LIVE BLOG: Minnesota at No. 2 Denver

Hello from Magness Arena, where Denver hosts Minnesota in its home opener! Both teams are coming off excellent 2019 seasons and are expected to keep it up in 2020. It should be an exciting one, and I’ll be here blogging it all!

Denver put up its highest first meet score in program history last week at the Collegiate Challenge. Bars and beam led the way as we are accustomed to from the Pioneers, and the meet was capped with Alexis Vasquez’s 10 on beam. The Pioneers look to build on that performance today in front of a home crowd. Maddie Karr was notably back in the all around last week despite some concerns that she may miss the beginning of the season after a minor knee procedure. I’ll be watching the floor lineup closely; it’s an event where there’s depth to play with to find the optimal top six. Vault could be another area of interest since Denver opted to put five up last week and scratch Alexandria Ruiz in the sixth spot.

Minnesota didn’t have an official meet last week, but we did get a glimpse of the team at its intrasquad. One of the biggest storylines here is Maddie Quarles’ likely return to competition for the first time since 2018—and no less at the school she transferred from. We’re expecting to see her vault today. Halle Remlinger also showed four events at the intrasquad, but it’s likely that she’ll only make lineups on vault and floor. And it wouldn’t be Minnesota without the mention of Lexy Ramler. We get to see her and Vasquez on beam, which is a gym fan’s dream and should be quite the showdown, as will the all around title be between her, Karr and Lynnzee Brown. Beyond the normal stuff, this meet will give us a better idea of Ona Loper’s status after being pulled from the intrasquad for precautionary reasons after a fall on vault.

Injury Update: Don’t expect to see much of Minnesota’s freshmen, aside from Remlinger. Maya Albertin is being rested a lot, Mallory LaNeave broke her toe the first week of practice and is about 6 to 8 weeks behind everyone else in training and Kate Grotenhuis is out for the season after major back surgery.

If you’re so inclined, you can follow along with scores here and there is a paid stream here.

Denver lineups!

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Rotation 1: Denver vault, Minnesota bars

Minnesota bars lineup!

Bear with me; the beam is blocking my view of vault among other things.

Ruiz VT: nice yfull; hop in place from what I saw. 9.7

Quaglia UB: good first hs, jaeger to bail good; short hs, blind full to double back small hop. Nice leadoff. 9.75

Subject VT: clean yfull, good sized hop back, but she definitely has the dynamics. 9.75

Willmarth UB: Denver area native here; nice first hs, tkatchev with flexed feet; solid bail, nice next hs, double back with some form and a small step. A nice homecoming routine. 9.725

Sundstrom VT: she’s been training a 1.5, but just a full today. flared out and all, just a hop back. 9.825

Loper UB: nice first hs, Maloney to pak GORG. next hs a lil short, blind full to double back stuck. The best one so far. 9.8

Glynn VT: Tsuk full, her normal leg sep on the entry and a hop. Solid. 9.725

Sales UB: nice first hs, pretty bail hs, next hs good, markelov! pretty double layout, basically stuck. Amazing. 9.8

L Brown VT: y1.5, good. looked like she maybe bent her knees going into the landing a little. but again, not the best view here. 9.85

Ramler UB: solid first handstand, Maloney to pak is picturesque, van leeuwen nice, ftdt stuck. She’s even prettier in person. 9.9

Karr VT: signature Karr 1.5, small hop forward this time.

Lu UB: little short first handstand, good Maloney, tiny leg sep on pa but basically. nothing, nice final hs, pretty duo with a hop forward. Great routine to anchor. 9.875

Montgomery (exh) UB: pretty solid first hs, maybe slightly short; thatcher to bail solid; short final hs, stuck double front but cowboyed. This Minnesota bars lineup is deep, and it’s certainly nice to have backups.

AFTER 1: MINNESOTA 49.125, DENVER 49.050

Both teams got off to a pretty good start. Both are relatively strong on bars/beam, so it’s not surprising to see Minnesota ahead at this point. That bar lineup is great, and it should only get better as the season goes on. Denver did put up 6 on vault today, which is a step up, and over 49 is certainly a good total for this vault squad at this time of the season. This is going to be a good one, folks!

Rotation 2: Minnesota VT, Denver UB

Minnesota vault lineup:

Remlinger VT: nice leadoff yfull! 9.725

Ruiz UB: nice fit hs, blind full tkatchev solid, nice bail hs, great last hs, double layout, small hop but chest slightly low. Still a solid leadoff. 9.775

Sonier VT: yfull, small hop back. Solid. 9.75

Sundstrom UB: nice first hs, clear hip tkatchev good, good bail, nice last hs, double layout, fights for the stick but another lean forward with the chest. 9.8

Quarles VT: the Denver transfer is making her competition debut in Denver! good y1.5! It’s great to see her competing again! 9.9

small note: my computer keeps trying to correct tkatchev to thatcher. So if you see thatcher, you know what I mean.

Subject UB: Maloney, some leg sep, to bail, good; nice next hs, stuck dlo. 9.825

Williams VT: best yfull of the bunch so far, IMO, just a hop back but very dynamic. 9.75

L Brown UB: Maloney to pak, basically her typical, nice next hs, van Leeuwen, good, floaty dlo, step back. Another good routine! 9.875

Ramler VT: y1.5, looks like maybe stuck? It would be helpful if I could see better…great vault nonetheless 9.9

Glynn UB: she was struggling some in warmups; let’s see if she can hit here. good first hs, clear hip geinger, saved that hs before the clear hip geinger, good bail, slightly short final hs, ftdt, small step back. Great for her! 9.85

Loper VT: y1.5, step back. solid. 9.825

Karr UB: nice first hs, blind full geinger to bail good, nice final hs, stuck DLO! Knee surgery who? 9.95

Quaglia (exh) VT: yfull, slightly short and step forward.

Morton (exh) UB: clear hip tkatchev good, nice next hs to bail hs, slightly short hs and loose, dlo, some piking and a small hop. She missed that a couple times in warmups, nice to see her land it.

AFTER 2: DENVER 98.350, MINNESOTA 98.250

Denver brought the fight on bars! Those first few landings will come, but a great rotation overall. I was also impressed with Minnesota’s vaults! They so often get overshadowed by the amazing bars and beam.

Rotation 3: Denver beam, Minnesota floor

L Brown BB: front toss bus, good; secure turn; switch split, good; front aerial wolf, solid; gainer full, stuck. she’s really come into her own as a leadoff on beam. 9.95. I’m not mad. Corrected to 9.9

Higgins FX: fhs double full, pretty good; good extension on leaps, back 1.5 to lay, solid; fhs rudi, twisted a little into the landing. Solid leadoff. 9.725

Ruiz BB: hitch kick switch side, solid and good positions, bhs lost good, side aerial, gainer pike, small step back. Another good routine for the Pios. 9.775

Sonier FX: opening double pike, good; solid leaps; middle pass was solid also, back 1.5 to lo to close, nice overall! 9.775

Lockhart BB: that sassy head roll in her mount sequence! love it! small hip check on front aerial, split jump good; bhs lost, foot up a little on landing; beat to straddle 3/4, good; bhs gainer full, stuck. A little tentative at times, but she’ll be good for the Pios. 9.625

Remlinger FX: double pike to open, I believe she has an E pass (full in I believe) but chose to play it safe now. her leap pass was good. back 1.5 to front lay, good; loving this little choreo bit; double tuck to close, a little short but she didn’t show it much. 9.75

Sundstrom BB: secure turn to start; bhs loso, bend at hips but stayed on; better side aerial; switch split half beat jump good; stuck gainer pike. Shame about the check in the middle. 9.7

Ramler FX: aah, she’s so pretty in person; nice opening double pike; switch ring, pretty; fhs double full, buckled a bit on the landing; 1.5 through to double, good; another hit. 9.825

Karr BB: side aerial bhs, good; hitch kick side some, good; beat jump split full, solid, stuck 1.5. Best routine thus far. 9.9

Loper FX: front full rudi, good; switch ring to jump I missed thinking about the ring; not as good as Ramler’s ring but not bad; nice middle pass; y turn, fun! I could use a little more performance of this choreo. 1.5 to lay, stumbles a tad. 9.8

Vasquez BB: her mount will never get old. so pretty. front aerial bhs LOSO, good, pause between the front aerial bhs a little longer than I’d like switch split good; y turn, pretty as usual; lovely sissone; side aerial full, stuck. Great routine. 9.975

Williams FX: fhs double full, nice; switch side Popa, nice extension, 1.5 to lay, pretty, close to OOB. fhs rudi, low chest. 9.775

E Brown (exh) BB: front aerial back tuck, small check; split sheep, pretty; doing her beam to You Say and I’m living for it; standalone beat jump. Nice dismount.

Cronin (exh) FX: nice opening double pike; good jump combo; front lay front tuck; leg sep in lay and looked like she balked something or something? double tuck, coach stepped in to spot.

AFTER 3: DENVER 147.6, MINNESOTA 147.175

Denver had a solid beam rotation, not without its struggles though. 9.7 for Sundstrom feels high to me considering her hip check, but none of the rest feel that bad to me. A Minnesota coach was complaining about tight scoring all around for them, which comparatively to beam sure but also lots of little early season mistakes on floor.

Rotation 4: Minnesota beam, Denver vault

Sonier BB: bhs loso, pretty! good extension on leaps, standing loso, small check; bhs 1 arm bhs into her dismount, cool! Pretty good landing also. Good leadoff! 9.775

Ruiz FX: opening double tuck, solid; switch side Popa, good extension; back 1.5 to lay, good; double pike, a little short and step forward. Another good leadoff. 9.775

Lu BB: bhs loso, tentative and foot slightly to side , switch half beat jump, covered well; side some, small arm wave; cartwheel stuck gainer full; some small checks, but nothing major. 9.825

Subject FX: solid double pike; lay front full, good; switch side to split full, not quite extended; short double tuck, hop forward. You know. those early season endurance things. 9.725

Loper BB: bhs loso, good; front punch beat jump, solid; switch straddle quarter, good; must have missed her series but dismount was good also. 9.8

Glynn FX: front punch through to double tuck, step forward; three leap combo, good; good double pike to close. Probably the best Denver floor so far. 9.775

Korlin-Downs BB: bhs candle mount, fun! bhs loso, small hip check; split double stag, pretty; side aerial lay full, good! 9.8

Karr FX: fhs double full, good; don’t remember that being a thing for her before! leaps looked good? Melissa KR is in my way. now lol. ro 1.5 to front full, good! That’s a new composition for her, and I kind of like it! 9.875

Sales BB: bhs bhs loso, good; switch switch side, good extension; stuck gainer pike. Lovely! 9.925

Lockhart FX: ooh this is a fun start to a routine, and a l turn! opening pass good; and Michael Jackson music! switch half Popa, good; fhs rudi, some leg form but good landing; double pike, slide forward, looked a tad short. 9.8

Ramler BB: bhs loso, good; front aerial wolf jump, secure; beat jump ring, good; something to lay full dismount, good! 9.95

L Brown FX: opening DLO, almost too much power! will never not love her jump into a drop; back 1.5 to lay to stag, good; great double pike to close. Nice routine; would have liked a bit more control on the first pass (she took a tiny extra step). 9.925

Higgins (exh) BB: lovely sheep jump! bhs loso, solid. cat leap switch side, good; bhs gainer full, basically stuck. Nice exhibition!

FINAL: DENVER 196.750, MINNESOTA 196.475

Minnesota looked great on beam! Denver had some good moments on floor but also a lot to improve upon as the season progresses. This really was an exciting meet and both teams have a lot to be happy about moving forward!

VT: Maddie Karr, Maddie Quarles, Lexy Ramler 9.9
UB: Maddie Karr, 9.95
BB: Alexis Vasquez, 9.975
FX: Lynnzee Brown, 9.925
AA: Maddie Karr, 39.625

Live Blog by Tara Graeve

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