LIVE BLOG: NCAA Nationals Semifinal Two With No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 4 Denver, No. 7 Georgia and No. 8 Oregon State

Welcome back! Have you gotten your breath back yet?

In theory, this is the boring semifinal. In a field this competitive, the two-and-change tenth jump between Denver’s final RQS and Georgia’s is quite a lot. That said, it’s hard to dismiss Georgia’s best-since-Suzanne-days performance at its regional final two weeks ago, especially compared to Denver’s fairly lackluster regional results. The Pioneers will need to clean up their act if they want to guarantee staying clear of Georgia.

This semifinal also has a spectacular set of individual qualifiers, including Lexy Ramler and The Floridas. Though it’s common for individuals’ scores to come in a little lower than team athletes’, many of these competitors could conceivably sneak an individual title.

Session Two
Vault Bars Beam Floor
Rotation One Oklahoma

Derrian Gobourne (Aub)


Trinity Thomas (UF)


Lexy Ramler (Minn)

Oregon State

Alicia Boren (UF)

Rotation Two Oregon State

Alicia Boren (UF)


Cairo Leonard-Baker (ASU)


Alyssa Baumann (UF)


Lexy Ramler (Minn)

Rotation Three Denver

Lexy Ramler (Minn)

Oregon State

Alicia Boren (UF)


Hailey Garner (Ark)


Trinity Thomas (UF)

Rotation Four Georgia

Savannah Schoenherr (UF)


Lexy Ramler (Minn)

Oregon State

Alicia Boren (UF)


Sophia Carter (Ark)


LEHRMANN – OU: One and a half stuck. Bit of a lean, but we’re off to a hot start. 

WEBB – OU: One and a half, midsize hop forward.

DEGOUVEIA – OU: One and a half, tries too hard to stick and sits it.

NICHOLS – OU: One and a half, couldn’t see the landing but OU fan section was INTO IT. 

DOWELL – OU: One and a half with a bigger hop forward but pretty in the air. 

GOBOURNE – AU:  One and a half with a big hop, pretty in line with the OU vaults.

ROBERTS – UGA: Pretty transitions, little hop back on her DLO. 

LUKACS – UGA: Short on first handstand, Tkachev crazy low. Pak is also pretty yikes, DLO with a tiny hop in place.

SNEAD – UGA: Clear hip to Tkachev, not massive but good, hitting handstands, bail. DLO, pops up onto her toes but more or less holds the stick. Team leading the fan section in a U-G-A chant.

AL-HAMEED – UGA: Full turn, huge Tkachev. Bail great, blind full double back with a little hop. 

DICKSON – UGA: Ray with one flexed foot, bail to toe shoot great, FTDLO kind of flung off the bar but stuck. 

OAKLEY – UGA: Toe blind, weight on the wrong side of the bar, just jumps off. Girl… Tries it again and jumps straight off again. She’s well and truly in her head at this point. Toe blind, got it , pike Jaeger, thank goodness. Pak good, FTDB great. 

THOMAS – UF: Maloney, CH to Pak, toe on to … missed, kch to van Leeuwen, DLO stuck. Really good cover. 

BROWN – DU: Front aerial BHS, everything else got lost. 

RUIZ – DU: BHS LOSO with KNEES, full turn, side aerial to split. Looked like a good gainer pike dismount. 

SUNDSTROM – DU: BHS LOSO, bend check, touches the beam but hangs on. Cartwheel, switch switch half, looked like a good dismount. 

VASQUEZ – DU: Starting midway. Y turn, sissone, side aerial gainer full stuck. 

SCHOU – DU: Front aerial BHS LOSO, switch something, split to sheep sketchy, hit dismount. 

RAMLER – MINN: Full turn, BHS LOSO, drops one arm a bit but that’s the only problem. Front aerial, beat to ring, Side aerial back full stuck, big hug from Geralen. 

M. DAGEN – OSU: Ooh, lineup change. Double pike second pass a bit bouncy, front lay front full to close good.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Scoot back a little on the double pike. I’m not ready to be watching this routine for the last time. One and a half front lay, Rudi to close with a bigger lunge. 

SINGLEY – OSU: Front thru double back with a little skitter into the corner I thought, double pike, 

LOWERY – OSU: Front double full, landing a little awkward. I KEEP FORGETTING TO WRITE THE ENDS OF THESE ROUTINES but it was good. 

YANISH – OSU: DLO, big lunge but keeps her front foot planted thank goodness. Front full front lay a touch whippy but ok, switch side Popa. Shuffle back on the double pike. She never gets both. 

BOREN – UF: Great landing on the double lay. One and a half front lay, arena is LOUD, switch half wolf full, double back looked good though I couldn’t see her feet. 9.95!!

OKLAHOMA 49.400, OREGON STATE 49.300, DENVER 49.2875, GEORGIA 49.275

Great start for Oklahoma. Too hoppy to shut the door against theoretical tomorrow-UCLA, but plenty for today. Marissa Oakley let a great chance to make Denver’s life hard slip away, but the Bulldogs aren’t far behind. Oregon State also had a good start, but let’s wait until vault is over to decide if that’s really happening.


M. DAGEN – OSU: Great full, almost stuck.

YANISH – OSU: Solid full, her usual small archy hop back. 

I’ve stopped being able to see any of these due to OU bars people standing in the way. SORRY VAULT

WEBB – OU: Missed the first half because I was too busy watching Brenna yell LET’S GO while facing away from the bars with her eyes closed. Toe blind, double front half good.

MARKS – OU: Toe on to Maloney, loses her legs in the backswing, not over the bar on her bail. FTDB with an awkward step.

THOMAS – OU: Toe blind to Jaeger, not much amplitude, good bail. DLO stuck. 9.9125

DOWELL – OU: Ray, good catch – was kind a messy in warm up. Bail good, DLO with a little hop. 

LEHRMANN – OU: Blind to Jaeger, ok, toe on to bail great. FTDB pretty and stuck. 9.925

NICHOLS – OU: Ray to Pak great. Short on a handstand, van Leeuwen, DLO with an even bigger leg stagger than usual but good landing. 

LEONARD-BAKER – ASU: Might have missed a handstand off the top. Maloney to bail to pike toe shoot, stuck the FTDB. 9.9. Jess Santos’ hands are in the air before all the scores have been flashed. 

DICKSON – UGA: Front aerial straddle quarter great, full turn, one and a half twist off to one side but more or less holds the stick.

MAGEE – UGA: Something to switch side, side aerial back full with a hop back.

OAKLEY – UGA: Wolf turn, slide to split, BHS LOSO great. Front aerial, big check, think she touched the beam. Split to ring, missed the end.

BAUMANN – UGA: Side aerial LOSO, nailed. Double full dismount with a big step back.

VEGA – UGA: Switch to ring, BHS LOSO, pops one hip out and saves it in a second. 


KERN – DU: Double pike, hop to lunge, switch side split full, front lay front full, double back good.


SCHOU – DU: Front double full, bound forward. One and a half front lay, missed the last pass.

KARR – DU: Double pike, landed staggered. Twisting combo, Rudi and lunges forward.  9.8375. UGA trying really hard to throw this meet away on beam and DU just can’t take it and walk away.

BROWN – DU: DLO really nice, one and a half front lay stag jump, good double pike. 

RAMLER – MINN: Ring full, double pike, Rudi fabulous. Just got the combo pass to go, it can get tricky… One and a half thru double full. Gorgeous. 

OKLAHOMA 98.9625, DENVER 98.550, OREGON STATE 98.3875, GEORGIA 98.1375

Oh Georgia, why?


RUIZ – DU: OK full, hop back. 

GLYNN – DU: Interestin lineup swap. Tsuk full that usually isn’t in lineups. Fist time I knew that existed. 

SUNDSTROM – DU: Big hop back on FTY.

KARR – DU: Solid one and a half, little hop.

YAMAOKA – OSU: Toe to Maloney, bail good, blind full double back. 

JACOBSEN – OSU: Tkachev to overshoot, hips a little high, blind to double front stuck-ish. Likely her last routine and what a way to go.

LOWERY – OSU: Toe on to Maloney, Pak, some soft positions in here. DLO flung way out with a hop. 

COLUSSI-PELAEZ – OSU: Jaeger a little close, great bail, DLO stuck. Just uncanny on that landing this year. Reminds me of Shireen Khamedoost, who is coincidentally the first person to hug her. 

BRISCOE – OSU: Blind to Jaeger, really pretty, bail. Stuck dismount. OSU is all in today. 

GILL – OSU: Maloney to Pak, was struggling with her dismount in warm up, DLO with a little hop back.

BOREN – UF: Tkachev great, clear hip, almost too precise on the handstand to keep going, great bail. DLO way way too close to the bar but gets it around with a hop. 

WOODARD – OU: I’ve been letting OU beam chill for a minute since OU is clearly just fine, but Woodard is one of my favorite routines in the country. Side aerial BHS, switch to split, great dismount. 

WEBB – OU: Big bend check, didn’t see if she touched the beam or not. 

NICHOLS – OU: BHS LOSO with soft knees, switch step split, good dismount. 

DAVIS – UGA: Really solid on two and a half twist, double back looks under with a little scoot. One and a half front lay front tuck stuck. 

BAUMANN – UGA: Dancing on to the arena music, very fancy. Double pike looked good but I could only see from chest up, big ;unge and a shuffle on double back. Double L, one and a half front lay awesome. 

LUKACS – UGA: DLO great, whip one and a half front lay, double pike and just pulls her heels together. 

DICKSON – UGA: This routine is one of my faves. So peppy. Double arabian, step forward, one and a half front lay, switch side Popa, double pike. FABULOUS. 

VEGA – UGA: Full in great, one and a half front lay, not enough gas, tucks it to get it around. Tour jete full, double pike. 

THOMAS – UF: Great double lay. Front full front lay, split out looked questionable, tour jete half wolf full. Double pike landing a touch awkward.

OKLAHOMA 148.250, DENVER 147.650, OREGON STATE 147.650, GEORGIA 147.2250

ahhhhhh Oregon State could not be doing more. What a great day for the Beavers. Lexy Ramler is also TOTALLY in the fight for the AA title, in case you were wondering.


WARD – UGA: Tsuk full, little hop forward. 

Again with losing vault. It’s almost invisible from here.

RUIZ – DU: Blind full Tkachev, very low and no counter, bail ok. DLO with a tiny hop. 

SUNDSTROM – DU: Tkachev, pikey in bail. Short on a handstand, DLO with a hop. 

GLYNN – DU: Clear hip, short of handstand, to gienger. Good bail, FTDB lands kind of lock legged with a hop. 

BROWN – DU: Maloney, dynamics not quite right, to Pak, van Leeuwen, DLO with a little scoot and chest down. 

KARR – DU: Blind full to Gienger to overshoot. DLO stuck-ish. 

RAMLER – MINN: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, always struck by how close her bars setting is. FTDB STUCK. 

LOWERY – OSU: BHS LOSO and straight off. Switch split straddle quarter, front full stuck. 

M. DAGEN – OSU Switch switch side, front aerial to split great, series, full turn, gainer pike with a hop. 

L. DAGEN – OSU: Switch switch half, tiny check, side aerial back full stuck. 

LAZARO – OSU: Kickover onto the end of the beam, BHS LOSO gorgeous. switch to split to straddle 3/4, full turn, 

GILL – OSU: Full turn, split double stag. 

BOREN – UF: Skip leg kickover front, BHS LOSO great, 


SCHOEPFER – OU: So quirky. Double back ok, One and a half front lay. Missed the third pass but looked ok. 

DEGOUVEIA – OU: Front double full great, front lay front full, one and a half front lay. Entrancing. 

DOWELL – OU: Hit the Dowell. Lost the rest but pretty combos. 

NICHOLS – OU: Double pike good. Tour jete full, front full front aerial, switch ring with sketchy back leg to tour jete whatever, 

CARTER – ARK: Double back, scoot to lunge, this routine is among the very best in terms of choreography. One and a half front full, tour jete half split full, double pike stuck-ish. 



VAULT – Kyla Ross, Kennedi Edney, Derrian Gobourne, Maggie Nichols 9.950
BARS – Sarah Finnegan 9.950
BEAM- Natalie Wojcik 9.950
FLOOR- Alicia Boren, Lynnzee Brown, Brenna Dowell, Kyla Ross 9.950
AA- Maggie Nichols 39.7125

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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