LIVE BLOG: No. 32 Ohio State, No. 51 Bridgeport at No. 24 Arizona

I love wacko multi-conference meets! I don’t know if anyone else does, but I do.

This is Arizona’s second home meet of the weekend. Luckily, the Wildcats aren’t desperately short of good road scores. On Friday night, they disappointingly fell just short of Arizona State

Bridgeport and Ohio State run in different circles, to put it lightly, but they’ve had similar season trajectories. Due to a combination of factors, like injuries, underclassmen being put into pressure situations with some growing pains and overall not-quite-finding-the-zone, these two teams have had fine seasons but have overall fallen short of what they’re capable of accomplishing. That doesn’t mean the season is over for these teams, though, and if they catch fire tonight even for a rotation or two, expect great things.

Rotation 1: Arizona vault, Ohio State bars, Bridgeport floor

Nosek (UA): Yurchenko full, they inexplicably showed a graphic of her instead of the vault. 9.75

Hinterberger (OSU): Blind to Jaeger, bit of feet, bail. BLind full double back 9.8

Bangart (UB): Front full front lay, great landing, round off LOSO for requirements. Difficult leap series, Rudi with her chest down just a touch. GREAT start for the Purple Knights. 9.475

Swanson (UA): FTY, piked down and an ankle crunch but holds on with a step forward and to the side. 9.575

Schweitzer (OSU): Maloney to bail, a bit soft on top of the bar there, toe full double back a little deep with a step back. 9.725

Grau (UB): Rudi overrotated, scoot back, tour jete half wolf full pretty good. Whip half front full, step out. Front full front tuck. 9.4

Hargrove (UA): FTY, pretty but overpowered a little, big hop back. 9.75

Adamski (OSU): Missed the first handstand, Tkachev with foot form, clear hip to bail. Double layout with leg separation but stuck. 9.825

Loo (UB): Front through double back, close to the line but probably in. Double pike with slightly soft knees but very good landing, she’s so powerful. Switch switch side wolf full, switch side Popa. 9.75!

Leung (UA): FTY, hop and a step back. On top of the landing and just forgets to keep her feet in place. 9.825

Aepli (OSU): Maloney, peels and does a front tuck save, lands on her back. Toe to Maloney to bail, got it this time. FTDB with two little steps back. 9.275

Kistner (UB): FHS Rudi to straddle, very good, tuck jump 2/1. Tour jete half to something, front full front pike. Great landings, Bridgeport very clean today. 9.625 is too low on that one.

Bellows (UA): Yurchenko one and a half, a bit short of distance with a hop forward. 9.8

Miller (OSU): Toe to Maloney to bail, very clean, no leg separations. Shy on a HB handstand, double layout stuck. Nailed it.

Roland (UB): Double pike, fantastic. Tour jete half Popa, very clean landing. Front lay front lay…. weird, sat that, missed the punch and was never in a good place. Double back underrotated with a step forward. 8.65

Leydin (UA): Stuck her Yurchenko one and a half. MIGHT have been a tiny foot shift but the Wildcats really want a 10. 9.925

Schwartzentruber (OSU): Maloney to Pak, lovely, swings out very cleanly. van Leeuwen, release timing not quite right on her double lay and has to yank it around but landed well, just a little hop. 9.9

Reimers (UB): Nailed the double layout, switch tour jete half. One and a half front pike, a little bouncy, double pike pretty good. 9.825

After 1: Ohio State 49.100, Arizona 49.050, Bridgeport 48.075

Not a sparkling start from anybody, but fine with a few individual highlights. Leydin learning to regularly stick her 1.5 is wonderful. I also loved Zaza Brovedani’s stuck-ish FTY in the exhibition.

Rotation 2: Bridgeport vault, Arizona bars, Ohio State beam

Proulx (UB): FTY, a bit pikey throughout with a cross step back. 9.65

Kane (UA): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, bent elbows and foot form, blind to double front with a hop in place. 9.85

Schweitzer (OSU): Switch split, a little tentative, full turn, side aerial back full stuck. 9.775

Streete (UB): FTY piked down a touch but pretty and stuck. 9.85!

Linton (UA): Tkachev, toe on to bail, great job. Blind full double back stuck. 9.85

Swartzentruber (OSU): BHS LOSO, hangs on for a second to see if she’s got it and she does, hitch kick kickover front to split with maybe a slight split issue. Switch split tentative again. Gainer full stuck. 9.825

Gray (UB): The USU transfer back in the Southwest. Some form on her FTY, big hop back.

Swanson (UA): Blind full to Tkachev, Pak is good. Double layout whippy with leg separation and a hop. 9.825

Lowe (OSU): Swapped in for Abanto. BHS LOSO, lean but gets it back. Switch switch side, weight is too far back and falls. Cat leap side aerial, full turn, one and a half stuck.

Reimers (UB): FTY, lands with her feet crossed and has to do some awkward scooting to the side. 9.625

Hendrickson (UA): Blind to Jaeger, doesn’t get her dowels over the bar and falls. Bail, double layout with a step back. 8.8

Abanto (OSU): Okay there’s a whole order change situation here. BHS LOSO with a bit of knees, switch straddle quarter, front aerial to beat very tentative, weight is off the beam but got through. Split straddle quarter, gainer pike with a hop. 9.75

Kistner (UB): Yurchenko half pretty with a big hop forward. 9.75

Leydin (UA): Pak with leg separation like usual, blind to Markelov. Blind full double back with a little step back. 9.85

Hankins (OSU): Wolf turn, loses her balance and leans forward, may have grabbed the beam. BHS LOSO with a step and falls. Switch split 1/4, kickover front with a hop, double twist with a hop. 8.9

Roland (UB): FTY, huge and pretty, hop back.

Berg (UA): Blind to pike Jaeger to overshoot, arch on a handstand and holds on, FTDB stuck.

Hodges (OSU): Split straddle 3/4, BHS LOSO very good. Full turn, gainer LOSO, one and a half twist with a step back.

After 2: Arizona 98.275, Ohio State 97.400, Bridgeport 96.850

Disappointing rotation for Ohio State on beam, which keeps happening this year, but great rotation from the other two.

Rotation 3: Bridgeport bars, Arizona beam, Ohio State floor

Hendrickson (UA): Good leaps, BHS LOSO with messy form. Cat leap side aerial, split leap to Korbut.  Gainer full stuck. 9.85

Abanto (OSU): Double pike good. One and a half front lay, switch ring tour jete full. 9.825

Bangart (UB): Ray, not a ton of amplitude, toe on to bail. Blind full double back stuck. Little bits of form but still good routine. 9.725

Cowles (UA): Cat leap front aerial split, big check on her acro series, aerial walkover 1/1 dismount with a hop back. 9.725

Hodges (OSU): Rudi LOSO great, clean straddle leaps. Had a stream issue, missed the rest. 9.875

Gray (UB): Gienger SO close, missed the bail because her momentum was off, hit her feet. Blind full double back with a few steps back. 9.3

Brovedani (UA): Beat to sissone, front aerial back tuck. Full turn, switch half to split. One and a half twist stuck. Great. 9.9!!

Adamski (OSU): Double pike, close to the line but commentator thinks it was in. Switch side Popa. One and a half front lay, bigger step. 9.625

Roland (UB): Gienger way too close with major leg split, toe on to bail, major break on the low bar. Went over on a handstand and managed to avoid falling.

Linton (UA): Double wolf turn, grabs the beam and falls. BHS BHS LOSO with an extra step. 8.75

Hankins (OSU): Full in underrotated with a step forward, front lay front 1/2 to split. Good leaps. Double back, underrotated again.

Doran (UB): Blind to Jaeger, lovely, having to fight for the last few degrees on her handstands, Great bail, blind full double back huge with a hop back. One of the best bar routines of the day.

Leung (UA): BHS LOSO good, switch switch with great positions, full turn. Switch half with a small check, good dismount,

Aepli (OSU): Front lay front full, we keep getting close camera shots where you can’t actually tell what the skills are, double pike.

Kistner (UB): Huge Tkachev, iffy handstands, ok bail, double lay with a straight body position and a step. 9.6

Davis (UA): BHS BHS LOSO, straddle 3/4 with a check, kickover front. Full turn, one and a half twist with two steps back.

Gagliardi (OSU): Double pike, little scoot back, front lay to Rudi a little low. Switch side Popa. Double back good.

Dillon (UB): True shap to bail, slightly bent elbows, FTDB with a little step.

After 3: Arizona 147.450, Ohio State 146.525, Bridgeport 145.150

Great beam rotation for the Wildcats despite the fall from Linton, and the Buckeyes bounced back on floor. Some problems for Bridgeport on bars, which probably means that beam will be perfect.

Rotation 4: Ohio State vault, Bridgeport beam, Arizona floor

Orman (UA): Front lay to Rudi, very good. Double pike with soft knees, switch side Popa. Great start.

Swartzentruber (OSU): FTY with a hop back.

Javinett (UB): BHS LOSO, switch split back tuck. Great positions, great form. Beat split full, a bit short of split, one and a half stuck-ish. Amazing way to start the rotation. 9.825

Cowles (UA): Double tuck, maybe a little overrotated, her feet weren’t really in frame. Front lay front full with a little bounce forward, switch tour jete full. Rudi very good. 9.65

Barry (UB): BHS LOSO, aerial to beat jump. Front aerial front full off the end, a little hinky with a cross step back. 9.55

Horton (UA): Front lay front full good, steady leaps. Rudi with a little scoot back.

Malas (OSU): Amazing FTY, so pretty with a tiny bounce in place. 9.9

Doran (UB): Wolf turn, front aerial BHS BHS, leans and falls. Switch half, switch split beat, side aerial back full with a hop back. 9.0

Swanson (UA): Triple twist, double full punch front. Switch half Popa, double back with a step forward.

Aepli (OSU): FTY, always so pretty with a big hop back.

Loo (UB): BHS LOSO with soft knees but stead. Switch side straddle, full turn, switch 1.2 sissone, side aerial back full and lands with her chest down but gets it. 9.25

Hargrove (UA): Double pike, very good. Whip half front full a little low. Switch ring tour jete half, double back overrotated and borderline OOB.

Jennings (OSU): FTY with a little hop back.

Roland (UB): BHS LOSO very good. Cat leap side somi, little foot shift. Switch split LOSO, little adjustment, one and a half twist with a little hop.

Berg (UA): Front double full, very good. Good combo pass, Rudi to split great.

Edwards (OSU): Pretty FTY, little hop in place. Great that she’s the anchor already.

Reimers (UB): Full turn, BHS LOSO, cat leap side aerial, good leaps. Split back tuck, double full dismount with a hop. 9.875

Final: Arizona 196.350, Ohio State 195.700, Bridgeport 193.225

Season high for Arizona on senior night despite a fairly lukewarm floor rotation. Bridgeport will be a little bummed about the number of counted mistakes in this one, but can redeem themselves with a good performance at UCLA next weekend. For Ohio State… well, there have been plenty of missed opportunities already this season.

VT – Maddi Leydin (Arizona) 9.925
UB – Jenna Swartzentruber (OSU) 9.900
BB – Zaza Brovedani (Arizona) 9.900
FX – Ella Hodges (OSU) 9.875
AA – Julianna Roland (UB) 39.275

Live blog by Rebecca Scally.

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