LIVE BLOG: Corvallis Regional Round Three With No. 4 Florida, No. 5 Denver, No. 12 Boise State and No. 15 Oregon State

Last. Regional. Are you doing okay?

We’ve had a radically upset-light weekend, though there have been plenty of scares. This meet might pan out the same way. Oregon State is more than capable of beating the sloppy Denver we saw yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that either the Beavers will hold their nerve or that Denver won’t turn it on. We’ll have to see.

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DAVIS – OSU: Nice full to start, little pikey with a hop back. 9.8

HUNDLEY – UF: Front aerial sissone, BHS LOSO rock solid. Cat leap switch side, spots the end and then snaps her eyes onto the judges in a way that’s immensely satisfying to watch, full turn, smiling, one and a half twist with a hop back. 9.775

MEANS – BSU: Toe on to bail, missed a handstand on HB, blind full double back stuck. 9.775

SKAGGS – UF: Double wolf, super steady, switch split. BHS LOSO, bend and off. Cat leap side aerial back full. 9.175

GREENE – OSU: FHS pike 1/2, big step back. 9.75

KERN – DU: Saw a twisting pass in the middle, bit bouncy, solid double back to close. 9.75

YANISH – OSU: Huge full, really pretty, hop back. She always lands with her feet behind her upper body. 9.8

JACOBSEN – OSU: Tsuk full, little scoot back. Not quite the landing she got yesterday. Commentators think it was cleaner than yesterday’s in the air. 9.8

BOREN – UF: Switch leg kickover front, BHS LOSO with a fall. Switch straddle, Gainer full dismount with a hop. 9.275

By the reaction I think Lacy Dagen just did her one and a half!

Empty swing for Muhlenhaupt from BSU. 9.15

GOWEY – UF: Switch split, BHS LOSO LOSO a little off line but hangs on. Front aerial to split, also off line but works through. Gainer full, stuck-ish. 9.85

SCHOU – DU: Missed the first pass again, one and a half front lay. Rudi to finish, bigger lunge. 9.85

THOMAS – UF: Switch half to beat. Looks stressed out. One hand BHS to LOSO, check on a front aerial, double twist with a big hop. 9.825

Live scores don’t work which is always the best.

KARR – DU: Double pike, lands a bit staggered, one and a half front full bounces into lunge. Tour jete half wolf full, good Rudi to close. 9.9

BAUMANN – UF: Full turn, side aerial. One and a half twist to lunge. 9.75

BROWN – DU: Big double lay, scoots the front foot, lucky to keep her front foot down. Double pike better.  9.9

DENVER 49.300, OSU 49.100, BOISE STATE 49.000, FLORIDA 48.475


YAMAOKA – OSU: Maloney to bail, blind full double back with a little hop. 9.8

JACOBSEN – OSU: Tkachev, blind to double front, chest down and bounds forward. 9.8

AMADO – BSU: Two foot layout low, switch switch side. Front aerial, one and a half twist with a step. 9.8

LOWERY – OSU: WOw, the stream has a favorite event. Toe to Maloney with leg split to bail, DLO stuck. 9.9

KARR – DU: One and a half good, jump forward to salute. 9.875

MCGREGOR – BSU: Full turn, side aerial back full stuck. 9.3

REED – UF: Double lay good, scoots back a bit on combo pass. Double pike, lunges forward but looked rotated. 9.85

Admire the temerity of the UF girls for starting a 10 chant for that.

BRISCOE – OSU: BLind to Jaeger, a touch close to the bar but not egregious, DLO with a hop and drops her chest to try to hold on. 9.825

BOREN – UF: Double lay good, one and a half front lay, slightly larger step there, switch half wolf full. Nailed the double back. 9.9

Gill just about held the stick on her DLO. 9.9

THOMAS – UF: Nailed the double lay, one and a half front lay, switch ring tour jete full. Double back great. Another ten chant. 9.975!

BAUMANN – UF: Right on top of the double back. She scratched last night but clearly is fine. One and a half front full, double pike landed on her toes and way forward OUCH.

DENVER 98.500, OSU 98.425, BOISE STATE 98.050, FLORIDA 97.900

ALEXANDER – UF: Stick on her full. Just a bit of legs.

McKenna Singley had a weird check on beam.

RUIZ – DU: Just caught the dismount, DLO stuck-ish. Leans back to hang on. 9.9

LOWERY – OSU: Full turn, BHS LOSO, swtcih straddle quarter. Cat leap side aerial, punch front full stuck.  9.825

THOMAS – UF: One and a half with a hop forward. 9.875

L. DAGEN – OSU: BHS LOSO. Full turn, gainer pike with a hop. 9.85

BOREN – UF: Huge one and a half, two quick steps back.

M. DAGEN – OSU: BHS LOSO, pretends she’s not wobbling but is, switch switch half. Full turn, side aerial back full stuck.

GLYNN – DU: FTDB landed with her chest WAY down and a big step. 9.775 ok ?

LAZARO – OSU: BHS LOSO, switch, split straddle 3/4 to cover the leap series req, full turn. Side aerial back full with a hop.

KARR – DU: Just saw her stick her DLO.

GILL – OSU: Front aerial BHS, switch half to beat. Gainer full with a little hop. 9.9

DENVER 147.950, OSU 147.725, FLORIDA 147.275, BOISE STATE 146.950

I went to take a break because I’m so TIRED.


BOREN – UF: Tkachev, CH + bail great, DLO and a little scoot back.

DAVIS – OSU: Double back great, switch ring tour jete half, front lay front full super under, stumble back. 9.75

GOWEY – UF: Toe on to Pak, shy on a handstand, DLO with a hop.

BRUDEN – BSU: Crazy stick on her full.

RUIZ – DU: Hitch kick switch side, BHS LOSO unsteady with knees. Full turn, side aerial to split, gainer pike stuck with legs far apart.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Double pike, big stumble back. One and a half front lay, hop, tour jete half split full. Punch Rudi a little short.

SUNDSTROM – DU: BHS LOSO solid, switch switch half short of splits, phantom beat jump. Gainer pike stuck but she made a meal of it, balancing on her tiptoes and trying not to swing her arms.

FORCE – OSU: Good double pike, almost overpowered it, hung on. Switch side to Popa, front lay front full, double back deep and hopped to lunge.

VASQUEZ – DU: Side aerial back full deep but stuck. 9.925

THOMAS – UF: Maloney to CH to Pak, spectacular, keeps her legs together which she doesn’t always do. Van Leeuwen, DLO and FIGHTS but holds onto the stick.

KARR – DU: Side aerial BHS good, full turn, hitch kick side somi except it’s that weird kind that starts an aerial and just lands sideways. Split full, underrotated and short of split, one and a half twist stuck.

SINGLEY – OSU: Scoot back on her Rudi.

SCHOU – DU: Front aerial BHS LOSO with flexed feet, full turn, sissone, beat sheep. BHS gainer full stuck. Nice.

LOWERY – OSU: Front double full solid, got distracted, scoot back out of her Rudi.

YANISH – OSU: DLO, big scoot back, too powerful. Front full front lay solid, good leaps, double back with a little hop. Not a 10 but enough to take OSU to nationals.

FINAL: DENVER 197.375, OREGON STATE 196.900, FLORIDA 196.700, BOISE STATE 196.075

WOW. What else is there to say about that? Unfortunately it wipes some of the best specialists in the country out of nationals, but wow. The Beavers are pretty much all crying.

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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