LIVE BLOG: No. 25 Arizona at No. 23 Stanford

The bottom two teams in the Pac-12 have been ranked very closely throughout 2019, and I’m really interested to see how they match up. Arizona had a disappointing meet at UCLA last week, looking bound for a 196 all meet before having to count a fall on beam at the last moment. But it has a good chance to rebound and pick up a strong road score here—perhaps with the help of another hit on sophomore Maddi Leydin’s new Yurchenko one and a half, which I’m still excited about.

Stanford understands the pain of a yikes road meet—remember its counted fall on vault only two weeks ago—but it’s putting together a solid set of high 195s that match fairly closely with Arizona’s best meets. Stanford typically has to count a few lower scores, especially on bars, but it has more excellent routines than Arizona as well. Since the two are so closely matched, it’s likely the meet will be decided by errors, but it would be great to see it boil down to Kyla Bryant’s 9.900s versus consistency through Arizona’s lineups.


Sorry, I’m a moment late due to the video link being changed at the last second and having to chase around finding it;

FITZGERALD – STAN: Okay full, twists late, pikes down pretty hard with a hop. 9.725

SWANSON – UA: Short on a handstand, blind full to Tkachev pretty. Pak is solid, double lay with a bit of leg form and a hop.

BRYANT – STAN: Late on the table, lots of distance, big hop back. 9.725

KANE – UA: Blind to Jaeger, really nice, blind… what? Doesn’t make it over the bar and comes off. Looked like a nervous error. Straddle back, blind to double front short and rolls out.

FLAM – STAN: Omelianchik feels a little low but really good landing, quick hop back. 9.875

LEYDIN – UA: Great Pak. blind to Markelov fabulous. Blind full double back with a little hop.

YU – STAN: Great full, landed bolt upright with a little hop. By far the best so far! 9.85

SPENCER-BEARHAM – UA: Ray, caught a little short, toe on to bail great. Hitting handstands, double lay with a step back. Gorgeous.

BRUNETTE – STAN: Solid full, bit pikey with a hop. 9.75

BERG – UA: Blind to pike Jaeger to overshoot, massive, FTDB dismount with a little hop.


Well, the scores don’t work so I’m going exclusively off Stanford’s Twitter. Stanford is warming up an incredibly random group of people on bars which I LOVE. Apparently Arizona didn’t manage to get through its whole lineup in the four minute touch.


PARKS – UA: Really good full! “A little bit of a clean landing” you what? Wasn’t huge but great landing, almost stuck.

YU – STAN: Maloney to bail, stalder to double back with a hop back. Great! 9.825

Random conference over her SV because one judge didn’t think it started from a 10 when it totally was.

LEUNG – UA: Solid full, bit piked down with a step.

WAGUESPACK – STAN: Toe on to Maloney to Pak. Bit of leg sep but this routine is great. Double layout deep and stuck-ish. Good fight. Squatted a little. 9.825

COWLES – UA: Short on her full, chest down, big step forward and to one side.

BRUNETTE – STAN: Deltchev and commentator Casey says IT WAS A DELTCHEV and it was perfect. Catches her overshoot super weird, maaaay have clipped the ground? great stuck double lay. 9.875

SWANSON – UA: Best full of the lot, great in the air with a hop.

ROGERS – STAN: 2019 debut on bars!! Super excited, she was ridiculous in JO and I didn’t want her to disappear. Toe on to Tkachev, a little low but super clean, Pak with leg sep, nailing handstands, blind full double back with a step. YAY! 9.8

LEYDIN – UA: Stream didn’t show her. Apparently it was a full. The one and a half has been a little dangerous.

BRYANT – STAN: Commentators freaking out over her not having leg sep in her Pak and I relate. Double lay is huge, tiny hop and a step back, needed to keep her nerve.

Davis at Arizona apparently upgraded to a layout full too but we also didn’t see that.

FLAM – STAN: Why are you anchoring friend? Toe blind to Jaeger, one leg trailing a bit, short on a handstand, bail a little loose, FTDLO pinged off and flung it way out with a big step forward.

Looks like Micco in the exo for Stanford! Short on first handstand, blind to Jaeger nice, incredibleeeee bail, blind to double front cowboyed like crazy and sits it. I want that to happen for the bail alone.


We don’t get scores. Oh well. Great vault rotation for Arizona and I’m so psyched that Rogers is back in for Stanford!


FITZGERALD – STAN: Different lead, this is usually Cole. Full turn, front to back series is slow, switch to split great. Cat leap kickover front I think. One and a half, leaaaan forward and hops to salute. 9.8

We’re not watching floor apparently. Also, why are we overlapping events at a big conference dual?

STEPHENSON – STAN: Front aerial, BHS LOSO great. I love her pigtails so much. Split to sheep, little adjustment, gainer full stuck. Nice. 9.875

YAY finally we’re split screening.

SWANSON – UA: Front thru 5/2 twist, double back with her chest way down, switch side Popa. Double full punch front. Solid.

COLE – STAN: BHS LOSO, off line, pulls it back with her arms. Switch double stag, front aerial with another little check, full turn, really tentative today. Double full dismount stuck. 9.75

PARKS – UA: Wolf one and a half, front lay to Rudi great. Got her little RO-LOSO requirement pass, switch to double stag, front lay front full, comes in short on her front full front lay and rebounds to sit.

NAVARRO – STAN: BHS LOSO, good. Full turn, front aerial, wonder if she meant to connect out of it. Switch switch side good, one and a half twist with leg sep. 9.8

COWLES – UA: Double back, front lay front full short, almost makes the same mistake as Parks but after a little shuffle she gets it back. GREAT leaps, two and a half twist to close is great.

BRYANT – STAN: Full turn, BHS LOSO, switch switch. Punch front is great, looked off line but it’s actually fine, double back with a big step back. 9.85

LEYDIN – UA: Wait, the commentators thought she led but she’s here. Double back, switch side split full. Tour jete half to Popa. Double back, hop to lunge.

TAI – STAN: BHS BHS LOSO nailed. Great leaps, full turn with a lean,

BERG – UA: One and a half with a hop back. Front double full fabulous, switch thru split full wolf full, maybe question mark on her positions. One and a half front pike great, Rudi to split.

Flam in the exhibition for Stanford. Right off on the lep out.


Wait we have real scores courtesy of a Stanford graphic.

STANFORD 147.300 – ARIZONA 146.475

I did not think Stanford would be ahead given what we’ve seen, I’ll be honest.


COLE – STAN: We missed the first pass because the feed is pure chaos. Good Rudi, bouncy landing. 9.85

LEYDIN – UA: Wolf turn, check out of a leap, BHS LOSO. Hitch kick, side somi. Pike jump to back tuck. Switch to split with a little lean, one and a half twist with a hop.

H. HOFFMAN – STAN: Front thru Rudi, switch ring tour jete half. Double back, chest down. Solid last pass. 9.85

LEUNG – UA: BHS LOSO, off, hands down almost into a handstand, gets it back. Nice leap series, cat leap side aerial. One and a half twist with a step back.

FLAM – STAN: Double arabian, huge step OOB. Front full front pike gorgeous, missed the third pass. 9.725

DAVIS – UA: Triple series lovely, kickover front and a hip break but stays on. One and a half twist with leg form and a hop forward.

HOANG – STAN: Double lay, step forward, tour jete full! Front lay front full landed perfectly, great double pike. Nice. 9.875

Wait I just noticed Taylor Lawson is gone. 🙁

BRYANT – STAN: Full in huge and great. Front thru double pike fabulous, open double back. AHH.

FREIDIN – UA: Full turn, BHS LOSO with super flexed feet as usual. Switch, arm swing, beat jump. Not sure that’ll be credited. Gainer pike.

HENDRICKSON – UA: Pretty leaps, BHS LOSO great. Side aerial, gainer full with two steps back.

COWLES – UA: Hip break on I think an aerial, full turn, BHS LOSO great. Switch split short, standing LOSO, short on leaps, forward gainer full off the end stuck-ish.


There’s really no reason for a meet to devolve into chaos just because it’s held in a different facility. Come on, guys.

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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