Ursinus 184.244
9 Ithaca 183.225
10 Hamline 182.950
11 Winona 180.269
12 Gustavus 178.463
13 Rhode Island College 178.075
14 UW-Eau Claire 175.525

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Skylar Haas Ursinus  Beam 9.850
Shadae Boone UW-Stout Vault 9.750
Kaylin Knapsack Ursinus Beam 9.725
Emily Gilot UW-Oshkosh Vault 9.700
Courtney Christoforo Ithaca Bars 9.700
Lauren Marshall UW-Whitewater Vault 9.700
Vanessa Olinger UW-Whitewater Floor 9.700
Mikala Bugge UW-Stout Floor 9.700
Kyra Figurelli Brockport Floor 9.700
Cassidy Marquette Ithaca Vault 9.675
Alexis Castellaneta Brockport Floor 9.675
Taylor Jackson Springfield Vault 9.675
Kaylin Knapsack Ursinus Floor 9.675
Brooke Terry UW-Stout Beam 9.675
Olivia Keller UW-Oshkosh Beam 9.650
Taylor Campagnone Springfield Beam 9.650
Kerrie Legault UW-La Crosse Bars 9.650
Alex Panetta Ursinus Bars 9.650
Karina Sabol UW-Whitewater Floor 9.650

NCGA-East Meet of the Week

No. 67 Brockport at No. 77 Ithaca
Full Results Brockport: 187.975 Ithaca: 185.700
VT: Marquette 9.675 UB: Christoforo 9.700 BB: Todd 9.625 FX: Figurelli 9.700 AA: N/A

The Big Storyline: Ithaca struggled a little last week but came back and posted its highest team score so far this season. Its difficulty on floor and strong vaults helped it improve from last week but also showed some room for improvement. Right now it has the big skills, it just needs to focus in on some form errors and on landings and the team score will only keep improving. Brockport continues to show that it belongs at the top. It has had more successful vault rotations so far this season, but you can always count on Brockport to have some upgrades to debut later on. Bars and floor were the strongest rotations of the meet and helped it push past Ithaca. 

Implications: Ithaca will now rank 11th in DIII and will continue to be fifth in the NCGA-East. it will be looking to keep this momentum going forward to try and put the 179 behind it from week four. Brockport continues to be at the top of both the NCGA-East and overall DIII rankings. If things continue the way they are, Brockport will definitely be a contender for another national title this season. 

Records: Brockport’s 47.050 on bars is the highest total on thte event yet this season. Ithaca’s 47.000 on vault, 46.450 on bars and 46.950 were its highest event totals so far this season on each of those respective events. 

WIAC Meet of the Week

No. 70 UW-Stout at No. 73 UW-Whitewater
Full Results UW-Stout: 188.800 UW-Whitewater: 187.625
VT: Boone 9.750 UB: Dick 9.625 BB: Terry 9.675 FX: Olinger and Bugge 9.700 AA: Terry 38.225

The Big Storyline: Stout and Whitewater met up earlier this season in a tri-meet at Oshkosh where the Warhawks managed to pull out a bit of an upset and finish ahead of the Blue Devils. Not this weekend, though. Stout was on a roll the first three rotations and even scored its highest bars score of the season. The Blue Devils were on pace to score a 190.000 but ended up having some uncharacteristic mistakes on beam in the final rotation and fell a bit short. Whitewater scored a season high, and overall the Warhawks’ technique and form looked much better than we’ve seen in previous meets. That said, they still had to count a few falls on bars and beam, so there is definitely room for them to continue to improve.

Implications: Stout moved ahead of La Crosse putting it third in the overall DIII rankings and second in the WIAC behind Oshkosh. Whitewater is still fourth in the WIAC but moved up to fifth in the overall standings. It’s very interesting to see how close these top four WIAC teams are. With how things are going, conference is really going to be a battle, so winning dual meets like this one should help build the confidence needed to do well come the WIAC championship.


No. 68 UW-Oshkosh at No. 79 Winona State
Full Results UW-Oshkosh: 188.550 Winona State: 184.275
VT: Gilot 9.700 UB: Gilot and Tkaczuk 9.500 BB: Keller 9.650 FX: Sawyer 9.625 AA: N/A
No. 78 Gustavus Adolphus and No. 81 UW-Eau Claire at No. 69 UW-La Crosse
Full Results UW-La Crosse: 185.800 Gustavus Adolphus: 176.600 UW-Eau Claire: 173.250
VT: Hawkins 9.525 UB: Legault 9.650 BB: Corbett 9.500 FX: Grant 9.625 AA: Corbett 36.200
No. 80 Rhode Island and No. 74 Springfield at No. 49 West Chester
Full Results West Chester: 190.750 Springfield: 187.700 Rhode Island College: 179.100
VT: Jackson 9.675 UB: Wojewoda 9.800 BB: Nodarse 9.750 FX: Meakim 9.800 AA: Meakim 38.250
No. 75 Ursinus with No. 51 Bridgeport at No. 52 Temple
Full Results Temple: 195.000 Bridgeport: 194.175 Ursinus: 187.200
VT: Leary,  Castrence and  Roland 9.850 UB: Castrence 9.825 BB: Garin 9.900 FX: Reimers 9.900 AA: Castrence 39.050

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Article by Rachel Riesterer and Allie Dibiase

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