LIVE BLOG: Tuscaloosa Regional Round Two, Session Two

Well good grief this was supposed to be one of the least dramatic round two sessions, but Auburn pulling out means HIGH DRAMA.

Auburn’s absence interestingly makes this one juicier. Missouri is absolutely the favorite to advance to the final with Oklahoma, but Maryland has a chance with a big hit. The Terps won a nail-biter versus Eastern Michigan yesterday, closing it out with a very strong beam rotation.

Remember, this round is for all the marbles for individuals on teams that don’t ultimately go to nationals, so it’s go big or go home for standouts on any given event. Keep in mind that to qualify to nationals, an individual not on a nationals qualifying team must have the highest score on an event across both round two sessions. That means every individual here has to stack up against session one numbers from earlier today.

Individuals competing in this session: Victoria Henry (Ball St., VT w/ Missouri), Megan Teter (Ball St., UB w/ Missouri), Claudia Goyco (Ball St., FX w/ Missouri), Hayden Crossen (EMU, AA w/ Maryland), Cortney Bezold (EMU, UB), Jada Rondeau (EMU, UB, BB, FX w/ Maryland), Catlin Satler (EMU, BB w/ Maryland), Shannon Gregory (EMU, BB w/ Maryland)

Rotation 1: UMD VT, OU BB, Miz FX

McClure (UMD): FTY, hips and low chest.

Trautman (OU): bhs loso good. Little check on her leaps. Another on front toss. RO 3/2 stuck.

Schreiber (Miz): Combo pass ending with low front lay to start. Stronger second pass. Leaps were clean.

Gilbert (UMD): Yhalf, some soft knees, big step forward.

Davis (OU): Her mount sequence is so pretty. Check on full turn. Bhs loso clean. Cat to front ;aerial. Beat to ring, low front leg. Lean on dismount landing.

Marshall (Miz):Front through double pike, big lean back, OOB? Nice leaps, cleaner landing on second pass. Ends with double tuck, great landing.

Glauber (UMD): FTY, not great distance, pike down.

Burgess (UMD): FTY, pike down, big step forward.

Woodard (OU): Side aerial bhs, no problems there. Switch to split, good. Pretty scale. Stuck dismount, feet far apart.

Schaffer (Miz): Nice first pass into loso. Double tuck, low chest. Clean through leaps.


Barber (UMD): Y1.5!!! STUCK! That’s brand new. Wow!

Smith (OU): Bhs loso, medium check, bent at the hips. Check on aerial. Hopped straight up on her dismount landing.

Crossen (EMU): FTY, hop back.

Gottula (Miz): Double pike, slid back a big. Got off balance in her jumps. Clean combo pass. Double tuck, that’s her best landing.

Thomas (OU): Strong side somi. Bhs loso, good. No problems in her leaps. Stuck 1/1 dismount.

Sheremeta (Miz): FHS 2/1, excellent! Clean leaps. Good rudi loso second pass. 3/2 front layout stepout, love that, she walked right out. Great!

Webb (OU): Her intensity never fails to surprise me. Every time. Good bhs loso. Cat to front aerial, solid. Near fall on leaps, just saved it! Fairly large deduction there. Stuck dismount.

McCrary (Miz): Front lay rudi, little loose. Double pike excellent landing. Clean through leaps.

Goyco (Ball St.): Huge smile as she takes the floor, has the stage to herself! HIGH stuck cold double tuck. Daaaang. Switch side popa, clean rotation. RO 3/2 front lay, another strong landing, maybe a bit low in the lay. Double pike, landed short and lunged forward. Ah, it was stellar otherwise!

AFTER 1: OU 49.425, Miz 49.300, UMD 48.950

Ahh, Maryland got a little left in the dust on one of its better events. Missouri was clean for the most part on floor, and took advantage of what was a bit of a wobbly beam rotation from the Sooners. Thomas was absolutely the highlight, and her 9.975 was very real. The surprise Barber Y1.5 was fun, too.

Rotation 2: Miz VT, UMD UB, OU FX

Schaffer (Miz): FTY, piked throughout.

LeBlanc (UMD): Wow the UB angle is BAD. I can’t see anything. Pfft. Blind full to Geinger, good. Bail hand clean. Short handstand. Blind 1/1 leg sep, double tuck hop.

Draper (OU): Double pike, good. FHS front 1/1 front 1/1 was clean, little lacking amplitude. Knees on her leaps. Good last pass.

Patrick (Miz): FTY, hop back. Great distance.

Weir (UMD): Messy legs on Geinger. Great handstand. Blind 1/1 double tuck, step forward.

Schoepfer (OU): High double tuck, good lunge. RO 3/2 front lay, clean. Low leg on switch ring. I missed her last pass.

McCrary (Miz): FTY, little hop, some hip angle.

Glauber (UMD): In for Osterhout last minute. Good handstand. High Tkatchev. Bail hand clean. DLO step back.

LaPinta (OU): 3/1, short, but better than it can be. Some leg form in the air.  Little forward on double tuck landing.

Marshall (Miz): FTY, hips but good height.

Glauber (UMD): Blind to Jaeger, immediate bail, some form on the bail.

Johnson (OU): Front lay rudi, little loose in the rudi. Double tuck, good. Low front leg on her wolf 1/1.

Schreiber (Miz): Nice FTY, just a little hop back. Someone yelled “YEEE HOO!”

Barber (UMD):  Strong Hindorff. Clear hip hand to bail was clean. Stuck DLO. She’s on fire today.

Webb (OU): FHS 2/1 was good. Clean combo pass. Switch 1/2 split 1/1, nice. FHS rudi straight jump, clean. Well, that was vintage Webb.

Gottula (Miz): Step back on her FTY, another YEEE HOOO!

Henry (Ball St): HIGH Y1.5, some hip and knee form and a hop. Nice.

Rubio (UMD): Blind half to messy Geinger. Bail hand short. 1/1 to double tuck, step.

Trautman (OU): Her 2021 FX debut! Lou Ball is talking her through it. Here we go! DLO, great. Sky high leaps. Clean combo pass. You wouldn’t know she’s been out of floor, looks very comfortable. Great!

Crossen (EMU): Toe hand to bail hand, little shy but just barely. Great last handstand to Tkatchev, great height. DLO stuck. Dang! Her team in the stands is LOUD.

Bezold (EMU): Quite a wait here. UB judges continue to be the embarrassment of the NCAA in 2021! Blind full to Gienger immediate bail, great! FTDL, step. Two barely short handstands in there.

Rondeau (EMU): Blind to Jaeger immediate bail, very tidy. Good handstands. DLO small hop.

AFTER 2: OU 99.000, Miz 98.550, UMD 97.425

Maryland struggled a little there, but bars is the problem event. Missouri has some really dynamic vaults, so that was a fun rotation to watch. Oklahoma is just rolling, classic Sooner fashion. Scores are a little happy but I don’t feel mad about anything yet.

Rotation 3: OU VT, Miz UB, UMD BB

Davis (OU): FTY, stuck cold.

Christensen (Miz): Blind full to Tkatchev, little low. Good bail hand. Stuck double tuck.

Burgess (UMD): Front toss bhs, no problems. Arm swing on her side somi. Step back on her gainer front 1/1.

Stern (OU): Y1.5, knees, step forward.

Sheremeta (Miz): Hect mount. Blind to Jaeger, good. Clear hip hand to bail hand, leg sep. Blind to rudi, stuck.

LeBlanc (UMD): Bhs loso, tiny check. GAiner 1/1 piked down, stepped out to salute.

Webb (OU): Y1.5, hop forward and then kinda walked out of it to salute.

Patrick (Miz): Hect mount. Blind to Jaeger, good catch. Bail hand, little loose, stuck DLO.

Weir (UMD): BHs loso, good, soft knees. Nice leaps. Step into salute on her RO 3/2.

Schoepfer (OU): Y1.5 tucked hop forward.

Marshall (Miz): Blind to Jaeger, WOW flairs it. That’s great. Good handstands. FTDB, sloppy legs but great landing.

Rouse (UMD): She’s through the opening work cleanly. Bhs loso, can’t hold it on, falls. Nice splits on her leaps. RO 3/2, hop.

LeVasseur (OU): Y1.5, great block, step forward.

Schreiber (Miz): Maloney leg sep on back swing to bail hand little short. GREAT last handstand. DLO, deep knees and a hop back.

McClure (UMD): Front aerial bhs, good, that connection can get wonky but it was better tonight. Switch to straddle 1/4 was steady. Front toss, ahh off balance and she falls. Terps counting a fall now. Gainer rudi stuck.

Trautman (OU): Y1.5, maybe a stick? Moved her feet but to pull together, were they too far though? We’ll see what they do. OK, 9.9, they said 9.8 at first and I thought distance, but not sure if it was distance or landing adjustment.

Hufendiek (Miz): Hect mount. Arched handstand a bit. Blind to Jaeger. Over on a handstand, falls. Rough few routines across the board here! Bail hand, short. Blind 1/1 to double tuck, stuck.

Barber (UMD): Front aerial, walks right out of it. Bhs loso, steady. Front toss beat, no problems. She’s so calm. Switch to straddle, again, steady. Stuck 2/1.

Evans (Ball St): Hect mount. Blind to pike Jaeger, great. Held the bail hand. Blind 1/1 very good double tuck stuck. Oh wow that was really superior. Her handstands and finish on pirouettes are a treat.

Teter (Ball St.): Blind 1/1 to huge Tkathcev immediate bail. Step forward on double front.

Crossen (EMU): Bhs loso soft knees but very strong. Front toss to beat, good. Switch to sheep, messy and a check. Good landing on her gainer 1/1.

Satler (EMU): Bhs bhs loso, falls. Split to pike 1/1, legs a little low but I love a pike full. RO 2/1, stuck.

Rondeau (EMU): Bhs bhs loso, great. Chest a bit forward on her leaps. RO 3/2, short and a hop back.

Gregory (EMU): Loso, good. Beat to sheep, little messy on the sheep. Bhs loso, small check. Tick tock, gets her forward motion req on that I’d guess. Bhs 3/2, foot slide.

AFTER 3: OU 148.450, Miz 147.875, UMD 145.950

This meet is so. slow. It’s the one with only three teams yet is dragging like whoa. Oy ve. Anyway, Missouri is rolling. If Auburn were here things would be VERY interesting. Oklahoma is dominating, and Oklahoma-ing. Maryland used up its mega hit juice yesterday, just a bit sloppier today, but getting here was the win.

Rotation 4: OU UB, Miz BB, UMD FX

Aw, Brett Nelligan got the whole team and staff onto the floor for the pre-floor huddle. Probably the end of the road for them here, a little one event to go pep talk. Seemed nice.

Trautman (OU): Great handstand. Maloney to pak, caught closed shouldered. DLO hop.

Gottula (Miz): Bhs bhs loso, small check. Check on full turn. Clean jumps. Stuck dismount.

McClure (UMD): High double tuck, maybe slid her front foot a bit. Front lay rudi, good. Little off kilter on her leaps. Front lay front 1/1, good.

LeVasseur (OU): Maloney to bail hand, bit short. Stuck DLO.

Schaffer (Miz):  Clean triple series, through her leaps smoothly. RO 3/2 true stick.

Rubio (UMD): Great double pike. Little archy and low on her combo pass. Low landing on her double tuck, lunged fowrward.

Webb (OU): Pak, really high. Van Leeuwen, good. Toe half to double front 1/2 out, nailed it this time. That’s a 10. Truly one of her better bar sets this year that I’ve seen.

McCrary (Miz): Beat front toss, good. Check on her bhs loso. Straddle to beat to double stag, good, maybe a little low on the stag. Gainer pike, hop.

Rouse (UMD): Double pike, good lunge. 3/2 front lay, little low on the lay but good landing. Clean rotation on leaps. Double tuck landed well.

Smith (OU): Great handstand. Ray, good. Clear hip hand to pak. DLO, I’d say a hop.

Marshall (Miz): Check on front toss. Clean triple series. Split to straddle 1/4, good. RO 3/2, knees and a step.

Burgess (UMD): 3/1, excellent landing. Front lay to front 1/1, clean.

Thomas (OU): Hect mount. Toe half, great to Jaeger. So clean. Arched handstand a bit. Hop on dismount.

Sheremeta (Miz): Tiny check on bhs loso. Clean front aerial. Nailed her front toss. Gainer pike stuck. Excellent!

Barber (UMD): Stuck cold full in. Good combo pass. Switch to Popa Popa, good. Moved her front foot a touch in the double tuck.

Davis (OU): Blind to pike Jaeger amazing as always. Pak, good. Lto double front, step.

Schreiber (Miz): Her mount sequence is so fun. Clean triple series. Switch half and a check. Beat to split 3/4. Beat to gainer 1/1 stuck.

LeBlanc (UMD): Three steps and OOB on her double pike. Messy leaps, wonky wolf 3/2. FHS front full front lay, knees in the full.

Crossen (EMU): Double pike, knees a little buckly on the landing but lunges out fine. Front lay front 1/1, clean. Switch side popa, high but cheated the rotation quite a bit. Deep landing on double tuck, lunged way forward.

Rondeau (EMU): Huge double tuck, good landing. 3/2 front lay, little low on the lay. Clean through her leaps. FHS rudi huge straddle. Great routine to close this one out!

FINAL: OU 198.000, Miz 197.325, UMD 195.075

We’ll see Oklahoma and Missouri again tomorrow night! Welcome to the sweet 16, Sooners and Tigers.

Wondering how individuals make nationals? Read up on the complicated process here.

Live blog by Emily Minehart

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