The Most Anticipated Incoming 2020 Freshmen on Vault

The most anticipated series is back! We looked at the data for each incoming J.O. freshmen on each event to see which gymnasts are at the top of their class on each event and in the all around. This week we’re looking at the top 10 vaults for 2020. 

Also, for fairness, gymnasts with less than three scores on an event were not included to prevent skewed results in one direction or the other. Elites/former elites who haven’t competed level 10 this season were not included as their scores are not directly comparable.

The Top 10

  1. Linda Zivat, Michigan State (9.738 average)

Zivat performs a unique Tsuk full with minimal form deductions. A 10.0 SV in NCAA, Michigan State will appreciate having her as an asset. 

  1. Kylie Gorgenyi, New Hampshire (9.739)

She may just vault a Yurchenko full, but it’s a good one. It’s clean, powerful and she flairs as she lands. She also scored a 10.0 on vault this past J.O. season. 

  1. Sierra Brooks, Michigan (9.748)

It’s no secret Brooks, one of the top scorers overall, would appear on this list. She boasts a powerful and dynamic Yurchenko one and a half that is sure to make an impact with the Wolverines.

  1. Soraya Hawthorne, Georgia (9.764)

Hawthorne’s double-twisting Yurchenko is clean and dynamic. The Georgia freshman even scored a 10.0 on vault this past J.O. season (note that this vault starts from a 10.1 in the J.O. code). 

  1. Hallie Thompson, North Carolina (9.800)

Thompson’s Yurchenko one and a half has the makings of a great vault that the Tar Heels will welcome in their lineup. 

  1. Gabryel Wilson, Michigan (9.806)

The second Michigan freshman on this list, Wilson, like her classmate, also boasts a clean and powerful Yurchenko one and a half. 

  1. Cassie Stevens, Auburn (9.811)

It may not be the most dynamic of the bunch, but Stevens’ powerful Yurchenko one and a half is one to watch in 2020. 

  1. JerQuavia Henderson, Iowa (9.819)

Henderson’s Yurchenko one and a half is clean, dynamic and powerful. She’s scored as high as 9.925 in J.O. and has the workings of a great NCAA vault. 

  1. Makarri Doggette, Alabama (9.828)

Doggette boasts a powerful, clean Yurchenko one and a half that should translate well to the college scene. 

  1. Kiya Johnson, LSU (9.857) 

Our top vaulter performs just a Yurchenko full, but it’s a good one. It’s sure to be a standout in college.

Honorable Mentions

Sofi Sullivan (Utah State): Yurchenko half-on pike half
Danielle Nosek (Arizona): Yurchenko one and a half
Raena Worley (Kentucky): Yurchenko one and a half

Article by Tara Graeve. Data assists by Emily Howell-Forbes and Mary Emma Burton.

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