Throwback Leotard Rankings: BYU

This summer we’re trying a little something new when it comes to our throwback leotard rankings. Rather than looking at single meets, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane for specific teams, taking into account a wide range of leos from different eras and finding our all-time favorites from a single program, as well as illustrating how designs have changed over the years.

Here’s how it’ll work: Our judges for the week will choose their top 10 and rank them based on their personal preferences. Plus, you’ll get a chance to tell us your thoughts! Did we leave out your all-time fave from the team? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

This week, we’re taking on BYU with Senior Editor Tara and Administrative Assistant Jenna joining Editor in Chief Elizabeth for the rundown.




Article by Elizabeth Grimsley, Tara Graeve and Jenna King

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  1. I have quite a developed sense of fashion.
    Since gymnastics = a Judged Meet, Leos have that costume element similar to figure skating, & the show element like theater & dance. An interesting Leo entertains the audience in between the routines, delivering an engaging fan experience.

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