Underrated Recruits in the Class of 2022 That Excel on Bars

Because our rating system was based on scores and video review for all four events, gymnasts with one standout event were often rated lower overall. Of course, teams that are weaker on one event, or are looking to fill a hole, will look to event specialists to solidify those lineups. Recruits who excel on a single event may not have ratings that reflect how valuable they can be to their teams, so we wanted to highlight some standouts.

Kiley Rorich

College: Denver
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.775 (2020); 9.875 (2019)

The 2020 Nastia Liukin Cup champion has strong lines and extension. Rorich brings a Jaeger and double layout dismount to boot. All the pieces of a standout college routine are there, and she still has two years of level 10 to continue perfecting this set.

Ashley Cowan

College: Missouri
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.850 (2020); 9.825 (2019)

You don’t see a ton of Rays in level 10—not to mention giants that have that excellent extension at the top of the bar. Cowan is already poised to be a bars standout for the Tigers.

Hailey Clark

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.525 (2020); 9.800 (2019, L9)

Clark was only a first year level 10 in 2020, already putting up a 9.500-plus number. Look at that floaty Pak she was doing as a level 9! The stellar handstand out of the clear hip! The sheer power of her bar work! We can’t wait to see what Clark does in her second season at level 10.

Reese Drotar

College: California
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.800 (2020); DNC in 2019

Drotar has all the pieces of a stellar bar set: smooth swing, strong handstands and that X-factor that elevates a good routine to a great one. Her lines and shoulder extension will translate to strong scores that Cal will be happy to have.

Paige Thaxton

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: DNC in 2020; 9.800 (2019)

This routine is packed! A Gienger, a layout toe shoot, a double layout and a lot of pirouetting and circle work?! Thaxton will have a variety of unique skills to play with in a college set, and she executes beautifully. She could anchor some college lineups today.

Isabella Minervini

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.650 (2020); 9.775 (2019)

Minervini is a powerful gymnast and her bars reveal such quality. She performs a strong Tkatchev to Pak salto and a GORGEOUS double layout dismount. She could still clean up her form a bit but has plenty of time to do so.

Amy Wozniak

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.750 (2020); 9.550 (2019)

Amplitude and shoulder flexibility are the first two words that come to mind when watching Wozniak’s bar work. Her lines are also good, and her handstands are well executed. Her routine will score well in college.

Jayda Lealaogata

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.600 (2020); 9.600 (2019)

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Lealaogata has all the qualities of a great bar worker: She can hold her handstands, has beautiful lines and pointed toes and takes her time when performing each skill. Everything feels very fluid and nothing is rushed. She is also training a Van Leuween. Impressive!

Ariel Watson

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 6.550 (2020); 9.600 (2019)

Shoulder flexibility is the key word here! Watson performs beautiful straddle skills, as well as a clean bail to handstand and a blind full to double tuck dismount. Her form is very clean and her handstands are strong—this is the type of routine that will score high in the NCAA.

Morgan Trevor

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.450 (2020); DNC in 2019

Trevor can rely on some solid skills she competed in her elite routine in 2019, such as a Tkatchev, a full pirouette, a Pak salto and a double layout dismount. They all feel a bit like work in progress still, but Trevor has two more years of club gymnastics to perfect them.

Article by Emily Minehart and Talitha Ilacqua

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