LIVE BLOG: Big Ten Championship Session One

Welcome to Penn State’s famous Rec Hall, where we’re here for the Big Ten championship!

For this afternoon, we have an exciting quad meet with four teams that have come a long way this season. Two (Michigan State and Rutgers) are mathematically locked out of regionals, so they’ll see today as a way to go out with a bang and generate a little early excitement for 2020 (we already can’t wait!). Maryland and Ohio State, being in the somewhat lower rankings of qualifiers, will want to improve their NQS just a little more here to get the best seeding they can going into postseason. Bars for Maryland and floor for Iowa are where they’ll seek to rack up the big scores to make it happen.

ROTATION 1: MSU VT / Maryland UB / Rutgers BB / tOSU FX

Shirley VT (MSU): Chest down on her full, some legs apart. 9.700

LeBlanc UB (Maryland): Missed the beginning but stuck DLO to begin! 9.750.

Hall BB (Rutgers): Front toss to back swingdown with some legs. Switch half. Full turn with a small check. Tuck 1.5 dismount with a step. 9.700

Chesney FX (tOSU): 9.150.

This broadcast y’all…trying my best but they don’t seem to enjoy showing love to all routines. 🙁

Beatty VT (MSU): Another chest down on the landing with a step back on her full. 9.675.

Robinson UB (Maryland): 9.600.

Betancourt BB (Rutgers): BHS layout, pretty piked down. Perfect full turn. Off on her split 3/4…and just as Alina was saying that Rutgers is “sure of themselves…” Oh no, side somi and she’s off again. Needs to be dropped, of course. 8.300

Hinterberger FX (tOSU): 9.750.

Ewing VT (MSU): Yurchenko 1/2, step to the side but the best landing of the three so far. 9.725.

Agaran UB (Maryland): Legs super apart on the Pak. Stuck the DLO. 9.725.

Rizkalla BB (Rutgers): 9.025.

Aepli FX (tOSU): 9.800.

Douglas VT (MSU): Another 1.5 with a step to the side, smaller than Ewing’s. Another solid landing compared to the first two. 9.775.

Peterman UB (Maryland): Big Jaeger. Great handstands. So much distance on the DLO and another stick. 9.775.

Amoresano BB (Rutgers): 9.700.

Abanto FX (tOSU): 9.900.

Hofelich VT (MSU): Full with just a little shuffle. Solid! 9.750.

Wright UB (Maryland): 9.800.

Huang BB (Rutgers): Side aerial a little off. Front aerial BHS. Definitely a bit nervous. Double twisting dismount is almost a stick. 9.650.

McClelland FX (tOSU): 9.90.

Mitchell VT (MSU): Full with a hop to the side. Best of the lineup. 9.775.

Barber UB (Maryland): Hindorff not as high as her usual but still good. Nice DLO, big distance and a stick. 9.900.

Doherty-Herwitz BB (Rutgers): Full turn controlled. Lovely front aerial to BHS. Stuck the Gainer full; good confidence to end.

Perez FX (tOSU): First time anchoring the lineup in place of Stone. Double pike chest slightly down but controlled landing. Love this music! Front lay to front full tiny step. Huge double tuck but off on the landing with her leg up in the back. Still solid! 9.750.

We didn’t want to see any floor routines before that or anything…

After 1: tOSU 49.100 / Maryland 48.950 / MSU 48.725 / Rutgers 47.775

Maryland wasn’t as on-point as it usually was on bars today; let’s see if they can build more momentum going into floor. I’m really impressed with Ohio State, who recovered well without the critical presence of Stone.

Rotation 2: tOSU VT / MSU UB / Maryland BB / Rutgers FX

McClelland VT (tOSU): Yurchenko 1/2 big step off to the side. 9.650.

Hoerner O’Malley UB (MSU): Caught the Jaeger a little close. Pak pretty nice, legs together. Nice full pirouette. Double tuck with a hop on the dismount. 9.625.

Agaran BB (Maryland): 9.750.

Williams FX (Rutgers): Great landing on the double tuck, almost a stick. Huge height on the leaps. 9.55.

Abanto VT (tOSU): Basically perfect yurchenko 1/2, stuck cold. 9.825.

Brown UB (MSU): Missing some of the handstands. Tkatchev between the bars, not terribly high. Double tuck dismount with a small hop. 9.725.

Rouse BB (Maryland): 9.675.

Atienza FX (Rutgers): 9.800.

Lowe VT (tOSU): Great yfull, nice landing with a stick. 9.800.

Ewing UB (MSU): More height on the Tkatchev. Double tuck with a hop back. 9.700.

Peterman BB (Maryland): Wolf turn full to start. Slightly off on the series, leg goes up but she stays on the beam. Shakier than usual today. Back 1.5 legs a little weird. 9.500.

Amoresano FX (Rutgers): 9.850.

Aepli VT (tOSU): Yfull, *almost* a stick. 9.850.

Shirley UB (MSU): Handstands a bit off, full-in slightly off on the landing. 9.750.

Barber BB (Maryland): Beautiful leap positions. 9.775.

Rizkalla FX (Rutgers): 9.825.

Jennings VT (tOSU): Little step on the yfull. 9.675.

Mitchell UB (MSU): Big Ray and sticks the double tuck dismount. First stick of the rotation. 9.825.

Wright BB (Maryland): Front aerial with slightly bent legs, back LOSO much better. Off on her front toss. 8.950.

Ali FX (Rutgers): Full-in with a slide back. Straddle leaps nice position. Front tuck through to double back. So much personality in this routine. 9.850.

Hinterberger VT (tOSU):

Ling UB (MSU): Sticks the full-in! 9.900.

LeBlanc BB (Maryland): Officially counting a fall on beam, she’s off on her series. 1.5 just a little step. 9.875.

Huang FX (Rutgers): Front double full, beautiful control. Rudi also good. Gorgeous artistry and execution. 9.875.

After 2: tOSU 97.900 / Michigan State 97.625 / Rutgers 96.975 / Maryland 96.725

Rotation 3: Rutgers VT / tOSU UB / Michigan State BB / Maryland FX

Rutgers VT

  1. Williams: Sticks the yfull with her chest down. 9.700.
  2. Huang: Another great yfull stuck. 9.700.
  3. Amoresano: 9.750.
  4. Rizkalla: Sticks the Ilg! 9.725.
  5. Ali: Full off to the side but a lot of power. 9.700.
  6. Hall: Yurchenko 1.5 tucked, small step. 9.700.


  1. Hinterberger: Nice Jaeger, big air. Bail to perfect handstand. Last handstand a bit off, sticks double tuck. 9.800.
  2. Abanto: Beautiful first handstand to Maloney. Big height on the double back with a step back. 9.750.
  3. Huang: Full-in dismount, almost a stick but her chest is down and she has to step forward. 9.750.
  4. Aepli: Nice Maloney to bail. Stuck full-in with legs apart. 9.825.
  5. Swartzenruber: DLO slight step on the landing. 9.825.
  6. Gagilardi: Love the Yezhova. Gorgeous handstands, slight step back on the DLO.


  1. Wiedman: 9.750.
  2. Shirley: Slightly off on the series but stays on. Beat jump to stag, great positions. Front toss she almost comes off, probably the most graceful save I’ve ever seen?? Didn’t seem like a struggle. Slight step on dismount. 9.400.
  3. Douglas: Big series. Double turn to beat really pretty. Leaps not quite 180. Side aerial to full, sticks dismount. 9.825.
  4. Hoerner-O’Malley: 9.725.
  5. Mitchell: Bang-on triple series, slight legs. Full turn slightly off. Front aerial leg goes up but she stays on. Leap series much better. 1.5 really nice. 9.800.
  6. Hoyer: Off on her series. Would have liked to be higher to drop Shirley’s, but it’s not dire.

Maryland FX

  1. Peterman: 9.800.
  2. Rouse: 9.850.
  3. Farina: 9.900.
  4. Barber: Gorgeous full-in, basically a stick. 1.5 to front pike also stuck. Redemptive performance on floor for the Terps so far. 9.875.
  5. Burgess: Saw the triple full in the background it looked huge! 9.725.
  6. Robinson: Chest slightly down on the back tuck. 1.5 to front lay best control of the set.

After 3: tOSU 146.850 / MSU 146.125 / Maryland 145.950 / Rutgers 145.550

Rotation 4: Maryland VT / Rutgers UB / tOSU BB / MSU FX

Maryland VT

  1. Johnson: Yfull, slight step on landing. 9.725.
  2. Magro: Seemed like she didn’t get a lot of height but good landing. 9.675.
  3. Barber: 9.775
  4. Burgess: 9.800
  5. Farina 9.750
  6. Rubio: Yfull, best landing of the rotation. 9.800

Rutgers UB

  1. Hall: Deltchev good height. Full pirouette into double tuck dismount, a stick! 9.675
  2. Huang: Toe-on to bail, good. Huge tkatchev between the bars. Double tuck with a big step forward. 9.675
  3. Drauss: 9.750
  4. Karolewski: 9.775
  5. Amoresano: 9.150
  6. Farrell: 9.750


  1. Lowe: Unique mount, love it. Series with a check but stays on, side aerial much better. 1.5 dismount. 9.800.
  2. Swartzenruber: Cat leap to front toss, slight check. Huge leaps. Sticks the gainer full. 9.850.
  3. Gilson: BHS LOSO no movement. Cat leap to switch half, again very solid. Four inch piece of wood, there’s the mention! 9.825
  4. Abanto: Front aerial, chest down but fights and stays on. Gainer pike slight step. 9.625
  5. Aepli: Falls twice, second time on the front toss. 8.050
  6. Perez: Big series. Switch ring to beat jump. Slight shuffle on landing, good enough to drop Aepli’s. 9.825!


  1. Hofelich: 9.85
  2. Ewing: 9.825
  3. Shirley: 9.675
  4. Hendershot: 9.825
  5. Douglas: Double pike, slight hop. Good double pike too. Big scores for MSU so far! 9.900!
  6. Mitchell: 1.5 to front lay. Double pike. Good ending for MSU.

FINAL: tOSU 195.775 / MSU 195.425 / Maryland 194.800 / Rutgers 194.175

Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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