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It’s conference championships week! But aside from all the silly bragging rights and coach salary bonuses that come with winning the meet, it’s also the final opportunity for teams to get a big number for their NQS to either squeak into regionals or be done for the year, which is way more exciting to most fans than who ends up coming out on top. It’ll be an exciting time. Plus, it’s NCGA nationals weekend where a DIII national champion will be named by the end of the weekend. Check out our separate preview of the event tomorrow.

As always, you’ll find everything you need to follow along with all the meets happening this weekend, including previews of the top matchups, Fantasy Gymnastics resources and every scoring and video link you could ever need.

Can’t-Miss Matchups

SEC Championship

When You Need to Tell Your Friends You’re Busy: Saturday, March 23, 4:00 p.m. ET (SECN) & 8:00 p.m. ET (ESPN2)

Why You Should Cancel Plans For It: We all know each of these teams is capable of big scores, but what’s especially exciting is this championship’s seeding. Florida lost the No. 1 seed it’s held all season after LSU’s huge score last week, so the Tigers will now compete in Olympic order on Saturday evening, pushing the Gators to a start on bars. These are the two teams most expected to go for the title, so it will be fun to see how they fare. Also keep in mind that Florida won its matchup against LSU in Baton Rouge earlier this year. In addition,  Kentucky and Georgia are in the evening session, with the former team outscoring Alabama in the past few weeks to relegate it to the afternoon. Will the performances from these teams reflect seeding?

Routines to Avoid Going to the Bathroom During: Sophia Carter (Ark, FX), Sarah Finnegan (LSU, BB), Derrian Gobourne (Aub, FX), Belle Gottula (Miz, BB), Ari Guerra (Ala, FX), Alex Hyland (UK, FX),Trinity Thomas (UF, UB), Sabrina Vega (UGA, BB)

What Else You Should Know Before Tuning In: LSU has won the last two championship titles, followed by Florida in 2016 and Alabama in 2015. Overall, LSU has three total titles, Florida has 10, Alabama has nine and Georgia has 16. This is also the first year since the two-session competition began that Alabama has competed in the afternoon.

Pac-12 Championship

When You Need to Tell Your Friends You’re Busy: Saturday, March 23 at 3 p.m. ET and 8 p.m. ET on Pac-12 Network

Why You Should Cancel Plans For It: UCLA is the strong favorite for the Pac-12 title, but the fact that the event is essentially a Utah home meet has the potential to throw a wrench into the proceedings. It’s unlikely that the Bruins, and especially Kyla Ross, will suffer any ill effects from their error-ridden senior night, and Utah has too many just-OK routines to contend if the Bruins hit and scoring is equitable. California and Oregon State each have one mid-197 score this year and could theoretically finish above the Utes, but both season highs were set at home. Seeing them compete at the same time should help sort out how much was quality gymnastics and how much was home scoring. Washington is on a higher level than the other three teams in the afternoon session and has been improving throughout the season, but without all arounder Evanni Roberson it’ll need another great day from surging Madison Copiak to stay ahead of Arizona State. Arizona and Stanford will be fighting it out at the bottom, but each have a few routines that could land on the individual podiums.

Routines to Avoid Going to the Bathroom During: Kyla Ross (UCLA, VT UB BB FX), Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA, BB FX), Felicia Hano (UCLA, VT FX), MyKayla Skinner (UU, VT FX), MaKenna Merrell-Giles (UU, UB FX), Milan Clausi (Cal, VT FX), Isis Lowery (OSU, FX), Kaitlyn Yanish (OSU, VT FX), Madison Copiak (UW, UB BB), Maya Washington (UW, UB FX), Cairo Leonard-Baker (ASU, UB FX), Christina Berg (UA, UB FX), Kyla Bryant (Stan., UB BB FX)

What Else You Should Know Before Tuning In: UCLA was originally assigned as host for this meet before the conference decided to shift it to a neutral site that happens to be in Utah’s backyard.

Big Ten Championship

When You Need to Tell Your Friends You’re Busy: Saturday, March 23 at 12 p.m. ET and 5 p.m. ET on BTN

Why You Should Cancel Plans For It: This one is going to be wild! Michigan has won five-straight, but Minnesota topped the Wolverines in a quad at Missouri last weekend. It is clear that if Michigan gives Minnesota even the slightest opening, the Gophers can capitalize. And don’t count out Nebraska! The Huskers scored a massive 197.675 last weekend and are clearly capable of sneaking past the two favorites with a big hit. We’ll also be closely watching the all around battle. Lexy Ramler, Natalie Wojcik, Olivia Karas and Sienna Crouse are all capable of taking that crown. We expect this one to be a true fight, and you don’t want to miss it.

Routines to Avoid Going to the Bathroom During: Natalie Wojcik (UM, VT, BB), Lexy Ramler (Minn., UB, BB), Sienna Crouse (Neb, VT, FX), Claire Gagliardi (tOSU, UB), Clair Kaji (Iowa, BB, FX), Mary Jane Otto (Ill, UB, BB), Melissa Astarita (PSU, FX), Collea Burgess (UMD, FX), Lea Mitchell (MSU, VT, FX), Belle Huang (RU, BB, FX)

What Else You Should Know Before Tuning In: Ohio State senior Jamie Stone went down with a lower leg injury during floor last weekend. Her status is unknown; if she is out, Ohio State’s chances for an upset look slim. A reminder: Any team from either session can win. The afternoon session is Ohio State, Maryland, Michigan State and Rutgers while Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Penn State will be in the evening session. Note that all Big Ten teams are either locked for regionals or are mathematically out; any changes in rankings after this meet will only impact seeding.

Meets You Didn’t Know You Should Be Interested In

Big 12 Championship

When the Meet’s Happening: Saturday, March 23 at 2 p.m. ET on ESPNU

Why You Should See the Error of Your Ways: Having not slipped below No. 1 in the country all season, Oklahoma is clearly the frontrunner here. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other three Big 12 teams, each of whom could be on par with one another on any given day. You also have the chance to see some of the top-ranked fan favorite floor routines of the year from Brenna Dowell, Kirah Koshinksi and Lynnzee Brown. Plus, if Oklahoma doesn’t put up its A-team lineups, there’s a real chance of things remaining close between the Pioneers and Sooners at this competition.

Routines to Look Up on YouTube Before the Meet That Prove Our Point: Brenna Dowell (OU, FX), Nicole Lehrmann (OU, UB), Lynnzee Brown (DU, VT, FX), Alexis Vasquez (DU, BB), Kirah Koshinski (WVU, VT, FX), Jaquie Tun (WVU, FX), Sophia Steinmeyer (ISU, VT), Grace Woolfolk (ISU, BB)

MIC Championship

When the Meet’s Happening: Friday, March 22 at 7 p.m. ET

Why You Should See the Error of Your Ways: If you’ve been living under a rock and missed the season-long back-and-forth between UIC and Lindenwood, here is your wakeup call: These two teams will do battle for this title, and it should be thrilling, not to mention a preview of the USAG nationals team final. Texas Woman’s hasn’t had its best year, but don’t count it totally out of the conversation. Keep an eye on lone-DIII team Centenary too; the Ladies are hosting and are fully capable of beating one if not two of their DI foes. The all around title will also be hard-fought: Courtney Mitchell, Bria Northrop and Kayla Baddeley can all hit big numbers, and don’t count out Mikailla Northern, Ryan Henry or Gabi Cooke if the top three falter. Another thing to keep in mind: Lindenwood and UIC are two of four teams fighting for the final two regionals spots. UIC needs a 195.925 to clinch no matter what the rest of the field does. The Flames are fully capable of that number, but it is by no means a given. Lindenwood needs at least a 195.050—and for Kent State to have an off day—to have a shot.

Routines to Look Up on YouTube Before the Meet That Prove Our Point: Kayla Baddeley (UIC, VT, BB), Courtney Mitchell (LU, FX), Bria Northrop (TWU, FX), Gabi Cooke (Ill. St, BB, FX), Anna Kaziska (SEMO, BB, FX), Navia Jordan (CC, FX)

MAC Championship

When the Meet’s Happening: Saturday, March 23 at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN3

Why You Should See the Error of Your Ways: This seven-team field is incredibly tightly packed. Central Michigan comes in as the favorite: It is ranked No. 1 in the conference, is the regular season champion and the only team with two 196s so far. Eastern Michigan made a case for itself last weekend, putting up the only other 196 in the conference. Nos. 2 and 3 Kent State and Northern Illinois have both come close to that number and are capable of taking advantage of mistakes from other teams. Plus, Northern Illinois is hosting; can it capitalize on the home field advantage? Trailing a touch behind, Ball State, Western Michigan and Bowling Green have yet to really put together a big, full hit; if any of those three teams can make it happen, they will also be dangerous. Here’s just how close it is: The Chippewas are well out in front by NQS, but the other six teams are separated by just over a point. The all around title is also going to be close with Rachael Underwood, Emili Dobronics and Denelle Pedrick each having a number of titles to their names so far. Morgan Spence, Jovannah East and Jada Rondeau track just behind.

Routines to Look Up on YouTube Before the Meet That Prove Our Point: Denelle Pedrick (CMU, VT, FX), Abby Fletcher (KSU, FX), Anna Martucci (NIU, FX), Emili Dobronics (EMU, FX), Rachael Underwood (WMU, FX), Kaitlyn Menzione (Ball St., FX), Jovannah East (BGSU, BB, FX)

MRGC Championship

When the Meet’s Happening: Friday, March 22 at 8 p.m. ET on BYUtv

Why You Should See the Error of Your Ways: This is one of two conference championships happening on Friday, so you really have no excuse not to watch it. Beyond that, this could be one of the closest finishes of any meet this weekend. Boise State is the reigning champion and still holds the highest national ranking of any team in the MRGC. The Broncos missed competing last weekend due to travel complications, so they’ll want to put up a good road number here. BYU nearly upset Boise State last season at this meet, and it’s hosting this year. The pressure will be on Boise State to put up a great set of routines if it wants to defend its title while the Cougars will be waiting in the wings and have their home crowd behind them. Southern Utah is also capable of putting up a 196 (its 2019 high is a 196.575) if it hits to the best of its ability. It will probably take its best meet or mistakes from the top two teams to come out on top, but the Thunderbirds are a very capable up-and-coming team that, with its stellar freshman class, has a bright future. Utah State has had a very up-and-down season. It did hit 196 once on the road but has mainly hovered in the 195s. The Aggies are an exciting team to watch—especially senior Madison Ward-Sessions on floor—and are another team that has a bright future ahead of it as second-year head coach Amy Smith continues to shape the program for the better.  

Routines to Look Up on YouTube Before the Meet That Prove Our Point: Madison Ward-Sessions (USU, FX), Autumn DeHarde (USU, BB), Shylen Murakami (SUU, UB, BB), Karley McClain (SUU, FX), Shannon Evans (BYU, FX), Natasha Marsh (BYU, BB), Gabriela Bouza (BSU, BB), Emily Muhlenhaupt (BSU, UB)

Meets You Should at Least Record and Watch Later

MPSF Championship

When to Find It on the TV Guide: Saturday, March 23 at 9 p.m. ET

Why You Should Clear Space on Your DVR: The last conference championship of 2019 has some of the best feel-good storylines in the country this year. UC Davis is a strong favorite to pick up the title, but it could be vulnerable to a charge from talented but inconsistent Air Force. Meanwhile, Alaska has had a record-breaking year and could finish ranked in the fifties for the first time in a decade, and Sacramento State is a wildcard with a season high that would contend for the title. On the individual side, expect a fierce battle between UC Davis’ Kelley Hebert and SJSU’s Taylor Chan, who are tied for No. 1 in the conference in the all around.

Routines to Check Out If You Can’t Rewatch Everything: Taylor Chan (SJSU, BB FX), Chelsey Andrada (SJSU, VT BB), Anna Salamone (USAFA, VT UB), Kelley Hebert (UCD, VT FX), Yasmine Yektaparast (UCD, BB FX), Darian Burns (SPU, BB), Jackie Sampson (CSUS, UB BB), Sophia Hyderally (UAA, BB FX)

ECAC-I Championship

When to Find It on the TV Guide: Saturday, March 23 at 12:00 p.m. on ESPN+

Why You Should Clear Space on Your DVR: The ECAC championship is always an exciting competition. All six teams in the conference have similar scoring potentials, so it’s anyone’s guess as to who will take the title. If you love close competitions where the final results are hard to predict, this is definitely one you will want to come back and watch later.

Routines to Check Out If You Can’t Rewatch Everything: Jessica Wang (Yale; UB, BB), Jade Buford (Yale; FX), India Anderson (Temple, FX), Monica Servidio (Temple, BB), Jaylene Everett (Temple, FX), Donna Webster (Cornell, VT), Izzy Herczeg (Cornell, FX), Mei Li Costa (Brown, UB), Julia Green (Brown, FX), Caroline Moore (Penn, BB), Sydney Kraez (Penn, FX), Samantha Sakti (W&M, FX), Evan Pakshong (W&M, UB)

ECAC-II Championship

When to Find It on the TV Guide: Saturday, March 23 at 1 p.m. ET

Why You Should Clear Space on Your DVR: Barring disaster, Bridgeport is going to win this meet for the 11th year running, but that’s hardly the point. The Purple Knights are deep, technically strong and capable of huge scores this year—but they can’t seem to hit a beam rotation. This is their last chance to break the streak before USAG nationals. West Chester is right on the edge of qualifying to those nationals, but it’ll need both a great meet and a miss from Division I Brown to get the job done. Southern Connecticut has had a record year with the help of superstar freshman Hannah Stahlbrodt, who is already the first Owl to ever score over 39.000 in the all around. She and Bridgeport freshman Julianna Roland are the best all arounders in the conference, and Roland will hope to repeat her win from last week’s dual meet here to pick up the title.

Routines to Check Out If You Can’t Rewatch Everything: Maya Reimers (UB, BB FX), Julianna Roland (UB, VT FX), Kat Doran (UB, UB BB), Crystal Gwinn (UB, VT FX), Yoli Nodarse (WCU, BB), Sarah Boyd (WCU, BB), Jessica Meakim (WCU, FX), Hannah Stahlbrodt (SCSU, UB BB FX), Jordyn Peloquin (SCSU, BB FX), Noely Macias (SCSU, UB BB)

EAGL Championship

When to Find It on the TV Guide: Saturday, March 23 at 2:00 p.m. on UNHAthletics YouTube

Why You Should Clear Space on Your DVR: This will be another exciting matchup with postseason implications. N.C. State is the reigning champion and currently holds the higher national ranking but lost to New Hampshire last time it traveled to Durham. Both of New Hampshire’s EAGL championship titles were won at home, so it will be looking to use that advantage to secure a victory this year as well. Of course, George Washington also can’t be counted out. The Colonials were the top EAGL team at the Towson quint meet on Sunday and will be looking for a good score here, as they are one of the four remaining teams whose regionals fates have yet to be determined.

Routines to Check Out If You Can’t Rewatch Everything: Drew Grantham (N.C. State; FX), Nicole Webb (N.C. State; BB), Lauren Kent (N.C. State; UB), Alexa Phillips (N.C. State; FX), Khazia Hislop (UNC; VT, BB, FX), Mikayla Robinson (UNC; FX), Danielle Mulligan (UNC, UB, BB, FX), Ava Watkins (UNC, FX), Lauren Diggan (UNH; UB), Hailey Lui (UNH; BB, FX), Haley Brechwald (Pitt; FX), Brittany West (Pitt; BB), Lucy Brett (Pitt; UB), Emerson Hurst (Towson; BB), Ally Wesoly (Towson; UB), Mary Elle Arduino (Towson; BB), Alex Zois (GW; FX), Hannah Cohen (GW; BB)

Links and Things

These aren’t the only meets happening this weekend. To see all the matchups all in one place, take a look at our master schedule. You can also find live scoring and video links for all this weekend’s competitions below.

Date Time (ET) Championship Scoring Link Video Link
Fri, March 22 7 p.m. MIC Scores Free Stream
Fri, March 22 8 p.m. MRGC Scores BYU TV
Sat, March 23 12 p.m. Big Ten Session One Scores BTN
Sat, March 23 12 p.m. ECAC-I Scores ESPN+
Sat, March 23 1 p.m. ECAC-II Scores
Sat, March 23 2 p.m. Big 12 Scores ESPNU
Sat, March 23 2 p.m. EAGL Scores Free Stream
Sat, March 23 3 p.m. MAC Scores ESPN3
Sat, March 23 3 p.m. Pac-12 Session One Scores P12N
Sat, March 23 4 p.m. SEC Session One Scores SECN
Sat, March 23 5 p.m. Big Ten Session Two Scores BTN
Sat, March 23 5 p.m. NCGA Nationals Scores Flo Pro
Sat, March 23 8 p.m. Pac-12 Session Two Scores P12N
Sat, March 23 8 p.m. SEC Session Two Scores ESPN2
Sat, March 23 9 p.m. MPSF Scores Free Stream

Fantasy Gymnastics Resources

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about Fantasy Gymnastics players. We have a number of resources to aid in your weekly success. Check out our updated injury report to see if any of your gymnasts have been out of action.

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