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LIVE BLOG: No. 38 Pittsburgh at No. 11 Minnesota

Now that all the Big 10 matches are over and the regular season title has been decided, the Big 10 teams will have several non-conference matchups. First up for Minnesota is Pittsburgh!

Pitt currently ranks 38th, two spots outside the regionals cutoff, and still has a few more low scores to drop to improve its NQS. This matchup with the 11th ranked team will be a great opportunity to get a big number. The Panthers have broken 195 twice in a row now, and will want to continue to build on that momentum.

Minnesota is coming off its 5th straight 196+ score at Elevate the Stage, so it will be looking to keep that streak going in order to guarantee a good seed at regionals.

Rotation 1

Quaglia (Minn) – y full with a step back. Almost missed the table!

Bochenek (Pitt) – good on gienger, little leg sep on bail, stuck dismount

Sonier (Minn) – stuck y full, little bit piked

Miller (Pitt) – falls on pike jaeger, looks like her hand slipped because it was good in the air, small hop on dismount

Sales (Minn) – y full with a small slide back

Brechwald (Pitt) – falls on jaeger. Bummer because that would have been a good score, good bail, small step on dismount

Williams (Minn) – huge y full, almost stuck but a small shuffle

Dugan (Pitt) – good gienger, great on bail, large step on dismount

Ramler (Minn) – almost stuck y 1.5, small shuffle.

Brett (Pitt) – huge gienger, and goes over on bail, sticks double layout to finish.

Loper (Minn) – y 1.5 with a hop forward

Commentators are looking at the wrong lineups for Pitt, so ignore everything they say

Collins (Pitt) – great bail, nice on tkatchev, small hop on dismount.

After 1: Minnesota 49.300, Pittsburgh 47.075

Already not going to be a road score that Pitt can count towards NQS, but hopefully it can finish strong! Minnesota with a great vault rotation!

Rotation 2

Spivey (Pitt) – y full with a hop back

Quaglia (Minn) – god piked jaeger, stuck dismount!

Miller (Pitt) – y full with a small hop

Willmarth (Minn) – little close on tkatchev, stuck dismount!

Herbine (Pitt) – y half with a large step

Loper (Minn) – good shaposh to pak, small hop on dismount

Brechwald (Pitt) – y full with a hop back

Sales (Minn) – good bail, great khorkina, stuck dismount!

Bochenek (Pitt) – y full with a large step back

Ramler (Minn) – great shaposh, beautiful shaposh 1/2, smallest shuffle on dismount.

Petrikis (Pitt) – y full with a bounce back

Lu (Minn) – great shaposh to pak, stuck dismount!

After 2: Minnesota 98.775, Pitt 95.900

Minnesota on pace for a 197 with that great bars rotation! Pitt bounced back well from a rough outing on bars. Onto the next rotation!

Rotation 3

Sonier (Minn) – good on acro series with slight wobble, good on standing LOSO, small hop on dismount

Ceccarini (Pitt) – well that’s fun, pole was blocking first pass, but commentators said it was a nice double back, almost fell on second pass but saves it!

Loper (Minn) – great acro series, good on full turn, great front toss, leaps are solid, small hop on dismount

Herbine (Pitt) – some issues with music, but now we’re going. huge double tuck to open, great on leaps, front lay to front tuck full is good but I bet that last one was supposed to be layed out

Lu (Minn) – wobble on acro series, slight wobble on switch half, good side somi, small step on dismount

Bochenek (Pitt) – great rudi to open, huge double pike, great 1.5 to front lay to close. Great routine!

Korlin-Downs (Minn) – good acro series to start, leaps are good, big step on dismount

Miller (Pitt) – good double pike to open, great double back, great leap series, good front lay to front full

Sales (Minn) – good triple series to start, small hop on dismount

Petrikis (Pitt) – great double pike to open, little off on front lay front full but saves it, and a nice double back to close

Ramler (Minn) – great acro series to start, beautiful front aerial to wolf jump, nice ring jump! stuck dismount!

Spivey (Pitt) – great 2.5 to punch front, beautiful leaps, good double back, little off on rudi but pulls it off

Higgins (Minn) – exh – solid acro series, nice switch side! small hop on dismount

After 3: Minnesota 148.100, Pitt 144.500

Great beam rotation for Minnesota! Just needs a 48.900 on floor to hit 197. Not the best floor rotation from Pitt, but there were some nice routines in there. Glad to see Miller back!

Rotation 4

Brechwald (Pitt) – great acro series to start, leap series is good, little off on front toss but pulls it off, stuck gainer pike!

Higgins (Minn) – good opening pass (stream froze so I missed what it was), 1.5 to front pike is solid, and a great rudi to close!

Robatin (Pitt) – slight wobble on full turn, good acro series, front toss to scale was great! step on dismount

Sonier (Minn) – great double pike to open, beautiful leaps, great rudi, great 1.5 to front lay to close

Herbine (Pitt) – wobble on acro series but saves it, good on leaps, great punch front, small step on dismount

Ung (Minn) – good double pike to open, great leap series, falls on second pass, little off on rudi but saves it

Miller (Pitt) – great acro series, solid front aerial, stuck dismount!

Loper (Minn) – great layout to rudi to open, 1.5 to front lay is great! and a great rudi to close

Ceccarini (Pitt) – great acro series, good leap series, good on kickover front, stuck gainer pike!

Ramler (Minn) – great double pike to open, beautiful leaps! great rudi, great 1.5 to double back to close

West (Pitt) – slight wobble on leap series, great acro series, switch 3/4 is awesome! small step on dismount

Williams (Minn) – huge front double full to open, great on leaps, great 1.5 to front lay! and a great rudi to close!

Final: Minnesota 197.500, Pitt 193.400.

Season high for Minnesota by a lot! Those last three floors were great after the fall. Pitt closed out with a strong beam rotation. Great resilience after a rough first rotation.

Live blog by Mary Emma Burton

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