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Last Week in College Gym: November 23

There’s a lot that happens on the gymternet each week. So much so that it can be hard to keep track of it all. From training updates and COVID news to recruiting rumors and coaching announcements, we don’t blame you for missing some important points here and there.

But that’s where we come in. Last Week in College Gym is your one-stop shop for all the important headlines from the previous week in college gymnastics. No matter if you’re taking a social media break, went on vacation or just don’t have the capacity to follow every single gymnast, team and fan, we have you covered.

Top Storylines

Ithaca Cancels their season

Ithaca College announced their cancellation of their winter athletic season, including the gymnastics season, due to COVID-19. 

Other Newsworthy Items

  • In a TikTok, Alexis Vasquez, a junior on Denver’s gymnastics team, revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Training Updates

  • Grace Evans, a Ball State sophomore, added some delightfully familiar choreography to her floor routine. Who else is getting level four flashbacks? 
  • Illinois State freshman J’Chelle Heard is training a double layout dismount on bars.
  • Michigan’s Abby Brenner has an upgraded bar dismount. The junior posted a full-twisting double layout to her Instagram story.
  • Pittsburgh’s Katrina Coca is training a triple series on beam. The sixth year has never competed beam in college, but she could become yet another gymnast who finally makes the beam lineup in her final year of competition.
  • Pittsburgh junior Katie Chamberlain, who is coming back from a torn ACL, is landing dismounts on beam on a competition surface.
  • Kentucky sophomore Kaitlin DeGuzman showed a double layout dismount on bars. DeGuzman competed just once on floor in her freshman campaign. 
  • We got a sneak peak at Michigan’s choreography for 2021.
  • Ball State’s Victoria Henry threw an Amanar into the pit. Just for fun.
  • Arizona sophomore Malia Hargrove is training a Yurchenko one and a half. Hargrove competed the vault as a Level 10, but competed only a full her freshman year.

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