LIVE BLOG: MPSF Championship

As interesting as this meet is, there isn’t a whole lot of suspense surrounding the result. Defending champ San Jose State has had an injury-ridden season, leaving the path fairly clear for UC Davis. The Aggies haven’t had a serious in-conference threat all year and should cruise to the title. From there, things could get much more interesting. Apart from host Seattle Pacific, ranked at the bottom of the conference, all of the other teams have season highs in the 194s. Air Force has been by far the most consistent and is the only serious threat to a UC Davis win, while San Jose State is just starting to put meets together and Sacramento State and Alaska still regularly flirt with 192s. Past the No. 1 spot, there are very few results that would surprise me today.

In the all around, Aggie Kelley Hebert and Spartan Taylor Chan are tied for #1 in the conference. Things could get very interesting between this pair. Individual superstars include SJSU’s Chelsey Andrada, the defending conference vault champion who is also great on beam, and last year’s bars champ Anna Salamone of Air Force. The Falcons’ Tyler Davis is also unmissable on floor, and you won’t want to take your eyes off Alaska junior Sophia Hyderally on beam and floor either.

SJSU is wearing this masterpiece today. Think SPU might be in a new one too. It’s really nice. Eyes emoji.


YEKTAPARAST – UCD: Tsuk tuck full, really great. 9.7

GAUNA – SPU: OOB on first pass. One and a half front tuck solid. Questionable splits on leap series, flirts with the line again on her last pass. 9.375

RELOVA – SJSU: BHS LOSO, great, switch straddle quarter. Standing LOSO with a check, hop forward on dismount. 9.725

BELKOFF – CSUS: Double lay dismount, heavily piked coming in and low, almost puts her knee down. 9.225

LANDESS – UCD: Another tsuk tuck full, little hop, pretty in the air. 9.75

KOETH – CSUS: Short first handstand, toe to Maloney to overshoot really good. Blind full double back, chest way down but STUCK. 9.525

GIN – SJSU: Switch half to straddle, GREAT. BHS LOSO, slow, straddle three quarters is great as well. Full turn, stuck dismount. 9.825

ZIMMERMANN – SPU: Something to front full to open, landed really well. Switch side Popa wolf full, double pike with her chest down a little bit but lunges out fine. 9.725

RAY – SJSU: Full turn, BHS LOSO steady with a super bent back leg. Some other stuff, gainer pike with a little adjustment. 9.75

ITO – UCD: Nice full, she’s always so composed in the air, midsize hop. 9.725

CUNNINGHAM – UCD: Solid full, big ju,p back on one leg. 9.725

WATLEY – CSUS: Bail to toe shoot, okay, full twisting double back dismount huge and stuck. Huge cheer from the Sac State section that seems to be right behind me. 9.6

JOHNSON – UCD: Another good full, okay landing. 9.775

CHAN – SPU: Rudi, rebounds WAY high out of that and turns it into a back tuck with a jump. Made the judge laugh, at least. Whip half front lay. Something front full, good landing. 9.65

ANDRADA – SJSU: Getting through clean. Full turn, one and a half dismount, almost sticks it, has to step forward. 9.8

SAMPSON – CSUS: So pretty. Think that was a Jaeger, blind change double front with POINTED TOES and a little step. 9.8

CHAN – SJSU: Switch half, nailed, side somi. BHS LOSO with feet and a little check. Switch to split, another one, side aerial gainer full deep but stuck. 9.85

REESE – SPU: Double back, lands and shakes the floor, tour jege half Popa wolf full. Think I missed the middle pass, one and a half front pike with a couple of extra steps. 9.8

BRENT – CSUS: Maloney with odd dynamics to great bail, true full in dismount pretty with a hop. 9.775

HENLEY – SJSU: BHS LOSO, comes up short and steps her back leg in front to stay on. Full turn with a little adjustment, straddle quarter, side aerial and her landing leg is visibly shaking as she fights to get the back leg down but she gets it done without any glaring check. One and a half dismount with a step. 9.7

DURST – SPU: Double pike, underrotated, rebounds up and manages to avoid putting her hands down. Double back also a little short but landed okay, switch ring switch half. Front lay to Rudi is good. 9.725

BURNS – SPU: Front thru double pike, flirting with the edge, one judge put her hand up. Switch side Popa wolf full, double back comes up short with a step forward. 9.625

SJSU 48.950 / UC DAVIS 48.700 / SEATTLE PACIFIC 48.525 / SAC STATE 47.925

Rocking start for the Spartans.

Air Force and Alaska both in leos that are new this year!


GREEN – UAA: Big double back to start. Great Rudi, scooted the front foot a bit, switch side wolf full. One and a half, mistimed punch, got it around awkwardly. 9.525

ZIMMERMANN – SPU: Yurchenko arabian, hop forward. 9.725

BRAIDA – CSUS: Front aerial, full turn, BHS LOSO with an arm swing. Gainer full stuck. 9.8

KIRKPATRICK – AFA: Toe on Maloney, really nice, waaaay off on a handstand, toe on to bail. Blind full double back stuck. 9.725

SCHMEISS – CSUS: Some stuff that I missed… switch half straddle half, full turn, straddle 3/4, gainer full off the side stuck. 9.725

DECIOUS – UAA: This is one of my favorites, contemporary and awesome. Directs a bit of choreo at former clubmate Mariah York, who is at Sac State. I forgot to write about her actual tumbling oops. It was fine. Front lay front full great, one and a half front lay. 9.775

DAVIS – AFA: Okay Tkachev, blind to staddle back a bit short. Blind full double back with a step. 9.7

CHAN – SPU: FHS front, leg sep, step forward. 9.675

WIRTH – SPU: FHS 2/1, twisting super clean, bigger step forward. 9.775

KOETH – CSUS: BHS over the beam. BHS LOSO BHS great, beat to ring leap with a check. Front aerial, one foot is coming off the beam but she pulls her arms down and keeps it on, gainer full dismount. 9.75

MILLER – UAA: RO double back direct, fabulous, adorable wink to Alina Cartwright. Rudi with crossed legs but got the landing, one and a half front lay and her FOOT SLIPS and she sits it. Bummer. 8.95

HOWARD – AFA: Jaeger good, right on top of the bail. Double pike with a step. So great to see her back after a slow start to the year.

DURST – SPU: Yurchenko full in a loose tuck with a big hop.

FOX – UAA: She’s the glitteriest person I’ve ever seen.  Front lay to Rudi, great, switch half to Popa. Double pike, comes in short and puts her hands down 🙁

MURPHY – AFA: Just saw a bunch of giants into a hollow DLO with a step.

SALAMONE – AFA: Geinger great, leg flicker, nice Pak. FTDB stuck.

SAMPSON – CSUS: Joined halfway. Switch split with a check, sheep? or maybe I dreamed it, a lot is happening, side aerial back full stuck.

BRENT – CSUS: BHS LOSO with knees, fell while I wasn’t looking. Gainer pike with a hop.

MANCARI – UAA: FHS front double full fabulous, nice straddles. One and a half front lay, shuffles a bit on the Rudi to close. 9.9

I’ve watched this floor rotation enough that I know where the U-A-A chants are. Idk guys.

PRATT – CSUS: Back tuck tack tuck, full turn, front tuck, beat to split 3/4.

HYDERALLY – UAA: First time I’ve ever seen her do floor in person. FHS 2/1 to arabesque, tour jete half Popa, front full front tuck low but stands it up. 9.675

Overheard a few comments about how hard the floor is. Might end up being an equalizer today.

SPU 97.200 / CSUS 95.950 / AFA 49.000 / SJSU 48.950 / UCD 48.700 / UAA 48.075


MARQUEZ – FX: Good double back to start. Then EVERYTHING ELSE started.Front lay front full good to close.

HILL – AFA: Check after series. Hands free forward roll! Gainer tuck full with a hop.

NELSON – UAA: Yurchenko laout, pretty with a little hop.

ITO – UCD: Missed a handstand on HB, great bail. Hollowed DLO almost stuck, I think she hd to hop forward.

RILEY – UAA: Okay layout, big step back and an arm swing to keep from taking more but more laid out than Nelson.

CUNNINGHAM – UCD: Toe to Maloney, good bail. Blind full double back with a little step.

RAY – SJSU: Double back, nice lunge, switch side Popa I think . Rudi with leg split but a good landing. 9.8

DAVIS – UAA: FHS kickover front shaky but on. Then I got distracted by bars SORRY TYLER.

HEBERT – UCD: Bail, nice pike Jaeger, toe on pike front beautiful and stuck.

SCALAPINO – UAA: FHS front, beautiful tuck position, small step.

HENLEY – SJSU: Double pike, chest down but okay. Switch half Popa, okay Rudi with an awkward cross step.

LANDESS – UCD: Gienger to overshoot, double arabian stuck.

MURPHY – AFA: Full turn, pike jump straddle quarter. So far haven’t managed to catch any acro skills. Switch half, gainer pike stuck, coach is HAPPY.

ANDRADA – UCD: Great double pike. Front lay front full I think, Rudi to close. Really adorable routine.

STEPHENSON – AFA: BHS LOSO  with soft knees and a check. Switch switch way short of positions. Gainer pike with a hop.

SUZUKI – UCD: Pak, blind full double back stuck. GETTING the landings.

LIDDLE – UCD: Messy legs on Gienger to overshoot but solid handstands. I think that was a blind full double back, stuck again.

CHAN – SJSU: This routine is so freaking cool. PFI huge, pulls the front foot back, one and a half pike 1/2, good double pike. 9.9 tied for first with Mancari!

HOWARD – AFA: Check on the switch ring, full turn, front walkover with an arm adjustment, split sheep, gainer full.

LUERS – AFA: one armed FHS to Chen, wonky but swings out of it okay. Switch to sheep good. Gainer full with a hop.

SJSU 98.000 / AIR FORCE 97.900 / UC DAVIS 97.900 / SPU 97.200 / SAC STATE 96.675 / ALASKA 96.100

Not Alaska’s day, but everything else is going fairly well. Great streak of sticks there from the Aggies, but it’s fascinating that SJSU is holding onto the lead. The Spartans are looking better than they have all year.


RAY – SJSU: Solid full to start.

DURST – SPU: Full turn to bail, solid, missed the rest.

BRAIDA – CSUS: First pass was some double salto, front lay front full for the second and it’s underrotated and half tucked. Rudi.

SUZUKI – UCD: BHS LOSO, over a little and swings one arm, gainer full with a little step I think.

ANDRADA – UCD: Yurchenko arabian with a side step.

CHAN – SJSU: HUGE full, bounces back straight off the mat.

MATSUNE – SPU: Blind to Jaeger, a little too far and falls.

MARQUEZ – SJSU: Yurchenko Arabian tucked.

BELKOFF – CSUS: Another double salto that I tuned in halfway for, Rudi is good. Double back underrotated, step forward.

RAQUEL – SJSU: Yurchenko lay okay. Had a second of confusion about who she was but I caught up.

LANZADOR – SPU: Just got the blind full double back dismount, chest down with a step.

ITO – UCD: Saw a lean check on the triple series, question on the leaps, gainer full okay.

SAN ROMAN – SPU: Toe on to Maloney to overshoot, dynamics off but form ok, blind full double pike.

BRENT – CSUS: Double pike, over and sat. Front lay front full, one of the teammates just yelled CMON JORDYN GIVE IT TO ME. Double back, under with a step forward.

The Sac State girls also complained about the give of the floor.

YEKTAPARAST – UCD: BHS LOSO great, cat leap switch side. Switch half to beat, missed the dismunt but looks happy.

HEBERT – UCD: BHS LOSO, one foot RIGHT on the edge of the beam, two arm swings but keeps it on. One and a half twist with a step forward.

ZIMMERMANN – SPU: Blind to Jaeger, close catch and loses form for a second, overshoot ok. Blind full double back with a step.

LANDESS – UCD: BHS BHS LOSO, one foot misses and she’s off. One and a half twist dismount comes in short but steps back and saves it.

BURNS – SPU: Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, loses form a touch but ok, blind full double back with the tiniest foot shift.

Judging conference over Brent’s score. Lauren Schmeiss gets to stand around for a WHILE in consequence.

SCHMEISS – CSUS: Double pike, shakes the floor. She’s a lot of fun to watch. Switch side Popa, a little overrotated, front full. Music is literally the Cha Cha Slide for a second. Rudi really good.

Looks like the Hornets are scratching Tara Catour in the 6.

UC DAVIS 146.675 / SJSU 146.600 / SPU 145.625 / SAC STATE 144.750 / AIR FORCE 97.900 / ALASKA 96.150

San Jose State is FIGHTING. The Spartans have always been a big-stage team, but this is ridiculous. I’d still give the edge to the Aggies, but it’s not a done deal and we had every reason to expect it would be.

Heard that Catour will scratch vault too.


REED – AFA: Double pike, good. Rudi I think, front lay front full with a foot shuffle.

WIRTH – SPU: Front to back sseries, side somi, it’s the kind that looks like a side aerial until the end, gainer pike stuck.

FOX – UAA: BLind full to bail to toe shoot, great. Double lay STUCK. Fantastic start.

KOETH – CSUS: Yurchenko lay, comes in short, step forward and chest down.

BRAIDA – CSUS: Tuck full, also chest way down.

MANCARI – UAA: Might have missed the first handstand, Gienger to overshoot with crazier legs than usual. BLind full double back with a step.

CHAN – SPU: Tuning in midway… switch half to beat, side aerial unsteady but there, gainer full stuck-ish.

GREEN – UAA: Giant to blind to Jaeger to overshoot, high and over the bar but good. Blind to double front with a step back.

SAND – AFA: Double pike, way short with a lunge forward. Rudi and slides her foot, her music is loud and hard to listen to, lots of loud clickies that make my head hurt.

BURNS – SPU: BHS LOSO great, switch switch side I think. Fell, didn’t see on what. Deep on dismount, just short of sitting it.

NELSON – UAA: Blind to pike Jaeger to overshoot, GOOD. Blind full double back with a little step.

STAPLETON – AFA: Double back, hop to lunge, switch side Popa great.

HYDERALLY – UAA: Toe on to Pak, gorgeous, blind, struggles to get it over, great Jaeger. Half turn to immediate double back stuck.

Hey Anna Salamone could you sit down so I can see the bars? Thanks <3

MILLER – UAA: Hit the jaeger, lost it from there.

MEYER – AFA: Double pike, step OOB.

Sorry, everything happened at once. Just saw a fall from Zimmermann at SPU, they’re counting one now.

MATUSNE – SPU: BHS back pike, okay, wolf turn.

DAVIS – AFA: Double pike is great. SO dramatic. Twisting something, nailed the double back. Really fun routine.

SAC STATE 192.425, SPU 192.400, AIR FORCE 146.900, UC DAVIS 146.675, SAN JOSE STATE 146.600, ALASKA 145.125

Uh, hi Air Force. I honestly haven’t been that struck by the Falcons today besides the obvious routines, but they’re so steady.


GIN – SJSU: Shushunova, fabulous, bail. Missed the end. 9.1

AGAH – UCD: Double back, alands staggered, gets it back. I think she bailed out of a Barani there and tucked it, Rudi a little awkward but okay.

KIRKPATRICK? – AFA: Okay full, piked down with a hop. 9.65

FOX – UAA: BHS BHS LOSO. Switch half, punch front full almost stuck.

DAVIS – AFA: Good full, little hop in place. 9.85

CHAN – SJSU: Bail, way low on the Markelov but gets it over without clipping anything, blind full double back with a hop.

SUZUKI – UCD: Double pike, Ferrari. One and a half punch front. I think front full front pike.

It’s so hard to watch vault from here.

MARVEL – UAA: Press handstand mount, split split 3/4 good. I don’t know what she fell on but she went down scrabbling at the beam in a moderately hilarious way. Gainer full stuck.

SALAMONE – UAA: Great full, nice body position, hop back.

NADONZA – SJSU: True shap, really nice, blind to straddle back great. Double lay with a step.

SKLOW – UCD: The FACES. So high quality. Quad spin, maybe a bit short, double pike with a shuffle into lunge. Switch to tuck jump, one and a half front pike. This is so entertaining. She’s angling her faces towards our photog Emily and it’s going to turn out amazing. Comes up short on the last pass and sits it.

DUGGAN – SPU: Pike Jaeger really nice, double lay, clips her toe on the bar!!, gets it around with a hop.

LANDESS – UCD: Double pike stuck. Double back, great, switch wolf full split full.

HYDERALLY – UAA: Front aerial front aerial NAILED. Switch straddle quarter, needs a 9.9 to beat teammate Nelson for the title, split back tuck nailed. Full turn, gainer pike stuck. That should do it.


Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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