The NCGA Dismount: Week 4

If there’s one thing we would say about this weekend it’s, “You were so close.” Many of the NCGA teams competed against DI/II schools and things looked really well for most of them…until it didn’t. Brockport and Springfield looked strong and were heading into rotation three in first and second, while UW-La Crosse was right up in the mix with BGSU and SEMO. However, things just didn’t quite come together in the third and fourth rotation and although all three teams finished with solid scores and proved they could hang with the “big kids,” it would have been even more exciting to see an upset. 

On the flip side, UW-Oshkosh had a big meet down in Texas and became the first team in the division to score in the 190s this season. The Titans were on their game this Sunday and looked much cleaner than we’ve seen in previous meets. 

Below you’ll not only find fast facts from every NCGA meet this weekend (for more on DI and USAG teams, check out their respective Dismounts), but the overall NCGA standings, top scores and a few superlatives for some of our favorite moments as well.

Routine of the Week

Emily Gilot – UW-Oshkosh,  vault

The dynamics, the height, the power—you don’t get much better than this Yurchenko half from Gilot. With a little more control on the landing and the Titan could rival some of the best in the country on the event.

Stick of the Week

Lauren Marshall – UW-Whitewater, vault

You don’t see too many full-twisting Yurchenkos in DIII, but this one is one of the best. Marshall not only performed the vault well but made sure the judges, even Judy, couldn’t take anything from her landing with a stone cold stick. Check it out at 39:47.

“OMG” of the Week

When we heard there had been an equipment malfunction at this meet, we assumed that meant a screw came loose or peg got jammed—not that the entire set of bars collapsed in the middle of a gymnasts’ turn on the apparatus. Thankfully no one was hurt in the process.

Cutest Senior Send-off

That cake looks so good, we’d feel bad about eating it! But kudos to Ursinus for doing a little something extra besides the typical flowers or framed pics. Now for the important question: What flavor is under all that icing?


Overall Standings

Place Team Average
1 Brockport 186.994
2 UW-Oshkosh 186.042
3 UW-La Crosse 185.517
4 UW-Stout 185.400
5 Cortland 184.413
6 UW-Whitewater 183.783
7 Springfield 183.650
8 Ursinus 183.258
9 Hamline 182.950
10 Ithaca College 181.988
11 Gustavus Adolphus 179.083
12 Winona State 177.933
13 Rhode Island College 177.819
14 UW-Eau Claire 176.094

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Emily Gilot UW-Oshkosh VT 9.775
Olivia Keller UW-Oshkosh BB 9.775
Kamryn Rodriguez Cortland BB 9.775
Emma Schulz Cortland FX 9.775
Mikala Bugge UW-Stout FX 9.750
Emma Grant UW-La Crosse FX 9.750
Emma Schulz Cortland BB 9.750
Baylee Tkaczuk UW-Oshkosh UB 9.750
Kaylin Knapsack Ursinus FX 9.725
Kamryn Rodriguez Cortland FX 9.725
Trinity Sawyer UW-Oshkosh VT 9.725
Jamie Sklenar Brockport VT 9.725
Britney Wolfe UW-Stout BB 9.725
Emily Gilot UW-Oshkosh FX 9.700
Emma Grant UW-La Crosse BB 9.700
Kaylin Knapsack Ursinus BB 9.700
Trinity Sawyer UW-Oshkosh FX 9.700
No. 81 Rhode Island College with No. 54 Bridgeport at No. 63 Brown
Full Results Bridgeport: 193.750 Brown: 191.875 RIC: 181.650
VT: Roland 9.800 UB: Costa 9.900 BB: Roland 9.850 FX: Reimers 9.850 AA: Roland 38.325

The Big Storyline: Rhode Island College saw major improvement this weekend. The Anchorwomen are still struggling to put up scores over 9.000 on bars, but their strong vaults and floor routines make up for it.

Implications: Though RIC is still ranked sixth in the NCGA-East by a few points, it overtook UW-Eau Claire in the overall DIII rankings and is only a tenth behind Winona. If the Anchorwomen keep up their steady improvement, it’s very possible we could see their highest ranking in years.

Records: Rhode Island College scored a 181.650 which was its highest of the season and a five and a half point improvement from its last meet.

No. 78 Gustavus Adolphus at No. 77 Hamline
Full Results Hamline: 185.450 Gustavus: 180.650
VT: Corbett and Lowe 9.500 UB: Corbett 9.375 BB: Sowinski 9.675 FX: Sowinski 9.625 AA: Corbett 37.850

The Big Storyline: Both teams had their best meets yet with Hamline improving three points over last week thanks to strong performances from Madeline Sowinski on beam and floor and Tisana Lowe on vault and bars. Lowe competed a huge Yurchenko layout full that will put her right up in the mix for a national title once she learns to control the landing a bit more.

Implications: Though Hamline moved ahead of Ithaca in the overall rankings, the Pipers still need to prove they can keep up with the current top four teams in the WIAC to really be considered a national contender. 

Records: On its Instagram story, Gustavus noted that it competed the most major bar releases in program history. It was also the first time the Gusties broke 180.000 this season.

No. 67 Brockport, No. 65 Cornell and No. 76 Springfield at No. 66 Southern Connecticut
Full Results Cornell: 189.650 SCSU: 187.025 Brockport: 186.450 Springfield: 185.800
VT: Prescott 9.750 UB: Shen 9.625 BB: Lund 9.800 FX: Smith 9.750 AA: Stahlbrodt 38.300
No. 70 UW-Oshkosh with No. 37 Kent State and No. 47 Lindenwood at No. 62 Texas Woman’s
Full Results Kent State: 194.950 TWU: 193.400 LU: 192.325 UW-O: 190.025
VT: Manitkul-Davis and Leman 9.850 UB: Franz 9.825 BB: Danielson 9.775 FX: Franz and Northrop 9.850 AA: Franz 39.200
No. 69 UW-La Crosse with No. 50 Bowling Green and No. 60 SEMO at No. 46 Ball State
Full Results Ball State: 194.200 BGSU: 192.725 SEMO: 191.450 UW-L: 188.375
VT: Nychyk 9.900 UB: Fochler and Solorzano-Caruso 9.800 BB: Kaziska 9.875 FX: Goyco 9.900 AA: Kaziska 39.175
No. 68 UW-Whitewater at No. 80 UW-Eau Claire
Full Results UW-Whitewater: 180.900 UW-Eau Claire: 173.900
VT: Marshall 9.475 UB: Wilson 9.275 BB: Wilson 9.400 FX: Sabol 9.425 AA: Wilson 37.200
No. 70 Ithaca with No. 49 West Chester at No. 74 Ursinus
Full Results West Chester: 192.500 Ursinus: 183.450 Ithaca: 179.925
VT: Johnson 9.775 UB: Wojewoda 9.725 BB: Boyd 9.825 FX: Meakim 9.825 AA: Meakim 38.775
No. 73 UW-Stout at No. 79 Winona State
Full Results UW-Stout: 187.550 Winona: 181.00
VT: Boone 9.675 UB: Terry 9.300 BB: Wolfe 9.725 FX: Bugge 9.750 AA: Terry 37.150
No. 72 Cortland at No. 75 Centenary
Full Results Centenary: 189.825 Cortland: 187.825
VT: Austin 9.775 UB: Speciale 9.675 BB: Rodriguez 9.775 FX: Schulz 9.775 AA: Sanders 38.200
No. 81 Rhode Island College at No. 57 Yale
Full Results Yale: 192.850 RIC: 176.050
VT: Tiche 9.725 UB: Buford 9.850 BB: Firmstone 9.825 FX: Cooperman 9.750 AA: Buford 38.775

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Article by the editors of College Gym News

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