LIVE BLOG: No. 14 BYU and No. 28 West Virginia at No. 21 Arizona State

Wednesday night gymnastics! What more could you want?

It’s a quick turnaround for the Sun Devils, who competed just three days ago at Denver. They’ll play host to the Mountaineers and Cougars for their final home meet of 2019.

Arizona State managed a high-194 despite some errors at Denver with room for improvement heading into its home finale. The Sun Devils look to bounce back into the 196s and drop one of the 195s that is currently counting in its NQS.

BYU’s putting up another strong season and has really started to find its groove. If stating that isn’t enough, the Cougars recently put up their first 197 since 2004 (yes, that 2004) and did it on the road. Shannon Evans has become a sensation, and you won’t want to miss any of the Cougars’ floor routines.

West Virginia is coming off of its second-highest score of the year at 196.100 and like BYU put up this number on the road. The Mountaineers were on a bye this past weekend and should be well-rested and ready to pick up right where they left off two weeks ago.

Rotation 1: ASU VT, WVU UB, BYU BB

WVU bars lineup:

ASU vault:

Kuhm VT: “senior Anne Kuhm” I’m not ok. good yfull with a hop back. terrible angle to judge distance. 9.725

Abarca UB: nice hs; bail a little archy but controlled; blind full gienger PRETTY; right into double tuck, nice landing. Great routine!

Belkoff VT: yfull, piked down and slight hop forward. Not bad, not great. 9.725

Ginn VT: yfull, step back but probably the best so far otherwise in terms of dynamics. 9.775

Yes. love seeing nothing instead of gymnasts competing…

Kaufman UB: good tkatchev; bail, some leg sep but overall solid…cut to vault. 9.675

K. Szafranski VT: nice yfull. That’s the best vault so far for the Sun Devils. Just a hop back. 9.825

CLB VT: flared yfull ahh love the flare so much, just a little hop on the landing. 9.85

Miner BB: hitch kick front toss bhs, little check in the series and iffy connection; beat jump split 3/4 good; stuck gainer full; good routine from what I saw, 9.475, so obviously something there before it cut to her routine and/or didn’t give the connection

Wilson VT: yfull, small hop. ASU’s made tremendous strides on vault the past few seasons. 9.85

Combs UB: maloney to pak good; maybe a little short on next hs; stuck double tuck but with an arm swing to hold it. 9.775

Cyrenne BB: bhs loso, she’s just way off on it; switch split half good; 1.5 dismount, small hop. 9.175

Tun UB: little short on first hs; pretty piked jaeger; good bail hs; ftdlo, stuck! Good routine overall. 9.85

Tun’s bars:

Marsh BB: hitch kick front toss, bigggg check but manages to stay on; bhs loso good; just a little tentative so far; full turn, good; switch to double stag, good; stuck gainer full. BYU’s definitely a little off on beam today. 9.65

Boden BB: front toss bhs good; little check on full turn; switch split 1/4, good; 1.5 dismount…good. Oh look, another judges conference, lovely. 9.275. Start value of 9.5, looks like she missed some connections.

Evans BB: bhs loso good; BYU needs her score; full turn, small check; hitch hick front toss, small check; switch straddle 1/4, a little hesitant so we’ll see if they give the connection; stuck gainer pike; it’s a hit, at least. 9.85, they must’ve given the connection.

Zhong (?) exh BB: switch split good; full turn, hip check; bhs loso good; beat jump front aerial sissone good, sissone connection iffy; 1.5 dismount, good landing from what I could tell. When your exh is one of your better routines…that’s BYU today.

After 1:
ASU 49.025

WVU 48.875
BYU 47.95

ASU started out with a solid vault rotation and WVU is just behind the Sun Devils with a solid but 9.7-y of its own. BYU will want to forget that beam rotation stat. That was not pretty. And so many iffy connections that were credited last week at Boise State weren’t credited today.

Hi WVU. This tweet is amazing and representative of this rotation.

Rotation 2: ASU UB, WVU BB, BYU FX

BYU floor lineup:

ASU UB lineup:

WVU BB lineup:

Wilson UB: good first hs; good straddle jaeger; bail, good; blind full double tuck, small hop to the side. Good leadoff. 9.775

Callis UB: good first hs; solid tkatchev; bail hs good; dlo stuck but with leg sep. 9.85 is a new career high.

Boden’s BB score was raised to a 9.775 which puts the Cougars at 48.45 on beam.

A Szafranski UB: goooood first hs; holds it forever; maloney to pak, some leg sep; maybe a lil short on last hs; DLO, step back, but ASU is definitely happy to have her back on the bars, as this is her second meet back in the lineup after dealing with an injury. 9.675

Kaufman BB: switch to gainer full good, and unique for NCAA, but missed the rest of the routine. 9.775

Hart UB: little short first hs; good straddled jaeger to bail; good last hs; DLO, major leg sep and LARGE lunge forward, may have touched her hand as well. 9.625

Boden FX: ro double tuck good; BYU floor choreo is such a gift. We are not worthy. and we cut away for bars. fun. love that. not.

Kuhm UB: straddled jaeger good; saves next hs from going over nicely, good bail hs; little short last hs; DLO, small hop. Good overall. 9.825

CLB UB: good first hs; maloney to bail hs good; I love that she does a piked toe shoot instead of straddled; good full in dismount. Great routine for the sophomore. 9.875

Yes, we want to see judges instead of BYU floor???

Koshinski BB: bhs loso small foot lift but not terrible. cut to bars exh. K Szafranski. 9.85

K Szafranski UB: some form things here and there, but good overall.

A Miner FX: opening DLO, great; ro 1.5 to front pike, good; tour jete 1/2 to split full, good; closes with a double pike, good; TEAM HUG. My favorite. 9.875

Evans FX: this is the only thing going on in the arena right now I think…which is how it should be. soooo much power on the double pike, stays in bounds but not the most controlled landings; better landing on double tuck, nearly stuck; lay lay full, good. Her choreo is just too great, too.  9.9

Bennett FX: good combo pass; 2.5, little uncontrolled landing, good routine otherwise.

After 2:
ASU 98.025
BYU 97.750
WVU 97.625

BYU rebounded on floor (I mean, it’s BYU so did you expect any less out of its floor?). ASU didn’t have the best bars rotation but it still managed to hit 49 and is on pace for a 196. We didn’t see a lot of WVU beam on the stream, but from the scores it looks like a solid but not amazing rotation. The Mountaineers had to count a 9.575 on beam as well.

Rotation 3: BYU VT, ASU BB, WVU FX

ASU BB lineup:

BYU VT lineup:

WVU FX lineup:

Kuhm BB: front aerial to bhs, good; switch sheep, lovely; side aerial lay full, tinyyy hop. Great leadoff. WHY MUST WE ONLY GET 2 YEARS OF HER AT ASU? gah. silly eligibility rules lol. 9.85

Wilson BB: bhs loso, good; switch half good; front toss beat jump good; stuck gainer full. another good routine for ASU. 9.85

Kaufman FX: finishes with a double tuck, missed the rest; good dbl tuck at least. 9.85

CLB BB: straddle jump to loso, good; secure full turn; beat jump straddle 3/4 good; bhs loso, secure, some knees on the bhs; 1.5, step back. another good routine. 9.8

Fontaine FX: fhs front full front pike, good. missed the rest. 9.8

A Szakfranski BB: good so far; switch split, good; rulfolva, lovely; her lines are gorgeousssss; stuck gainer full. Much better beam for ASU than what I saw at Denver on Sunday. 9.875

Hornung FX: double tuck, good; switch ring switch side, good splits; 1.5 to lay, good. A good routine for WVU. 9825

Udowitch BB: front aerial to beat jump, good; bhs loso, and she’s off; I’m pretty sure I remember her falling on that on Sunday as well; good splits on leap series; full turn, little check; cat leap front toss, good; stuck lay full dismount. 9.25

Tun FX: double twist, pretty; switch side popa, good extension; fhs rudi, good control; good from what I saw. Missed the beginning. 9.875

Callis BB: she’s GORGEOUS on beam. I’m in love. bhs bhs loso good; secure turn; good leap connection; fhs to knees, good; lay full, stuck, just an arm swing. Great routine, and ASU won’t count a fall. 9.9

Koshinski FX: 1.5 to lay good; missed the beginning of her routine; hugeee double tuck to close; good routine from what I saw. 9.9

Gutierrez BB exh: full turn, good; bhs loso, small balance check; Rulfolva! That’s 2 for ASU on beam; switch side, good; ro 1.5, small hop; she’ll be making that lineup in the future, if not this year, then soon after.

After 3:
ASU 147.3
WVU 146.9
BYU 146.7

ASU’s beam was better than last Sunday and the Sun Devils didn’t have to count a fall this time around, so that was good. WVU had a strong floor rotation, per usual. We saw zero BYU vault, but a 48.95 isnt terrible for it. One rotation to go! ASU is ahead by a decent amount, but WVU and BYU are SO CLOSE.

Rotation 4: WVU VT, BYU UB, ASU FX

ASU FX lineup:

BYU UB lineup:

WVU VT lineup:

Callis FX: my stream froze for a sec and I missed her first pass; second pass is a 2.5, not the most controlled landing but also not terrible; good splits; 1.5 to lay, good; good leadoff! 9.825

Pitou UB: saw the end; a little close on her full in, low chested too. 9.725

Belkoff FX: nice opening double pike; fhs double full, good control; good extension on leaps; 1.5 to lay to close, good. 9.9

Ginn FX: front punch through to double tuck, good; lay lay half, good controlled landing; lovely splits; closes with a double pike, a little too much power. Solid. 9.8

Boden UB: bail good; good last hs; and we cut away, that was fun while it lasted.

Koshinski with a 9.925 on vault with her 1.5 that we did not see on the stream.

Kuhm FX: whip to double tuck, not the most controlled step but not terrible either; 2.5 and puts her hands down, not quite enough oompf; switch ring switch half, good; fhs front full front tuck to stag jump, nice ending. Shame about the fall. 9.25

K Szafranski FX: good routine so far; double tuck, good, well controlled; 1.5 to lay, well controlled. Good bounce back from Kuhm’s fall. 9.825

CLB FX: sky high double tuck to open, well controlled too; 1.5 to lay full, good; closing double pike, good overall. Great way to end the meet for ASU! 9.9

Final Results
ASU 196.55
BYU 195.825
WVU 195.75

It was a much better performance than its previous for ASU. BYU left much to be desired on beam, but had a solid meet otherwise. WVU was consistent across the board and was highlighted by its floor rotation.

Live blog by Tara Graeve

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