Nastia Liukin Cup Series: Week 1

This year’s Nastia Liukin Cup Series will be comprised of 12 meets, each of which will qualify one or two senior gymnasts (aged 16 or older) and one or two juniors (15 or younger) to the 12th Nastia Liukin Cup in Indianapolis on Feb. 26.

This year’s qualification series began last weekend at the Atlanta Crown Invitational.

Atlanta Crown Invitational

Qualifiers (senior division): Bryce Wilson (38.750) and Gabrielle Gladieux (38.450)

Qualifiers (junior division): Madelyn Dorbin (38.300) and Abby Bednar (37.525)

This year’s Atlanta Crown Invitational qualified two seniors and two juniors to the Nastia Liukin Cup. Bryce Wilson delivered an impressive performance to win the senior competition, scoring a huge 9.925 on vault. 2019 NLC junior champion Gabby Gladieux, a 4-star recruit, finished second, notching her third NLC appearance. Among the juniors, Madelyn Dorbin impressed with an all around score over 38 points and a big 9.725 on floor. Abby Bednar was the second junior qualifier and produced a solid performance all around.

Bryce Wilson

Scores: VT: 9.925 | UB: 9.625 | BB: 9.500 | FX: 9.700 | AA: 38.750

  • Club: Pearland Elite
  • College: Uncommitted
  • High School Graduation Year: 2022
  • CGN Rating: Not rated
  • Notable Results: 2019 Texas state all around champion and 2018 L10 national bronze medalist on vault (junior B)
  • Previous NLC Appearances: N/A

Gabby Gladieux

Scores: VT: 9.850 | UB: 9.325 | BB: 9.575 | FX: 9.700 | AA: 38.450

  • Club: High Point
  • College: Alabama
  • High School Graduation Year: 2022
  • CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Notable Results: 2019 NLC winner (junior) and 2019 L10 vault national champion (junior C)
  • Previous NLC Appearances: 2018 (junior, sixth place); 2019 (junior, first place)

Madelyn Dorbin

Scores: VT: 9.525 | UB: 9.500 | BB: 9.550 | FX: 9.725 | AA: 38.300

  • Club: Georgia Elite
  • High School Graduation Year: 2025
  • Notable Results: 2019 L9 Georgia state champion on bars and all around silver medalist
  • Previous NLC Appearances: N/A

Abby Bednar

VT: 9.350 | UB: 9.300 | BB: 9.500 | FX: 9.375 | AA: 37.525

  • Club: Southeastern
  • High School Graduation Year: 2024
  • Notable Results: 2019 region 8 champion on floor and L10 national qualifier
  • Previous NLC Appearances: N/A

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua

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