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Last Week in College Gym: November 25

During the offseason, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and training updates happening across the country. So each week, we will provide a curation of the most exciting upgrades, as well as other important news happening in the college gym world. Note the majority of the training updates highlighted will feature new skills and not, for example, someone training their same routine from the past season.


Of course, even with eight editors scouring social media for clips, we’ll still miss updates from time to time. Let us know in the comments or on social media if we didn’t include a new skill, injury comeback or more from someone on your favorite team!

Training Updates

  • At its annual Meet the GymDawgs, several Washington gymnasts showed off some upgrades for the 2020 season. Sophomore Brenna Brooks performed an Omelianchik on vault and a double front on floor while classmate Amara Cunningham debuted a full-in on floor.
  • Temple junior Faith Leary is training a double layout on floor.
  • Towson senior Melissa Temkov is training a full-in on floor.
  • Utah hosted an intrasquad where the public got a glimpse as to what to expect from the Red Rocks this season. Check out this Twitter thread for the full scoop on the Utes.
  • Southern Utah sophomore Stephanie Tervort and freshman Tiffani Stufflebeam both showed double layouts on floor on the team’s Instagram Story. 
  • Iowa State held its November showcase on Thursday. The team posted a number of routines to its Twitter
  • Georgia freshman Soraya Hawthorne is training a unique series on beam: a front toss from kneeling position directly to a split jump. 

Elite News

  • Iowa State junior Andrea Maldonado competed at the Cottbus World Cup this weekend. She debuted a front triple full on floor which will now become the Maldonado in the elite Code of Points.

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