The NCGA Dismount: Week 1

We only had two NCGA teams in action to open the 2020 season, so this Dismount will be brief. Brockport opened the season with the hopes of defending its national title come postseason while Cortland will search for a spot at nationals itself.

Overall Standings

Place Team Average
1 Brockport 185.225
2 Cortland 180.475

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Emma Schulz Cortland FX 9.700
Emma Schulz Cortland BB 9.625
Chanya Earle Brockport FX 9.625
Alexis Castellaneta Brockport FX 9.600
Kyra Figurelli Brockport FX 9.600
Kimberly Musall Brockport FX 9.600

NCGA-East Meet of the Week

Cortland at Brockport
Full Results Brockport: 185.225 Cortland: 180.475
VT: Jackson 9.525 UB: Doll 9.475 BB: Schulz 9.625 FX: Schulz 9.700 AA: Hanley, Speciale 35.625

The Big Storyline: Defending NCGA champion Brockport easily defeated Cortland in the season opener. However, Red Dragon Emma Schulz, the defending floor champion, took home the top score on the event, as well as beam and second on vault.

Implications: While neither team total will be desirable come postseason, Brockport at least started well in its first meet of the year and has a solid foundation to build upon in the coming weeks and months. For Cortland, it was the team’s lowest season opening score since 2011, but there is plenty of time to rebound and throw out the less-than-ideal performance.

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Article by Elizabeth Grimsley

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