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Last Week in College Gym: November 11

During the offseason, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and training updates happening across the country. So each week, we will provide a curation of the most exciting upgrades, as well as other important news happening in the college gym world. Note the majority of the training updates highlighted will feature new skills and not, for example, someone training their same routine from the past season.

Of course, even with eight editors scouring social media for clips, we’ll still miss updates from time to time. Let us know in the comments or on social media if we didn’t include a new skill, injury comeback or more from someone on your favorite team!

Training Updates

  • Several Towson gymnasts are working upgrades on vault. Lauren Bolen, Nicole Borkowski, Logan Smith, Paige Casper and Jenna Weitz are training Yurchenko one and a halfs. In addition, Emerson Hurst is working on adding a half twist her handspring front pike for a 10.0 start.
  • Iowa State sophomore Madelyn Langkamp showed a double layout on the team’s Instagram Story. Classmate Kelsey Boychuk is training a back handspring + back handspring + layout step-out on beam per the same Instagram Story, and senior Casandra Diaz was shown training a roundoff double pike. 
  • At Georgia’s intrasquad, sophomore Mikayla Magee showed a triple series on beam. She performed a back handspring layout stepout series last season.

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