2019’s Wild and Wacky Moments

We all remember the champions of the season, the viral moments and the best leotards. But we often tend to forget some of the more unusual occurrences that make us scratch our heads, laugh out loud or take to the record books to find out when something like that happened. Take a jog down memory lane with all of this season’s greatest—and most unusual—moments.

That Time Maya Bordas Split the Beam in her First College Meet

…And her heroic effort to get back up after.

When Ohashi’s Floor Routine Went Viral Within 24 Hours of the Second Meet of the Year

While the viralness certainly hasn’t been forgotten, just how fast it happened might be.

Rhonda Faehn Was Hired—Then Almost Immediately Fired—at Michigan

Tough look for our girl* there.

*If you know, you know.

Yet Another Team Wore This Leo Design

West Chester, Cornell, Bridgeport and Southern Connecticut alone wore it at 2018 USAG nationals, and now SEMO. Surely there are other stock options in the GK catalogue.

They Literally Replaced the Beam at a Georgia Meet

But It Wasn’t the Only Equipment Malfunction

Mollie Korth got another go on beam. At regionals. Also at Georgia.

There was a delay to start warm ups on bars with Oklahoma at Denver week six.

Week four saw a delay in rotation two when a part of West Virginia’s vault had to be replaced before George Washington competed.

Alaska and Brown was also delayed due to a faulty bars anchor—the equipment, not the sith gymnast in the lineup.

We Still Don’t Know What Exactly Happened Here

Cal and early season beam, amiright?

That Time Rachael Flam’s Grip Broke and Got a Redo

And literally no one understood what the rules were about it, especially Sam Peszek and the judges.

There Were Two Flash Photography Repeats in One Week

Honestly people, get it together.

And Another in Week Seven

Figure out your camera!

And Another in Week Eight

Seriously. Your picture is not going to be good from up there. Stop trying.

The Men’s Judges Had a Brain Fart—Multiple Times

Like the time they couldn’t figure out start values…on vault.

This Glorious Moment Came Into Existence

And That Time Iowa Forgot How to Vault

Leighton Varnadore Somehow Saved This

And More Scores Were Changed After the Fact That We Can Ever Remember Before

Illinois’ total week nine, because you have to go over 195 at home. The Illini’s 194.975 was raised to a 195.025, but we’re not sure whose score was changed. Maryland’s score was changed because of this routine during week three. UC Davis was completely missing a score because of an alternate substitution, changing the final score after it was finally inputted during week two. SEMO’s final score was changed week two—or at least initially tweeted incorrectly. And Alaska’s final total changed between the end of the meet and when final scores were submitted. Rutgers’ final tally was raised after video review week one.

Do you get the point we’re trying to make here?

There Were No Live Scores of Video for EMU at WMU

Because 2019…

Or for the Start of Arizona-Stanford

Which Stanford handled comically.

MyKayla Skinner Showed Real Emotions Toward a Score and the Gymternet Lost Its Mind

It’s like we don’t want to be taken seriously or something. You throw those flowers down if you want to, MyKayla.

Shadae Boone Got a 9.600 for This Stuck Yurchenko 1.5


Sarah Finnegan Continued to Be Flawless With This Beam Save

Two Nebraska Gymnasts Had Nosebleeds at the Same Meet

Who knew Toledo was so dry.

One Judge Completely Missed Rebekah Bean’s Vault

She was penalized 0.500 for it and got a 9.350.

A Commentator Talked an Entire Meet Without Her Microphone on

What viewers initially thought was a meet with no audio turned into an awkward case of technical difficulties when the video switched to the commentator moving her lips with no sound coming out.

Seattle Pacific Accidentally Left Two Gymnasts at Home

Thanks to a historic snowstorm, two gymnasts were left behind as the whole team raced from security to the gate. Those gymnasts were given a replacement flight, but it was cancelled for weather-related reasons. So the Falcons ultimately competed down two athletes and had to debut two new vaulters to fill the gap.

Bre Showers Got a 9.575 for a Routine With a 0.500 Deduction


Ava Caravela Got a 9.275 for This Hit Yurchenko Full

Possibly a more-egregious score than Boone’s 9.6 Y1.5.

Alabama Got Nailed for Pause Deductions Week One

Then all judges forgot the rule was even a thing by the end of the season.

Only Three Judges Total Made It to SEMO at Illinois State

Much to the entertainment of viewers who got to watch one judge run back and forth between events for every single routine.

That Time We Inadvertently Live Blogged a Wrestling Match

Managing Editor Emily Minehart was absolutely thrilled.

RIC has Had Enough of DIII Judging

We’re Not Even Going to Try to Count the Number of Times We Typed “Judging Conference” This Year

It was a lot. We really got a kick out of the angry coach-judge staredowns that resulted. See: Jenny Hansen.

Lindenwood and UIC Tied (Twice)

The first time the Lions thought they won. But a score change (typo?), yes another, brought it to a tie.

Oklahoma Didn’t Win MAG Nationals

We were all as shocked as the Stanford gymnasts themselves.

It Remains Nearly Impossible to Follow Some MAG Meets

There are so many with no scores, let alone video. We want to follow! Thank goodness for our friends at StickItMedia and the College Gymnastics Association.

Winter Cup, Oh Winter Cup

Always a real s*it show, this year’s Winter Cup left us scratching our heads as usual, when Levi Anderson and Eddie Penev weren’t named to the national team, despite scores that should suggest they would be.

When Breanna Franklin’s Floor Score Was Raised Nearly a Point After the Meet

From 7.950 to 8.850 because that makes sense. To top it off, there was no video evidence to figure out why.

Stanford Lost Its Luggage and Posted the Highest Score in the Nation

Article by Elizabeth Grimsley and Emily Minehart

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  1. I think this should be added: When EMU was supposed to have a home meet but the convocation center was too cold to compete in(thanks Michigan weather) so we had to hurry and get on a bus to compete at BG instead. That day was chaos…

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