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The Team

Editor in Chief

Elizabeth Grimsley
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Elizabeth is a former gymnast turned gym nerd who lives in Texas but calls Georgia home. She is a lover of cats, Harry Potter and (well-performed) sheep jumps. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Journalism, an emphasis in magazines, a certificate in sports media and a minor in sociology. She is a Fink Scholar and earned the Cox Poynter Leadership certificate.

Managing Editor

Emily Minehart
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Emily is a former gymnast and J.O. judge turned runner and gym nerd living in Chicago. She’s a sucker for a good toe point, and in her non-gymnastics life, she has a B.A. in History from the University of Chicago, an M.S. in Library Science from the University of Illinois and is working as an archivist. Aside from managing editor, Emily is also in charge of the women’s Big Ten, MAC and MIC beats.

Senior Editors

Christina Marmet
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Christina is a gym nerd from France. She graduated from Boston University with a B.S in Marine Science and B.A in Journalism, as well as from the University of Miami with a M.S in Marine Affairs and Policy. Christina was a synchronized swimmer for 12 years. She loves to be in the water, travel, learn languages and attend adult gymnastics classes whenever possible. She is in charge of the Pac-12 beat.

Rebecca Scally
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Rebecca is a UK-born, Los Angeles-based gym fan. She’s a University of Washington alumna who has tried gymnastics both as a child and as an adult, only to lose enthusiasm as soon as she remembered that backward rolls are scary. (She had better luck with ballet, which she did for fourteen years.) In her real life, she’s a preschool teacher and loves cooking, reading, watching tennis and spending time with her pet rabbits. Rebecca is in charge of the women’s MPSF, DII, DIII, Recruiting and women’s Elite in the NCAA beats (and is also the queen of live blogs).


Brandis Heffner
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Brandis is a gym nerd and avid sports fan who has called Central Illinois home all his life. Despite a very short gymnastics career as a kid, he maintained his love for the sport. Brandis is a former diver, having dove for Iowa where he also earned degrees in Journalism and Sports Studies. When not watching gymnastics, he can be found watching literally any other sport he can find on TV or afford to go to in person. Brandis is in charge of the men’s conference and Elite in the NCAA beats.

Katherine Weaver
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Katherine became interested in gymnastics after the 2016 Olympics and has been hooked ever since. Though not a gymnast herself, she loves working out and running, and she’s also an avid reader and writer. Katherine is in charge of the SEC beat and assists with the EAGL and ECAC beats.

Kensley Behel
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Kensley is a Ph.D student studying musician injuries. After working as the floor manager for the Michigan men’s gymnastics team, she had an interest in applying sports medicine techniques to musicians. In addition to writing for College Gym News, you can find Kensley’s articles at The Gymternet and Gymcastic. Kensley has served as a journalist in Germany, Scotland, Canada and the U.S. Her main goal is to bring the U.S. men the rightful coverage they deserve. Kensley assists with the men’s conference beats and is the main men’s feature writer.

Mary Emma Burton
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Mary Emma first became interested in gymnastics after watching the 2004 Olympics, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she started following NCAA gymnastics and never looked back. She is a graduate student in the greater Pittsburgh area, studying to receive certification to teach high school chemistry. Mary Emma is in charge of the EAGL and ECAC beats and assists with the SEC beat.

Tara Graeve
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Tara is a former gymnast turned cheerleader and gym nerd hailing from Colorado. She loves all things gymnastics, and you can often find her handstanding and leaping around the house. She is a student at the University of Denver and also loves photography, reading and lettering. Tara is in charge of the Big 12 and MRGC beats and assists with the Pac-12 beat.

Associate Editors

Rachel Riesterer
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Rachel is a former UW-La Crosse gymnast and graduated with a degree in marketing. She currently lives in the Milwaukee area while going back to school for nursing. When Rachel’s not busy studying or coaching future Olympic champions, she enjoys reading thrillers, eating nachos and perusing Twitter and Instagram for the latest gym updates. In fact, it’s not a normal day if someone doesn’t say to her, “You’re watching gymnastics videos again?!” Rachel is in charge of the DIII beat.

Luci Lantos

Luci was not cut out to be a gymnast—she quit gymnastics in second grade when the coaches told her it was time to flip over the bar—but has channeled her love for the sport into gymnastics fandom. She is also a fan of traveling, being outside, a good book, dancing (badly) and her home state of Maine. Luci is in charge of the Recruiting beat.


Emily Howell-Forbes
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Emily is a gym nerd from Washington. She graduated from Central Washington University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Sociology, as well as from the University of Puget Sound with a M.S. in Occupational Therapy. She now works for a local school district as an occupational therapist. She was also a gymnast as a child. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, painting and spending time with her far too many dogs. She is the senior photographer for College Gym News and also assists with recruiting content.

John Strong
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John is a photographer from Maryland who fell in love with gymnastics one dark cold winter in 2006 when he was looking to break into sports photography. He attended a local college meet in January 2006, photographed it and the rest is history. When he’s not shooting gymnastics, John is an IT consultant for a large consulting company. He also enjoys studio and landscape photography. In his spare time during the warmer months when his camera gear is sitting idle, he enjoys gliding into the wind on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. John mainly covers Mid-Atlantic-area teams for College Gym News.