LIVE BLOG: No. 56 UC Davis at No. 40 San Jose State

Welcome to this MPSF matchup! These are teams I don’t typically watch as much as others, so I’m excited to take you along on this journey!

San Jose State has improved each week so far this season, putting up its best performance last week at home. Taylor Chan has led the way for the Spartans in the all around, but she’s especially impressive on beam and floor. Chelsey Andrada and Emma Milne are also ones to watch on beam, and keep your eye on Milne on bars also. The Spartan vault squad got off to a good start this season but has struggled the past two meets; how they perform is something to watch in this meet. The Spartans stand out on floor and have excellent choreography to watch on the event as well.

UC Davis has struggled to live up to its potential thus far. It’s gone over 193 just once and missed 190 all together at Arizona State two weeks ago. The injury to Kelley Hebert on vault last week doesn’t help the matter. Watch to see how the Aggies respond to that loss, as Hebert’s status is pretty unknown at the moment. Conversely, Logan Clagg is expected to be back, which should help. The Aggies shine on floor, their highest ranked event, however bars and beam have been quite inconsistent so watch to see which version of the Aggies we get this week.

Rotation 1: SJSU vault, UC Davis bars

Gin (SJSU): yfull, pretty good overall. Nice leadoff. 9.675

Ito (UCD): Maloney, good next hs, bail, solid, muscled next hs and is short, pikey dlo step back.

Andrada (SJSU): yfull, some entry form and a hop. 9.75

MIchovsky (UCD): good first hs; gienger, leg sep; bail; blind full double tuck, stuck. 9.7

Marquez (SJSU): tucked yfull, fine.

Johnson (UCD): gienger, leg sep, bail slightly loose; fine next hs, blind full loose legs double back. 9.75

Kelperis (SJSU): yfull, some form.

Clagg (UCD): clear hip hs good; tkatchev, flexed feet; dlo, slight leg sep. good. 9.75 in her return.

Chan (SJSU): yfull, some preflight form, step back. best vault so far. 9.775

C. Cunningham (UCD): good hs; Maloney pretty to bail good; blind full double back stuck. Another good hit. 9.875

Milne (SJSU): yfull, preflight leg sep and piked down. 9.65

Landess (UCD): gienger, leg sep; transition to low that I missed; half in double front, good. 9.825

AFTER 1: UCD 48.900, SJSU 48.425

That’s a start both teams should be pretty happy with. All hits, but definitely improvements to make going forward.

Rotation 2: UC Davis vault, SJSU bars

Schuelke-Lombardi (UCD): ylay, step back. lower sv, but clean.

Orcutt (SJSU): good first hs; clear hip tkatchev pretty; next hs good; good bail; blind full double tuck, step back. Nice start.

Clagg (UCD): yfull, stuck. pretty! 9.8

Chan (SJSU): nice first hs; bail, tiny leg sep; markelov, good; double tuck, starts cowboy but pulls in. 9.725

Landess (UCD): it’s flashing a 9.7 but we saw nothing of it.

Duggan (SJSU): can only half see hs; hits feet on piked tkatchev; majorrrr leg sep dlo. Not the best. 9.075

Ito (UCD): yfull, bounce in place then a step back. 9.6

Mazury (SJSU): good first hs; misses piked jaeger. pak, little leg sep; dlo, some form, step forward. They’re counting one of these last 2 scores now. 8.825

Johnson (UCD): yfull, good in the air, nice distance, hop back. 9.75

Milne (SJSU): great first hs, Maloney to pak, small form, over on low bar hs but saves it with a knee bend; dlo, pretty good. Just that major error on the hs. 9.55

Cunningham (UCD): yfull, very clean. just a small step back. 9.725

Gin (SJSU): caught end of release, looked good; pikey dlo, small step.

After 2: UCD 97.525, SJSU 95.925

Woof, that SJSU bars was rough. There’s potential there, if they can hit. I was impressed with Davis’ vaults, even putting up a layout to open, the rest of the rotation was pretty solid.

Rotation 3: SJSU beam, UC Davis floor

Gin (SJSU): good splits; bhs loso, small check; straddle 3/4 good; side aerial, secure; 1.5, couldn’t see feet but was either a step or a stick.

Schuelke-Lombardi (UCD): double tuck, got a camera angle switch mid salto but good landing; some kind of split variation that I missed was good; ro 1.5 to lay, archy and step back; triple leap connection, good

Mazury (SJSU): hitch kick side aerial, bigggggg wobble. bhs loso, pretty good; switch straddle 1/4, secure and good extension; straddle 3/4 (I think), pretty; 1.5 dismount, good landing.

Michovsky (UCD): STOP CHANGING THE CAMERA ANGLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TUMBLING PASS. anyways double tuck with a good landing; missed leap series typing that rant, but the extension was there. combo pass, solid; I’m digging this pop mix music; fhs rudi, twists into the ground a bit. A solid hit overall.

Andrada (SJSU): bhs loso, some knees and a check; hitch kick straddle 1/4 goo and extended; side aerial, check; another leap series, good; ro 1.5 stuck. Kind of nervy, but a hit. 9.625

Sklow (UCD): double pike to open, solid; switch leap to cat leap (I think), good; ro 1.5 lay half, pretty good; love her choreo; 1.5 to lay, good. Nice!

Chan (SJSU): pretty handstand mount; side somi, looked off but covers well; switch split, good; we’ve got some Katy Perry beam music; off on series; switch straddle 1/4 good; side aerial lay full good. 9.225

Clagg (UCD): my WordPress crapped out so I really wasn’t paying good attention to the beginning of this; combo pass some leg form; closes with a good 1.5 to lay. 9.775

Milne (SJSU): side aerial loso, pretty and secure; wolf to ring, good; front aerial to a jump connection I missed; ro 1.5 small slide back. 9.8

Landess (UCD): ok, MPSF floor choreo wins. period. good opening pass; ro 2.5 pretty; lay lay full good.

Adams (SJSU): front aerial, good; straddle 3/4, off; counting a fall now; bhs loso, secure; split split 3/4, off again; gainer full, step.

Cunningham (UCD): ro 1.5 to lay full, secure landing; wolf full, good; ro double back, step forward but we didn’t have a great angle to see chest position.

AFTER 3: UCD 146.150, SJSU 143.900

Not the best beam for SJSU, but it was better than bars. Emma Milne is going to be biggg for the Spartans in the future. I’m in love with UC Davis floor choreo. There’s areas to improve, but those performances are good ones.

Rotation 4: UC Davis beam, SJSU floor

Schuelke-Lombardi (UCD): front toss bhs, secure, some knees; side aerial, solid; cat leap straddle 1/4, good; gainer full stuck. Good leadoff. 9.725

Kelperis (SJSU): opening pass good; double tuck, low chest but controlled landing; some kind of tour jete I think, good split; 1.5 to lay, archy but controlled landing;

Clagg (UCD): bhs loso, big wobble and literally goes in a circle on the beam regaining her balance, but stays on. good leaps, didn’t ID as I was typing, good side somi. gainer full stuck. 9.5

Marquez (SJSU): switch leap to Popa to wolf full good; double tuck, ok; think I missed the beginning. 9.625

Engstrom (UCD): bhs loso, pretty and secure; cat leap side aerial good; split to a twisty split, not sure what she was attempting after she came down on the beam mid twist. Fine dismount. 9.025

Andrada (SJSU): we love some unique choreo; stumbles out of double pike; lay lay full, some leg form but good overall; great extension on triple leap connection; closing rudi, good.

Johnson (UCD): front aerial bhs loso, maybe slightly too long of a pause but probably fine; switch split beat jump, good; stuck gainer pike. Nice bounce back after the fall. 9.75

Gin (SJSU): opening double tuck, 2 steps back and I think OOB; good leaps; front full front lay, solid; missed her last pass, caught out of corner of my eye. 9.575

Landess (UCD): slight arm correction on leaps; bhs bhs loso, knees but secure; ro 1.5, stick. Good! 9.725

Mazury (SJSU): double tuck, some leg sep on bhs entry and would like more control on landing but it wasn’t bad; did some good leaps while I was typing that; middle pass good; ending double pike, kind of short and step forward. 9.7

Ito (UCD): bhs bhs loso, flexed feet, was fine on landing but second guessed herself and put leg up; good leap extension; stuck gainer pike. 9.725

Chan (SJSU): piked full in, good! again, MPSF floor choreo wins. leaps pretty too; ro 1.5 lay to stag jump, controlled; solid double pike. Great way to end the meet. 9.9

FINAL: UCD 194.625, SJSU 192.575

There’s a lot of good for both of these teams to take away from this meet. I believe this is UC Davis’ highest score this season and it did it without Hebert. SJSU took a step back, but the potential is there, especially if the Spartans can find consistency.

Thanks for joining me on this MPSF journey!

Event Winners:
VT: Logan Clagg, 9.800
UB: Gabby Landess, Cortney Cunningham, 9.875
BB: Emma Milne, 9.800
FX: Taylor Chan, 9.900
AA: Gabby Landess, 39.100

Live Blog by Tara Graeve

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