Tracking COVID Years

Late last year, the NCAA announced all winter sport athletes would be granted an extra year of eligibility no matter how much of their 2021 season they are able to complete. Now that the season is coming to a close and gymnasts are announcing their intention to return or retire, we decided to put the announcements all in one place.

The following information has been curated from gymnasts, teams and other journalists and will continue to be updated as more announcements are made.

For more information about the extra year of eligibility, stay tuned for the next Compliance Column where Noel Couch answers every question you can think of and more.


  • Drew Watson: definitely, per SECN+ broadcast

Boise State


  • Rose Domonoske: definitely not
  • Alyssa Gardner: definitely (took gap year in 2021)

Eastern Michigan

  • Cali Harden: likely yes
  • Bri Price: definitely not
  • Jada Rondeau: definitely not


  • Megan Skaggs: Probably not

George Washington

  • Anna Warhol: definitely not
  • Rachel Kaplan: definitely not
  • Olivia Norman: definitely not
  • Chloe Vitoff: definitely not
  • Hannah Cohen: definitely not
  • Cydney Crasa: definitely not



Illinois State


  • Erin Castle: definitely not (graduate school)

Iowa State

  • Ariana Orrego: definitely
  • Sophia Steinmeyer: definitely
  • Andrea Maldonado: definitely

Kent State 



  • Kyndall Baze: definitely not
  • Claire Bonacorsi: definitely not
  • Jordan Boogerd: definitely not
  • Aleah Leman: definitely not
  • Courtney Mitchell: definitely not
  • Aleah Turon: definitely not


  • Reagan Campbell: considering
  • Bridget Dean: considering
  • Christina Desiderio: considering
  • Sami Durante: considering
  • Sarah Edwards: considering
  • Olivia Gunter: definitely not


  • Collea Burgess: definitely not
  • Randi Morris: definitely not


  • Annie Maxim: definitely not, going to grad school
  • Lauren Farley: probably not, getting married in May
  • Anna Dayton: definitely not

Michigan State

  • Tristan Brown: definitely not
  • Lea Mitchell: definitely

NC State

  • Lauren Kent: definitely not
  • Kasey Nelson: definitely not
  • Tori Prati: definitely not


  • Makayla Curtis: definitely
  • Anika Dujakovich: probably not

New Hampshire

  • Kylie Kratchwell: definitely
  • Hannah Roderick: definitely not

North Carolina

  • Lily Dean: definitely not

Northern Illinois

Ohio State


  • Karrie Thomas: definitely
  • Carly Woodard: definitely
  • Anastasia Webb: considering
  • Jordan Draper: no, moving on to grad school
  • Evy Schoepfer: no, moving on to grad school

Oregon State

  • Lacy Dagen: definitely not
  • Kaitlyn Yanish: definitely
  • Colette Yamaoka: definitely


Penn State

  • Erynne Allen: definitely not
  • Alissa Bonsall: definitely
  • Lauren Bridgens: definitely
  • Kourtney Chinnery: definitely
  • Ava Verdeflor: definitely not


  • Jordan Ceccinari: definitely not
  • Katrina Coca: definitely not
  • Kailey Gillings: definitely


  • Kyla Bryant: considering
  • Rachael Flam: no, moving on to grad school
  • Grace Garcia: definitely not

Southern Utah 


  • Delaney Garin: no, going to PT school
  • Jordyn Oster: probably not
  • Tori Edwards: definitely
  • Faith Leary: definitely


  • Tess Zientek: definitely not


  • Nia Dennis: definitely not
  • Kendal Poston: considering
  • Pauline Tratz: considering
  • Savannah Kooyman: probably not


  • Sydney Soloski: definitely
  • Alexia Burch: definitely
  • Emilie Leblanc: probably not


  • Mikala Bugge: definitely


  • Geneva Thompson: considering
  • Allie Smith: definitely not (no 6th year)

Western Michigan

West Virginia


Updated April 3, 2021


  1. There was an article somewhere on Twitter about LSU’s seniors. Olivia Gunter is confirmed NOT to be taking the extra year in that article, but the rest were undecided at that time.

  2. It looks like Megan Skaggs, Pauline Tratz and Savannah Kooyman are not coming back, they all posted “last practice before retirement (just going fun and difficult skills)” or “last vault in the O’Dome ever”

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