LIVE BLOG: MAC Championship

Emily M here in the NIU Convocation Center for the seven-rotation MAC extravaganza! I’m with Elizabeth, so keep an eye on our social media for her photos throughout the meet.

Central Michigan is the favorite here, but any team, truly, could take this on the day. Northern Illinois is particularly dangerous, and Eastern Michigan has the only other 196 in the conference so far.

Kent State is playing for a regional spot today. A 195.125 sends the Flashes into the postseason, knocking out UIC. It’s a number the team is very capable of, but isn’t a given.

Byes are after vault, beam and floor.

Here’s our first new leo of the meet!

OH FRIENDS, CMU is in a new leo. Will post a photo as soon as we have one, but let me tell you. Heart eyes.

Alright! March in is done, the Anthem has been sung, and we’re on one touch! This thing is going to run on schedule, which is a blessing since seven rotations might just kill us all.

Rotation 1: CMU vault, EMU bars, WMU beam, Ball St. floor (KSU, BGSU, NIU on bye)

Fettinger (CMU): FTY, some pike down and a step.

Spence (WMU): Pretty forward roll mount off the springboard. One arm bhs loso, little nervy but good. S;plit + split 3/4, not full 180s. Side aerial + 1/1, stuck. good start!

Tong (CMU): Yhalf, some pike in the air good distance.

Hit bars for Audet.

Hultgren (EMU): LONG wait. Blind + Jaeger, some legs, immediate bail, legs. Blind 1/1 + Double tuck stuck.

MacDonald solid floor for Ball St.

Carless (WMU): Beat + side aerial, small break. Bhs loso, falls. Split + split 3/4, good. RO 3.2.

Johnson (CMU): HUGE FTY, small hop.

Carless (WMU): Bhs loso, good fight was off but brought it back. Split + split 3/4, falls. Side aerial 1/1. Now counting a fall.

Williams (CMU): FTY, good body, small step back.

Pedrick (CMU): DTY NEAR STICK. OH MY. That was!!!!

Elsadek (BSU): Double pike, good landing. Switch ring + wolf 1/1, good rotation. Front lay + front 1/1, little out of control on the lunge but she covered it. Double tuck, VERY strong landing.

Hit bars for Dobronics.

Rondeau (EMU): Blind lat + Jaeger, good catch. Missed her transitions, stuck DLO.

Binkley (WMU): Split + straddle 3/4, little off but pulls it back. Bhs loso, she falls. Might be a pause deduction there, too. Front toss, off but saves it. Gainer pike off the end, hop forward. WMU needs to get back on track here.

Ball state is HYPED on floor, hit from Goyco.

Bezold (EMU): Short handstand. Blind 1/1 lat + Geinger + bail, good. FTDL!! Small step.

Mohler (WMU): Split + straddle 3/4 RIGHT on. This is angry beam. Bhs bhs loso, good. Gainer pike, good. THAT is what the Broncos needed.

Finke (BSU): Front 2/1 + punch front, good. Switch 1/2 + tuck 3/2, good.  FHS rudi + loso, some legs in the twist. Double pike, good control. This team is here to HIT.

Underwood (WMU): Cat + side aerial, so controlled. BHS loso, slighlty off line but she held it. Beat + split 3/4, steady. Pretty scale. Cartwheel + gainer 1/1 stuck. Okay WMU! Good recovery in those last two.

Menzione (BSU): I’m so excited to see this in person. Full-in, low chest good lunge.Front lay + front 1/1, good. Missed her jumps. Double tuck, sticks it, just picks a leg up. Solid!

AFTER ONE: Ball State 49.150, Central Michigan 48.875, Eastern Michigan 48.425, Western Michigan 47.600

WMU has dug itself quite a hole. Ball State is ECSTATIC after that rotation. Central Michigan also got off to a strong start.

Rotation 2: KSU vault, BGSU bars, EMU beam, NIU floor (CMU, WMU, BSU on bye)

Nicholas (NIU): Double pike SO HIGH, good landing. Front 1/1 + front lay, good. Double tuck, strong. Good opening!

McCarty (KSU): FHS pike, form but STUCK.

Danielson (KSU): Tsuk tuck 1/1! WOW this vault variety!

Hit bars for DeMeno and beam for Hultgren.

Satler (EMU): BHs bhs loso, solid. Little smirk on her landing. Switch + pike 3/4, cool! back leg touch low. RO 2/1, low chest but stuck! What a routine.

East (BGSU): Huge Tkatchev! Bail hand leg sep. DLO small hop.

Lindway (KSU): FTY, not huge, but stuck.

Price (EMU): Cat + front toss bhs, solid! Illusion! Split + split 3/4. Front 1/1.

Kelin (KSU): FTY, piked and twisted early.

Fletcher (KSU): FTY BIG, some pike and a small hop.

Stuck bars for Morsefield.

Kofmehl (NIU): Double pike, bounced into the lunge. Tour jete 1/2 + split 1/1. 3/2 + front lay some pike, but good landing. Double tuck,. good.

D. Williams (KSU): MASSIVE FTY, small hop.

Hit beam for Gregory, Katie Minasola is LOVING IT.

Dobronics (EMU): Big smile right to the judges during her mount. Bhs bhs loso, solid! Split. Pike + pike 3/4. RO 3/2, small foot slide. Wow!

Richardson just stuck a double pike cold.

Augustine (BGSU): Hect mount. Clear hip hand, good to Geinger to bail. Great leg extension. Blind 1/1 late and legs + double tuck, good landing.

Friends, I’ve been in some loud arenas. It is L.O.U.D. in here. MAC fans are passionate!

Rondeau (EMU): Bhs bhs loso off to the side but she pulls it back. Beat + split 3/4, some leg form. RO 3/2, stuck!

Bartemeo (NIU): DLO, huge great landing. Switch side popa, good. Solid landing on her combo pass. Double tuck, sells the lunge.

Delgado (BGSU): Gienger good. Clear hip hand to bail hand pretty! Good handstands. Blind 1/1 + double tuck, good.

A. Martucci (NIU): Double pike, so high! slid front foot a touch on the lunge. Front 1/1 + front lay gorgeous. Her tumbling has elite amplitude, just stellar. Switch 1/2 + split 1/1. This routine is exquisite. What a treat. Double tuck, bit uncontrolled on the lunge, but sells it. Wow.

AFTER TWO: EMU 97.475, NIU 49.300, BSU 49.150, CMU 48.875, KSU 48.350, BGSU 48.150, WMU 47.600

WOW NIU. Okay!

Rotation 3: BSU vault, CMU bars, BGSU beam, WMU floor (KSU, EMU, NIU on bye)

Johnson (CMU): Hect mount, blind 1/1 Geinger, fingertips, and she falls. Bail, Full-in stuck. Good recovery!

Finke (BSU): Yhalf stuck cold

Hit beam for Augustine.

Jones (BGSU): Front tuck mount, good. ROUNDOFF BACK TUCK SERIES! So much amplitlude, stuck it! Switch 1/2 + beat. Gainer pike stuck. Wow! That’s a fun set.

Penny (BSU): FTY, big! small hop.

Nychyk (BSU): Tuck Y1.5, good!

Miller (CMU): Blind + Jaeger. bail little shy of handstand. Another short one. Full -in stuck!

MacDonald (BSU): Yhalf, pretty body position, small step.

Porter (CMU): Hect mount, Blind 1/1 + pike Geinger. bail. Full-in, stuck again! Feet were a bit apart on the landing.

Schweikert (BSU): Yhalf huge! Small hop.

Spence (WMU): Double pike, good lunge. FHS rudi, slid her feet a touch on the landing. Switch side Popa, good. 3/2 + front lay good landing.

Pedrick (CMU): Short first handtand, big Tkatchev! Great toes. Blind 1/1 + pak, pretty. Blind 1/1 + toe front 1/2, good landing!

DeMeno (BGSU): Switch + ring, good. Bhs loso covers being slightly off well. Front tuck steady. RO 3/2, stuck!

Harrison (WMU): Double tuck, good. Front lay + 2/1! Double pike, good lunge.

Big hit on bars for Plaksa! Gorgeous lines.

Worthington (BGSU): Bhs loso, big break, folded at the hips, but stays on. Switch + split, good. Cat + Front aerial + sissonne, really pretty flow. Hitch + side aerial 1/1, stuck.

Underwood (WMU): FHS 2/1, good. FHs rudi loso, pretty. Switch side Popa, cheated the rotation a touch. FHs rudi to end. Nice routine.

East (BGSU): She has such a quick beam rhythm. Bhs loso good. Straddle + tuck 1/1. Swithc + straddle 1/4, her jumps have huge amplitude. RO 5/2, small hop.

Jennings (WMU): Double pike, low chest and she takes about three steps forward and touches the ground. Front lay barani + split. That ground brush will be .5 if the judges decide she did hit her hands.

AFTER THREE: BSU 98.075, CMU 97.700, EMU 97.475, BGSU 97.200, WMU 96.225, NIU 49.300, KSU 48.350

Remember when we told you this one would be tight?! Those two through four spots though!

Rotation 4: NIU vault, KSU bars, CMU beam, EMU floor (WMU, BSU and BGSU on bye)

Kofmehl (NIU): Yhalf some pike, small step back.

Lippowitsch (KSU): Hect mount. Blind 1/1 late + big Tkatchev to straddle back. Double tuck, step back.

G. Williams (KSU):

Hit beam for Plaksa.

Nicholas (NIU): Tsuk layout, really pretty body position.


Sorry for cutting out! WordPress went down on us, and I missed the second half of the fourth rotation trying to fix it.

Central and Eastern Michigan are TIED with a 146.525!

Rotation 5: WMU vault, BSU bars, KSU beam, BGSU floor (NIU, CMU and EMU on bye)

Henry (KSU): Front toss, solid. Bhs loss, small check. Cat + Gianer 1/1 stuck.

Jennings (WMU): Ytuck 1/1, good, slightly low chest.

Elsadek (BSU): Toe hand, arches over, she stayed one the bar and repeated to Tkatchev, legs. Pak, close catch. Good last handstand. Just a flyaway dismount.

Buis (WMU): FTY, some pike and off to the side a touch.

There’s an injury on floor to Julia Beyer, appears to be a knee.

Klein (KSU): Bhs loco totally solid. Cat + side aerial, slightly off but saves it. Gainer 1/1, good landing.

Spence (WMU): FTY, good.

MacDonald (BSU): Maloney close catch, bail hand good. Good last handstand Blind 1/1 + high double tuck small step.

St. Brice (WMU): FTY, piked it down, small step.

Lawson (BGSU): Tough to follow an injury. Double pike, low chest but good lunge. Switch side Popa. Double tuck, good. frotn 1/1 + front lay, landed on her heels a bit.


Harrison (WMU): FTY, some leg sep, step back.

Underwood (WMU): FTY, very high, small step.

Danielson (KSU): Really really pretty presence. Bhs loso back knee bent. Front aerial + beat, some knees again. Switch + switch, misses the 180s a touch. Bh s loco + 1/1, stuck! Better knees that time.

Augustine (BGSU): FHS 2/1, big lunge forward. Switch side + wolf 1/1, good. 3/2 + front pike, her twisting form is pretty! FHs rudi, not there on rotation and falls. The Falcons will count a fall now.

Plude (KSU): Front toss bhs, good. Cat + front aerial, solid. Beat + split 3/4, good split. RO 3/2 stuck!

Rose (BGSU): She’s an instant performer. BIG double pike. Switch side Popa HUGE straddles. 3/2 + front pike, covered some lack of control in her lunge. Double tuck low chest.

There was a judging conference on bars, I think for Penny’s score, she peeled on the dismount and I missed exactly what happened, but I’d guess she missed an element or something didn’t get credited.

East (BGSU): Wolf 3/2, HUGE. Everyone who does a wolf should study that one. 5/2 + front tuck, good. RO 2/1 SIDE PASS. A SIDE PASS. Switch side + wolf 1/1 I love this routine. She’s a stellar performer. FHS rudi, good landing. Really strong.

Gotta say, I’m sitting right behind the Kent parents, and they are IN this with the team. Standing and screaming for every 9.8+ score. I love it.

AFTER FIVE: CMU 146.525, EMU 146.525, BSU 145.725, KSU 145.600, BGSU 145.600, WMU 144.775, NIU 98.025

Rotation 6: EMU vault, NIU bars, BSU beam, CMU floor (WMU, KSU and BGSU on bye)

Rondeau (EMU): FTY, some pike and a hop.

Basara (NIU): Blind + Jaeger, feet + bail. Good last handstand. Blind 1/1 late + double tuck, feet small hop.

Harden (EMU): FHS pike, stuck!

Volpe (BSU): Bhs loso small check. Switch + straddle. Beat + straddle 3/4, leg up and she falls. Tough in the leadoff. Side aerial 1/1 stuck to end.

Gresham (EMU): FTY, HUGE stuck cold. Wow.

Hit bars for Richardson, just a step on her dismount.

Hultgren (EMU): Yhalf, some body position.

Ferber (NIU): Short handstand. Blind 1.1 Jaeger, bail. Shy last handstand. DLO, small hop in place.

Hit floor for Tong.

Dobronics (EMU): FTY, small step forward.

Long, long waits on beam and bars.

N. Martucci (NIU): Giant 1/2 to Tkatchev, good. Bail hand slightly shy. Good last handstand. Full-in stuck.

A. Smith (EMU) Y1.5 tucked STUCK HELLO.

Now a judging conference on floor. Oh happy day.

Menzione (BSU): Bhs loso, some knees but solid. Little overrotated on her full turn but she covers it well and MAKES EYE CONTACT WITH THE JDUGES WHILE SHE DOES IT. Front tuck + beat, good. Switch + straddle 1/4, low chest. RO 3/2, little shy on rotation and steps back.

Judges still chatting on floor.

Benoit (BSU): Bhs one arm bhs loso, she’s off line and falls. Switch + split, good. RO DOUBLE TUCK, bounces forward.

S. Williams (CMU): She had to wait a straight eternity. Oh this choreo is fire. You wouldn’t know she was waiting so long. Double pike, good. Switch ring + split 1/2. Front 1/1 + front lay, arched a touch. Double tuck, bounces out of it a bit and covers with choreo.

Penny (BSU): Straddle 1/4 + straddle, that’s a cool combo. Nice 180s. Bhs loso, turns to the side and covers it well. Switch 1/2, little shy on splits this time. RO 3/2, little hop.

Floor taking a million years again ugh.

Zoeller (CMU): Double tuck SKY high, bounced out of it a bit. Switch 1/2 + popa. Front 1/1 + front lay, bent her knees in the lay quite a bit, could get downgraded to tuck if the judges feel like it. Rudi + straddle to close.

This slow judging is really taking the air out of the room, while all six other teams wait. Not great!

Fettinger (CMU): 5/2 + front tuck stuck, great pass. Switch side + popa, cheated the rotation. 3/2 + front lay, stumbles and almost puts a knee down, but I don’t think it touched, so it’ll just be about a .1-.3 error. Missed her last pass but landing was solid.

Watching teams race to tape the floor boundary on landing mats is endlessly entertaining to me.

Pedrick (CMU): 3/1, great landing! Tour jete 1/2 + split 1/1. 3/2 + front lay, landed on her heels and stepped back. Double pike, good landing.

AFTER SIX: CMU 195.550, EMU 195.250, BSU 193.500, NIU 146.700, BGSU 145.600, KSU 145.600, WMU 144.775

Well, CMU is out on top and done! EMU and Ball State have also finished their meets. A 48.900 for NIU on beam will win the meet. Kent State needs a 49.425 to go to regionals, a tall order.

Rotation 7: BGSU vault, WMU bars, NIU beam, KSU floor (CMU, EMU and BSU are finished tonight)

There’s…a pile of judges hanging out at floor. This is fun. Yay. Good.

Creagh (BGSU): FTY tucked, leg sep and hopped landing.

Hit bars for Underwood and beam for Biddle.

Morsefield (BGSU): FTY, hop back.

Richard (KSU): FHS 2/1, great landing. Switch side + popa, good. FHS rudi loso, pretty.

A. Martucci just NAILED her beam dismount. She also had a totally steady front tuck in there. Really strong.

Harrison (WMU): Hect. Blind + Jaeger, good to bail. DLO holds the stick.

Schroeder (NIU): Bhs bhs loso, not a toe out of place. NIU wants this. Split + split 1/1, low back leg. RO 3/2, small step.

Worthington (BGSU): Pretty FTY.

Richardson (NIU): Bhs loso so solid. Wow. This team is on. Hitch + front toss. Switch + straddle 1/4.  Bhs 3/2, hop.

DeMeno (BGSU): FTY stuck, some bent arms.

East (BGSU): Y1.5, hands low on the table but gets it turned over and sticks.

Lamberti (NIU): Front tuck, small foot shuffle. Switch + switch half, some knees and drops her chest. Bhs loso steps back. RO 2/1, great landing.

Hit bars for Olivier.

Lord (NIU): Press mount, very pretty. Front aerial bhs loso, solid, her team SCREAMS. Split + double stag, good. NIU is already crying. RO 2/1, covers what could be a step with a stick. This place is on FIRE.

NIU DID IT. 195.675. They just realized and there are a lot of tears. The alums in the crowd are now also crying.

Meanwhile, Trott hit a floor routine in all of the chaos.

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