Weekly Conference Awards: Week Three

Award winners will be added as they are announced throughout the week.


Big 10

Gymnast of the Week: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
Freshman of the Week: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
Event Specialist of the Week: Sienna Crouse, Nebraska

Big 12

Gymnast of the Week: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma
Event Specialist of the Week: Hilary Green, Iowa State
Freshman of the Week: Anastasia Webb, Oklahoma


Gymnast of the Week: Chelsea Knight, N.C. State
Freshman of the Week: Haley Brechwald, Pittsburgh
Event Specialist of the Week: Mikayla Robinson, UNC


Coaches Choice: Jordyn Oster, Temple
Gymnast of the Week: Sahara Gipson, Temple
Rookie of the Week: Katie Waldman, William & Mary
Specialist of the Week: Jessica Wang, Yale


Coaches Choice: Lindsey Mathis, West Chester
Gymnast of the Week: Maya Reimers, Bridgeport
Rookie of the Week: Cadi Borsellino, SCSU
Specialist of the Week: Lauren Ramirez, Bridgeport


Gymnast of the Week: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State
Specialist of the Week: 
Amelia Mohler, Western Michigan


Newcomer of the Week: Kayla Baddeley, UIC
Gymnast of the Week: Mallory Moredock, Texas Women’s
Performance of the Week: Gabrielle Cooke, UIC


Freshman of the Week: Kendra Braida, Sac State
Gymnast of the Week: Katie Won, San Jose State
Specialist of the Week: Ellie Pascoe-Long, San Jose State


Gymnast of the Week: Shani Remme, Boise State
Vault Specialist of the Week: Courtney McGregor, Boise State
Bars Specialist of the Week: Sandra Collantes, Boise State
Beam Specialist of the Week: Shani Remme, Boise State
Floor Specialist of the Week: Mackenzie Douglas, BYU


Gymnast of the Week: Stephanie Mager, Brockport and Emma Schulz, Cortland


Freshman of the Week: Cairo Leonard-Baker, Arizona State
Gymnast of the Week: 
Elizabeth Price, Stanford
Specialist of the Week: 
Grace Glenn, UCLA


Freshman of the Week: Sami Durante, LSU
Gymnast of the Week: 
Sarah Finnegan, LSU
Specialist of the Week: Sabrina Vega, Georgia


All Around Gymnast of the Week: Brooke Terry, UW- Stout
Specialist of the Week: Jessica Ahrens, UW- La Crosse

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