NCAA Conferences by Hogwarts House

The wizarding world and NCAA gymnastics really aren’t all that different. When a new gym fan (or shall we say, a Muggle) enters the magical world of collegiate gymnastics there is much to behold. Most likely they will find themselves drawn to one conference a little more than the others. 

We’ve compiled the following guide to help wizards and Muggles alike find out what House their favorite conference belongs in. The Sorting Hat may not directly line up with how you view your favorite teams, but remember that just because a conference is placed in a certain House does not mean that they cannot display characteristics of other Houses (Hermione most definitely could have been a Ravenclaw, and let’s not forget the Sorting Hat wanted to put Harry in Slytherin!).

We’re not telling you to turn your back on your tried and true team because you now find yourself House rivals; rather, we’re hoping to give you a little insight into what makes each conference unique. 

Let us know what you think (and what House you belong to) in the comments!

Article by Kalley Leer (Ravenclaw) and Claire Billman (Gryffindor)

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