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Last Week in College Gym: July 2

During the offseason, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and training updates happening across the teams. So each week, we will provide a curation of the most exciting upgrades, as well as other important news happening in the college gym world. Note the majority of the training updates highlighted will feature new skills and not someone training their same routine from the past season, for example.

Finally, note we are only able to share links to updates posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and not Instagram Stories or Snapchat. However, we will try to note any clips of note that we see on those disappearing platforms.

Maddie Karr Progresses New Bars Combination

Denver junior Maddie Karr has been working new bars skills this offseason. She recently has added the low bar into her Tkatchev + pak salto combination. It’s close to being routine ready, and we’re interested to see if it materializes into a new routine composition for her.

Morgan Porter Works Front Acro Series on Beam

Missouri phenom Morgan Porter is trying out a front aerial + front toss + back handspring series on beam. Though she calls it a work in progress, we’d love to see it in her routine.

Minnesota Upgrades on Upgrades

The Gophers have been busy! Highlights in this compilation video include junior Becca Taylor catching  Tkatchevs, sophomore Lexi Montgomery working on a cleaned up bars set and junior Ivy Lu working her new van Leeuwen through to a stuck double layout. Plus, some great dance moves from Mary Korlin-Downs.

Ramler’s Ramler

Looks like we’ll be speculating about Minnesota star sophomore Lexy Ramler’s bar composition all summer. She’s training her eponymous skill to an immediate pak and van Leeuwen, looking in top shape. We’ll keep our eyes on this one.

Skylar Haas Pulls out All the Unique Skills and Combos

Ursinus junior Skylar Haas has been training all sorts of new and exciting skills and combinations this summer, including a back handspring + side aerial + beat jump and round off  immediate double back.

Instagram Story and Snapchat Roundup

Kynsee Roby Trains Tkatchev

Nebraska sophomore Kynsee Roby is training a Tkatchev; she has posted several videos working the skill in a harness on her Instagram Story. In 2018, Roby competed a piked Jaeger.

Michelle Amoresano Trains Full-In

Rutgers senior Michelle Amoresano posted a piked full-in into the pit on her Instagram Story. She hasn’t competed floor since 2017 when she competed a double Arabian. Amoresano was a steady presence on the other three pieces in 2018 and appears to be pushing for the all around for her final season. Having two E passes in her arsenal would be seriously impressive!

Erynne Allen Announces Transfer

Erynne Allen, who will be a junior this fall but did not see competitive lineups for Kentucky in her first twos seasons, announced her transfer to Penn State on her private Instagram account this week.

Kristen Quaglia Trains Yurchenko 1.5

Minnesota junior Kristen Quaglia, a staple in the Gophers’ 2018 vault lineup with a tidy full, is training a Yurchenko 1.5. She posted a video on her Instagram Story working the skill in a harness.

Rachel Ley Trains New Beam Series

Rutgers junior Rachel Ley posted a back tuck + back tuck series on her Instagram Story, with the caption “Making that all arounder comeback.” Ley competed only bars in 2018. The series was connected and would be very unique!

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  1. Also notable this week: LSU Gymnastics updated their 2018-2019 roster on their official website, and it does not include Gracen Standley or Bailey Ferrer. It does include Rebecca D’Antonio, however, and lists McKenna Kelley as a Junior (indicating the expected redshirt).

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