LIVE BLOG: No. 11 Minnesota, No. 30 Ohio State, No. 48 Lindenwood at No. 20 Missouri

None of these teams are ranked particularly close together, so any out-of-order finish would be interesting. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though: A great day for Missouri is better than an average Minnesota meet, while Ohio State’s rocking Big Fives result from last week would beat a flagging Missouri. It’s hard to know in advance what exactly will happen.

On the NQS front, the new rankings hit Minnesota hard, but with a great day the Gophers can rise back as high as No. 8. Ohio State could make a major leap with a repeat of last week’s season high, which was over half a point higher than its previous best, but that’s asking a lot.

For Lindenwood, this meet is critically important. The Lions started the season slow and now only have two more chances to score over 194.000 on the road for the first time all season. That’s bad news and there’s no way to fix the fact of counting one 193 for NQS, but a great road score today would reduce the sting. Last week’s season high proved that the Lions can be great. Now they have to show that it wasn’t a fluke.

Rotation 1: Missouri vault, Minnesota bars, Ohio State beam, Lindenwood floor

Schreiber (Miz): FTY, stuck with a little ankle buckle. 9.875

Gottula (Miz): Great stick on her FTY. The Missouri feed is TINY so I’m a little on the struggle bus. 9.9

Hu (Miz): Pretty FTY with a step back. 9.8

Brandt (Miz): Front pike 1/2, shuffle steps backwards. 9.775

Porter (Miz): Bends her knees down on her 1.5 but gets it. 9.85

McCrary (Miz):One and a half, knees swivel as she lands with a step forward. 9.775

Quaglia (Minn): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, not much oomph but got it. Blind full double back with a hop forward. 9.75

Willmarth (Minn): Great turnover on her Ray, solid bail. Blind full double back DEEP with a sort of squat forward. 9.675

Loper (Minn): Maloney to Pak, blind full double back high with a hop forward. 9.75

Sales (Minn):Good bail, blind to Markelov. Double lay looks stuck. GREAT. 9.825 ??

Ramler (Minn): Maloney to Pak, slightly weird legs under the bar, van Leeuwen gone. Opens late on her toe on to FTDB with a hop. 9.875

Lu (Minn): Maloney to Pak a TOUCH low if we’re being picky, switch kip but she’s been working her van Leeuwen again recently. Double lay and very surprised by the landing, two steps back. 9.725

Schwartzentruber?? (OSU): Cat leap kickover front. Switch split half, fall. Counting a fall already. Gainer full with a hop back.

Sorry, I had a really hard time with the Buckeyes with limited visibility on beam and no lineups tweeted. I deleted some attempts that just don’t give you any information.Three falls in this lineup from Schweitzer, Swartzentruber and Lowe.

Roberts (LU): Great leaps, fully rotated, double pike-ish rebounding back, don’t know if it was in bounds.  Missed the second pass, front full front lay I think well done. 9.75

Griswold (LU): Full in a touch overrotated. Rebounded back out of her double back. 9.65

Baze (LU): Double pike good, double tuck very solid. Much sharper landings than most of the Gophers so far. One and a half front lay is great! 9.8

Henry (LU): Double pike, great, little hop to lunge. Double back is lovely. Really good leaps, great landing control. One a half front lay. 9.9

Chavez (LU): Double pike first pass, iffy leaps. One and a half front lay STUCK. Two and a half a little underrotated but a step back gets the job done. 9.625

After 1: Missouri 49.200, Minnesota 48.925, Lindenwood 48.625, Ohio State 46.975

The Big Ten are the losers here. Minnesota did not do anything like what it’s capable of on bars, though not counting a fall is something. Meanwhile, Ohio State wiped out completely on the beam with those three falls. Lindenwood wasn’t quite sparkling on floor but did what it needed to, while Missouri was also fine on vault.

Rotation 2: Lindenwood vault, Missouri bars, Minnesota beam, Ohio State floor

Baze (LU): FTY, little bounce in place but basically stuck! 9.8

Henry (LU): Yurchenko arabian, pretty, hop forward. 9.8

Griswold (LU): Lovely FTY with late turn and a little step back. 9.75

Mitchell (LU): Big step forward on her Yurchenko arabian but it’s great. 9.725

Schreiber (Miz): Maloney I assume to bail, double lay over arched with a hop.

Sheremeta (Miz): Good release, CH to bail, Rudi dismount with a hop.  9.8

Patrick (Miz): Blind to Jaeger, narrow straddle, double lay with a late release and a hop.

Porter (Miz): Blind to Jaeger, toe on to a bail with a bit of a buckle. Blind to double front with a hop forward.

Hu (Miz): Curch to Pak, little leg sep, van Leeuwen. Got the dismount. Honestly the Missouri feed is TINY and I can’t see how good it was.

Sonier (Minn): Missed the first skill, full turn, beat to split 3/4. Beat LOSO. BHS LOSO one and a half twist with a step forward.

Lu (Minn): Fell I’m so sad.

Loper (Minn): Switch straddle quarter, good acro, one and a half twist stuck.

Sales (Minn): Switch switch side. Full turn. Stuck gainer pike.

Ramler (Minn): Full turn, BHS LOSO with a check. Commentators are shocked. Front aerial wolf jump, lovely, beat jump to ring. Side aerial back full stuck.

Abanto (OSU): Great double pike, nailed the second pass. Switch ring tour jete half short of splits. Little staggery on her double back.

Hodges (OSU): The most beautiful lunge on her Rudi. Tour jete half Popa. One and a half front lay stuckish. Great, quietly emphatic tumbling technique. She reminds me of Sierra Hassel at Nebraska in that way.

Gagliardi (OSU): Overrotated her double pike a little, front lay to Rudi and moves her front foot literally by saluting too hard. Switch side Popa, gets a meaningful career from the incredibly dead crowd in Columbia, double back lovely. My fave.

After 3: Missouri 98.300, Minnesota 98.125, Lindenwood 97.525, Oio State 96.125

Both mini-upsets that I thought were possible but pretty unlikely are happening so far. Minnesota really wasted its good events here and now is depending on a bad Minnesota beam rotation. Lindenwood is quietly cruising, with sometimes-troublesome bars to go.

Rotation 3: Ohio State vault, Lindenwood bars, Missouri beam, Minnesota floor

Miller (OSU): Runs back out of her FTY and falls. Yikes day for Ohio State. 9.2

Malas (OSU): Nice FTY, a little pikey throughout and hops to the side. 9.875

Aepli (OSU): Pretty FTY, hop back. 9.85

Jennings (OSU): Wow, slow twist off the table on her FTY makes it look so professional. Little hop again. 9.875

Edwards (OSU): WOW this is her college debut  but this one is huge and beautiful, just a little step. 9.925!! That step didn’t happen shut up.

Porter (Miz): Press handstand mount, switch to split. Full turn with a hip pop check. Front aerial back tuck wobbly. Hop on her dismount. 9.825

Sheremeta (Miz): BHS LOSO, great start. Front aerial to split is slow. Full turn, gainer pike with a bounce. 9.8

Hu (Miz): The mount is the usual magic, BHS LOSO, switch split. Y turn, front aerial to split, Valdez 1/1 to gainer full. 9.975

Sonier (Minn): Double pike, great, good leap series. got her second pass. One and a half front lay lovely. 9.825

Sales (Minn): Great double pike, this is a k-pop routine though we can’t really hear the music.

Ramler (Minn): Got the ring full, solid first pass. Scoot back out of her Rudi. That one’s been getting her this year. One and a half to back double full usual odd dynamics but clean. 9.85

Loper (Minn): Front lay to Rudi, little scoot, two and a half twist is a beauty.

Williams (Minn): Doing floor through Helen Hu beam madness, front double full great. Switch side Popa underrotated. One and a half front lay with a little scurry forwards. Rudi really nice. 9.8

After 3: Minnesota 147.400, Missouri 147.375, Lindenwood 145.975, Ohio State 145.525

Minnesota with the slightest slightest edge after three. Missouri was shaky on beam but saved by Hu at the end. Advantage to the Tigers now heading to home floor while Minnesota has to vault. The 195 dream is still alive for Lindenwood. This meet is a write-off for Ohio State, but what a special moment for Lexi Edwards <3

Rotation 4: Minnesota vault, Ohio State bars, Lindenwood beam, Missouri floor

Quaglia (Minn): Solid FTY, touch of pike, hop back. 9.75

Sonier (Minn): Near stick on her FTY and looks SO shocked. 9.85

Ramler (Minn): STUCK the one and a half, normal knee bend down into the landing. 9.9

Loper (Minn): FTY, not her usual but she’s sat the one and a half recently, tiny hop back.  9.85

Quarles (Minn): One and a half, couple steps back. 9.8

Schweitzer (OSU): Transition combo very clean, toe full double back with a big step back.

Schwartzentruber (OSU): Maloney to Pak, she’s so lovely when she’s on, van Leeuwen. Double layout with iffy release timing, a bit whippy but close to stuck.

Chavez (LU): Kickover front side somi, nailed, I have NO IDEA how she keeps hitting that nightmare series. Switch leap gainer kick front. Looks like a stuck-ish gainer full. Frightening but badass.

Mitchell (LU): Coming in partway to see split split 3/4, great side aerial. Switch side a little iffy on the position, cartwheel gainer full with a hop.

Henry (LU): Full turn, BHS LOSO so lovely. Wolf hop switch side. Side somi-ish, little lean forward. Split 1/2 jump. Round off one and a half stuck. NAILED IT. 9.775 is just unkind.

Milliet (LU): Front aerial BHS LOSO, kickover pike, attitude turn. Aerial walkover 1/1 dismount, little step. 9.7 I am MAD

Schreiber (Miz): Double pike badly underrotated, step forward. Rudi punch back tuck, was meant to be a LOSO and just did not do that. 9.7

Hu (Miz): Front double full, big step to the side, one and a half front lay is good. Got her Rudi, fine but not emphatic. 9.825

Sheremeta (Miz): Front double full, cross step and pretends that it’s in line. One and a half front aerial. 9.875

McCrary (Miz): Front lay to Rudi, scoot back. Double pike and chest looked a touch low. Got the 2.5. 9.925 okayyyy

Porter (Miz): Double pike, overrotated, big scoot back. Double pike weird and forward on her heels. 9.85

Final: Missouri 196.775, Minnesota 196.675, Lindenwood 194.700, Ohio State 194.675

Judges really wanted Missouri to win, huh? That’s all I’ll say about that. Solid day for Lindenwood there. I think those beam scores were highway robbery so I won’t be too angry about missing the 195, though the Lions very likely handed the No. 1 USAG ranking to Texas Woman’s.

VT – Elexis Edwards (OSU) 9.925
UB – Lexy Ramler (Minn) Helen Hu (Miz) Olivia Aepli (OSU) 9.875
BB – Helen Hu (Miz) 9.975
FX – Hannah McCrary (Miz) 9.925
AA – Helen Hu (Miz) 39.475

Live blog by Rebecca Scally.

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