LIVE BLOG: No. 60 Alaska, No. 44 Ball State, No. 34 UIC @ No. 40 Michigan State

We’re hoping for a tough battle between the top three teams here—Ball State and Michigan State have been on top form the last two weeks, and it would take a repetition of last week’s season high performance for UIC to stay safely clear of the other two. Keep an eye on UIC all arounder Kayla Baddeley, who has improved her AA score each of the last five meets.

It’s also the conclusion of the regular season for Alaska, and as the resident MPSF editor/stan I’m really excited about that. The Seawolves could finish the season with their best ranking in a decade. Don’t miss Sophia Hyderally on beam. She could factor into the postseason as an event specialist.


SHIRLEY – MSU: Pikey full but sticks it with her feet a way apart. 9.75

BEATTY – MSU: Tucked full, chest down and a big step back. 9.6

It’d be REALLY lovely to see some other teams during the breaks.

EWING – MSU: Solid Y Arabian, step forward and out to one side. 9.75

DOUGLAS – MSU: Super clean Y arabian, step forward.

Oh I’m already SO over this stream.

HOFELICH – MSU: Okay full, comes in a little short, hops forward.

MITCHELL – MSU: Good full.

SHEREMETA – UIC: BHS LOSO, leg up check. Hitch kick switch side, front aerial, little check, split. 9.55

MILLER – UAA: Great bail, blind full double back STUCK. I’ve been wondering whether UAA scores are tight or whether this rotation is messy. We’ll see. 9.8

Alonso in the exhibition for UAA. Toe on to bail, super clean, blind to Jaeger, gorgeous. Half turn to direct double back, came in short and put her hands down but lots of promise.

BADDELEY – UIC: Switch to sheep, really nice, hitch kick side aerial. One and a half twist with a hop forward. Looks like the first really clean routine the Flames have done. 9.825

NORTHERN – UIC: I love her power stance while she gets ready to compete. Cartwheel over the top, hit acro series, hitch kick side aerial really nice. Cat leap switch side, one and a half twist with a huge leap forward. 9.6

BALL STATE 49.025, MICHIGAN STATE 48.825, ALASKA 48.175, UIC 48.075

Uhhhh yeah.

God bless. UAA is live on Facebook so we’re at least getting two teams.


HOERNER-O’MALLEY – MSU: Jaeger, pretty, arched back in blind full to double back with a step.

FOX – UAA: off on triple series.

Sorry, distracted. Something’s happening on bars. Some congregation of coaches or officials, don’t know what.

MANCARI – UAA: Front aerial BHS really solid. Switch double stag. Cat leap front aerial, check, saves it. Full turn. Gainer full stuck.

BROWN – MSU: Bail, loses her swing on the high bar. Over the top and off on her Tkachev. Blind full double back, deep with a step.

MARVEL – UAA: Press handstand, drop to middle split. Soooo pretty. BHS LOSO great, side aerial with a little check. Gainer full. 9.8

DECIOUS – UAA: Clean acro series, hit punch front full at the end. 9.775

Everything just died. Sorry MSU. Looked like Shirley hit.

MITCHELL – MSU: Gorgeous Ray, bail, stuck dismount. Great. 9.85

NELSON – UAA: Full turn, front aerial BHS a little slow but very steady. Hitch kick front aerial. Gainer full stuck.

LING – MSU: Gienger to overshoot, bit of feet split throughout, open FTDB with a step back. 9.85

HYDERALLY – UAA: Front aerial front aerial NAILED. Switch straddle quarter, split back tuck, beam coach Boggasch is jumping up and down and screaming in the background, Sophia is beaming. Gainer full stuck. 9.875 is robbery.

NORTHERN – UIC: Johnson to Popa! That’s a new one for me. One and a half front lay, really solid, oh now the music is Hands Clap. I hate this. Huge double back, pulls the front foot back a little. 9.875

Alonso in the ex. Switch ring, position ambiguous, kickover front, BHS LOSO with a hip break. BHS one and a half a little deep with a hop back.

BALL STATE 97.825, MSU 97.700, UIC 97.250, ALASKA 96.750

SHIRLEY – MSU: Switch beat double stag, beat jump kickover front. Gainer full off the side, stuck. Nice!

Good hit for Alaska’s Decious.

DOUGLAS – MSU: Hip break on the double turn. Switch half split, stunning, side aerial back full dismount.

MILLER – UAA: Huge double back, lands a touch staggered. Rudi solid, missed the last pass.

MCHALE – MSU: Lean check on a kickover front, switch split half, gainer full with a hop.

My internet is having serious trouble. Sorry for missing so much.


Okay, I think what I need to do to keep it alive is just watch one stream. Bye Alaska 🙁

MSU: Double pike. One and a half front tuck, right on top of herself, great double back to close.

EWING – MSU: Front double full, one and a half front lay, gorgeous dance. Rudi great.

SHIRLEY – MSU: Crying as she walks onto the floor. Senior night emotions are real. Double pike, flirting with the line, double back landed on her toes and hops to lunge. One and a half front pike, hops both feet OOB.

Video up and down again. What a mess this has been

MITCHELL – MSU: Switch side Popa. That’s all I got.

FINAL: MICHIGAN STATE 194.975, BALL STATE 194.850, UIC 194.325, ALASKA 192.250

That was fun, when I could watch it. Solid but unremarkable scores all around. UIC will be a little disappointed—a great score could have gone a long way to locking down a regionals spot. Instead, the Flames will be hanging out in No. 35 or No. 36 with everything to play for at MICs next Friday.

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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