Underrated Recruits in the Class of 2021 That Excel on Bars

Because our rating system was based on scores and video review for all four events, gymnasts with one standout event were often rated lower overall. Of course, teams that are weaker on one event, or are looking to fill a hole, will look to event specialists to solidify those lineups. Recruits who excel on a single event may not have ratings that reflect how valuable they can be to their teams, so we wanted to highlight some standouts.

Sarah Stallings

College: Temple
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.725 (2020); 9.850 (2019)

Stallings has elegant lines on bars and beautiful pointed toes. Her piked Jaeger is simply perfect. She will be an incredible addition to Temple’s lineup.

Hailey Merchant

College: N.C. State
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.825 (2020); 9.800 (2019)

Merchant performs a bold routine, which includes a Van Leuween and a difficult full-twisting double layout dismount. Her form is not the cleanest, but she has potential to score high.

Isabelle Schaefer

College: North Carolina
CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bars high scores: 9.825 (2020); 9.775 (2019)

Schaefer has beautiful form on all her elements and keeps a straight body line throughout her routine. She could just improve her handstands a tad. She is going to be an exciting addition to what was UNC’s weakest apparatus in 2020.

Tasha Brozowski

College: Maryland
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.650 (2020); 9.825 (2019)

Brozowski’s routine (Jaeger, bail to handstand, double layout dismount) is ready for college. Her form is pretty good, though she could improve it some on her bail and her handstands.

Brooke Wilson

College: Utah State
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.750 (2020); 9.775 (2019)

Wilson has minor leg separations on her Maloney and her double layout dismount, but her routine is solid and will score well in college.

Jazlyn Wood

College: BYU
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.750 (2020); DNC in 2019

The only available video of Wood’s bar work is a level 9 routine from 2018. It is old but is already revealing of her potential on this apparatus. Her form is tight, her lines are elegant and her handstands are stunning. Wood didn’t compete bars in 2019, her first year as a level 10, yet in 2020 she impressed with high scores.

Deiah Moody

College: Michigan
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.650 (2020); DNC in 2019

The most recent of Moody’s bar videos is from her elite days in 2018. Back then, she was showing great potential, performing such difficult elements as a Van Leuween and a full-in dismount. She had small execution issues on some skills, but her 2020 scores continue to prove her qualities on this apparatus.

Riley Milbrandt

College: Georgia
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: 9.250 (2020); 9.600 (2019)

Milbrandt can execute impressive handstands, which are so important in collegiate routines. She separates her feet a touch on some of her elements, but her set should score well in college.

Tori Ferguson

College: Uncommitted
CGN Rating: NR
Bars high scores: DNC in 2020; 9.450 (2019)

Ferguson has good amplitude on her piked Jaeger and is precise on all her moves. She could just work on her handstands a bit more.

Article by Emily Minehart and Talitha Ilacqua

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