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LIVE BLOG: Pitt Intrasquad

It’s Mary Emma here live from the Fitzgerald Fieldhouse, ready for the Pitt intrasquad!

After a rough 2019 campaign, Pitt is looking to get back into regionals contention in 2020. With several new faces and some key injury returners, Pitt has the talent to do just that.

In particular, I’m keeping an eye out for Michaela Burton and Katie Chamberlain. Burton, a transfer from Arkansas, and Chamberlain, who missed most of 2019 with an injury, are expected to be big contributors.

Rotation 1 – Vault

Ok, after getting some technical difficulties solved, we’re here!

Chamberlain – Goof y full. Just a small bounce in place.

Ceccarini – Little bit squatty on y full and has to take a large step back, but stays on her feet.

Petrikis – Big y full with a bounce back

Burton – sits tucked llgĀ  (front handspring front handspring tuck)

Herbine – Great y half with a hop forward

Ward – Huge y full. Lots of power and has to take a couple of small steps back. Will be great when she sticks it!

Brechwald – Good y full. Bit of chest down and has to take a step back

Rotation 2 – Bars

The setup in the Fieldhouse is different this year, and I have a much better view of handstands on bars! Yay!

I counted SEVEN people warming up bars! Much more depth on this event this year.

Wait, make that NINE.

Dugan – good gienger, a little close, great bail handstand, tiny step on DLO

Kline – huge gienger, she has lovely lines on this event, nearly sticks half out dismount.

Floyd – great maloney to start, handstands look great, beautiful pak salto, STUCK double back dismount.

Weiss – good tkatchev, great bail handstand, small hop on DLO.

Burton – beautiful maloney to pak, handstands are great, hop on DLO dismount. WOW!

Chamberlain – great straddled jaeger, great bail handstand, hop on full in dismount. Awesome routine!

Ward – good maloney, good handstand (maybe a tiny bit short of handstand), tiny hop on dismount.

Bochenek – clips heels on tkatchev, has to recast, almost goes over on handstand but saves it, small step on dismount.

Beckwith – great gienger, little close on pak, step on dismount.

9 for 9!!

That bars rotation was 🔥

Rotation 3 – Beam/Floor

Beckwith (beam) – good fill rn, great BHS LSO series, slight wobble on side aerial, step on dismount. Little hesitant throughout, but good routine!

Miller (floor) – great double back, good leaps, good front lay to front full, and great double pike to close.

Brechwald (beam) – good full turn, great front aerial BHS series, great front toss to beat jump, and stuck gainer pike dismount.

Petrikis (floor) – little chest down on double pike, short on front lay front full and has to take a couple steps back, and good on double back to end. Still working back from something, I believe, but should be ready to go by season.

Ceccarini (beam) – good full turn, great BHS LOSO series, great leap series! good front toss, step on gainer pike dismount.

Ward (floor) – front double full t double tuck a little out of control, beautiful ring leap to split jump, fall on double back. Coach Dave says that she has tons of potential on this event so definitely someone to watch for in the future!

Robatin (beam) – good full turn, great front toss to BHS, beat jump to slip 3/4 good (slightly short of 180), beautiful front toss to scale, step on dismount

Bochenek (floor) – little short on double pike and rebounds a bit, good rudi, 1.5 to front tuck and stumbles and falls, looked like she tripped a bit.

Chamberlain (beam) – slight wobble on triple series but good, good side aerial, beautiful leaps, small shuffle on dismount.

Dugan (floor) – good 1.5 to front tuck, little short on double pike to finish. She’s never done floor before so great to see a senior with a new event.

Burton (beam) – beautiful front aerial to beat jump, great BHS LOSO series, great full turn, beautiful leap, slight wobble on sheep jump, STUCK dismount. WOW!

Herbine (beam) – good full turn, great BHS LOSO series, great leaps, stuck gainer pike dismount. GREAT!!

Rotation 4 – floor

Chamberlain – great 1.5 to front lay to start, good split jump to wolf jump, little short on double back to end. Good routine! Glad to see her back this year,

Robatin – good front lay to front full (slight shuffle on landing), great leap series, little short on double back and has to take a large lunge forward.

Herbine – great front lay to front full, really fun dance in this routine, great double back to close.

Ceccarini – great first pass to start, good double back (slightly squatty ), great leaps to finish. Great routine!

Burton – great double back to open, great front lay to front full, beautiful leap series! and great double pike to close. WOW, great routine!!

Overall, Pitt looks good! Beam is definitely the best event, but I was super impressed with their improvement on bars compared to last year. Floor looked like December floor but plenty of time to improve and tons of depth.

Live blog by Mary Emma Burton

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