LIVE BLOG: Ivy Classic with No. 46 Yale, No. 57 Penn, No. 58 Cornell, and No. 65 Brown

Welcome back to Philly, specifically the iconic Palestra on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania! Today’s matchup between all four Ivy League gymnastics teams will serve as a sort of precursor to the ECAC Championship (which will essentially be the same meet along with William & Mary and Temple), and it will be an important test to see if the teams are really as far apart from one another as their rankings would suggest.

There’s a lot of unique attributes to the Ivies. Though their gymnasts don’t receive athletic scholarships, they tend to attract talented recruits who always seem to bring beautiful and unique routines. Yale in particular has a strong freshman class, but expect freshmen to contribute in big ways for the three others today as well.

We are starting nice and early today! Introductions over and Penn senior Valerie Rube sang the National Anthem. Cool!

**Apologies on scores, a little difficult to track them down here!

Rotation 1: Penn VT / Brown UB / Cornell BB / Yale FX

Cornell VT

  1. Kurfist: Tucked full, hop back. 9.700.
  2. Haklik: Yfull, lots of distance and chest slightly down on the landing with a hop. 9.75.
  3. Maughan: Another solid full, this one with less steps back.
  4. Prescott: 9.775.
  5. Dudley: Yurchenko half, perfect landing! 9.700.
  6. Webster: 9.8.

Penn UB

  1. Garfoot: Gorgeous lines and a stuck full-in dismount. 9.750.
  2. Mitsch: Missed the beginning. DLO a little piked but a good landing. 9.650.
  3. Flavin: Floaty Jaeger but she comes off. Ended much better with a perfect full pirouette and a stuck double tuck. 9.025.
  4. Hoffman: Piked Jaeger is good. Double tuck dismount with a little hop. 9.675.
  5. Frommer: 9.800.
  6. Mannino: Wowwww such a high Tkatchev!! Some legs on the bail. Bit over on the last handstand. Has to correct on a full pirouette bc her legs came apart and she comes off. Redeems with a nice double tuck to end.

Brown BB:

  1. Green: Good sissone to wolf combo. Chest down on the double tuck dismount but love the difficulty. 9.700.
  2. Hansen: BHS LOSO series really nice, no bent legs at all. Good leaps. Gainer tucked full dismount very close to a stick.
  3. Hagenbuch: Sissone to standing LOSO. BHS to back pike. Very unique! Side leap PERFECT. Gainer front full with a small step to end. 9.425.
  4. Domonoske: Full turn with a little step. Dismount stuck. 9.675.
  5. Petrillo: Off on the series. Trying again and it’s good with just a little step. Gainer pike good with a little hop. 9.000.
  6. Jung: Off on series but redeems with a nice side leap. Front pike with a check. Really high leaps with just a small check. Punch Gainer full with a small step.

Yale FX

  1. Firmstone: Double pike with a step back. Front full to front lay, strong. Nice Rudi to split jump to end. 9.700.
  2. Cooperman: Double pike and bounces back with a few steps, lots of power. Ended well with the last pass. 9.225…must have missed something.
  3. Buford: Love that she mouths during the spoken part of the choreo. Lovely double pike to start. Lands a little weird on the Rudi to end. 9.675.
  4. Chong: Ooooh very dramatic music. Double pike chest down. Double tuck very high and ends with a straddle leap combo, not exactly 180.
  5. Firth: Popa to wolf jump full. Love this music as well. FHS to layout to full with a small hop. Rudi with a basically perfect landing. 9.800.
  6. Alleyne: Double tuck to open, slides back a bit but nice big height. FHS to layout to front full. Gorgeous straddle leap combo. Open double pike hop back.

After 1: Yale 48.475 / Cornell 48.750 / Penn 47.900 / Brown 47.450

Rotation 2: Yale VT / Cornell UB / Penn BB / Brown FX

Yale VT

  1. Jennings: Tuck full with chest down. 9.750.
  2. Buford: Handspring front pike, nice landing. 9.700.
  3. Wang: Looks like she sat it. 8.500.
  4. Chong: Yurchenko half with a small step. 9.750.
  5. Cooperman: Yfull piked down but good distance. 9.775.
  6. Firth: Very similar vault to Cooperman. Eerie! 9.775.

Cornell UB

  1. Kurfirst: Bail very nice, same with full pirouette. A little step on the double tuck. 9.700.
  2. Patient: Caught the Pak close but beautiful positions. Stuck double tuck but chest pretty down. 9.725.
  3. Webster: Missed the beginning but just a little step on the double tuck. 9.750.
  4. Luniewicz: Nice full pirouette into the Gienger. Last handstand a little off but she has great lines. Double tuck kinda close to the bars but a good landing. 9.850!
  5. Dudley: Good double tuck to end. 9.650.
  6. Murphy: Beautiful lines and toepoint but looks as though I missed a fall. Tkatchev high and caught well. 9.075.

Penn BB:

  1. Joost: Good BHS loso. Front tuck is also bang on into the beat jump. Sticks dismount. Really good leadoff routine! 9.750.
  2. Nelson: Bent legs on the BHS but the series landed well with a tiny check. Front toss to beat. Fall at some point. 9.050.
  3. Matsuda: Good leap series, very quick. Series landed well. Side aerial to full twisting dismount. 9.650.
  4. Swirbalus: Great BHS LOSO series. Switch leap to split jump really nice. A tiny bit off on the full turn. 9.825.
  5. Yang: Such beautiful choreo. Front aerial perfect, missed dismount but it got a great reaction. 9.850.
  6. Moore: Front walkover to beat jump, simple but effective. BHS to gainer layout full, did not expect that! Nice! 9.875.

Brown FX

  1. Gardner: Double pike with a big step. Very high double tuck stumbles out. Back 1.5 to front tuck. 9.675.
  2. Hagenbuch: Front double full, seemed surprised by the landing and it lands a bit off the mat. She seemed to end after the music had ended, not sure what happened there? 9.200.
  3. Walsh: Double pike solid to start. Landing perfect on the front full to end. 9.625.
  4. Domonoske: Really nice music. Switch to straddle not quite extended. BHS LOSO in the middle of the routine (not as a pass) is always a fave of mine. FHS to layout to full, very close but she has to sit it. 8.800.
  5. Petrillo: Jordyn Wieber’s 2012 floor music I believe. Good double pike to start. Back 1.5 to front pike. Love her facial expressions. Double pike chest a bit down. 9.600.
  6. Green: Interesting technique on the double pike. More fun facial expressions! Back 1.5 to front lay to front pike. 9.700.

After 2: Cornell 97.425 / Yale 97.225 / Penn 96.850 / Brown 95.250 

Go off, Cornell!! Also Penn really slayed the second half of that lineup.

Rotation 3: Brown VT / Yale UB / Cornell BB / Penn FX

Brown VT

  1. Hechtman: Handspring front pike, one leg goes off on the landing. 9.600.
  2. Nelson: Yfull, hop on the landing with her chest down. 9.675.
  3. Hagenbuch: Handspring half on, unique vault and a good landing. Or so I thought…. 9.150??
  4. Gardner: Full nice and flared but chest down. 9.775.
  5. Green: Ginormous handspring front pike. 9.700.
  6. Costa: 9.775.

Yale UB

  1. Buford: Missed her release but winds up for a HUGE full-in dismount with a small step. 9.600.
  2. Toy: Full pirouette and a slight hop on the double tuck to end. 9.675.
  3. Chia: Wow PERFECT handstands. Full-out dismount unique and fun. 9.800.
  4. Baldovino: More gorgeous handstands. I love her pirouettes too. Double tuck a little bit off. 9.850.
  5. Trachtenberg: Big height on the Gienger. Bail with legs together. Double layout really big but she lands with knees down. 9.175.
  6. Wang: Nice bail. Full-in, a stick I believe? 9.825.

Cornell BB

  1. Murphy: Slight off landing on the series. Gainer front full punch landing, solid. 9.675
  2. Patient: Full turn lovely. Looked like a good series. Switch half had such good amplitude. 9.350.
  3. Herczeg: Almost had to come off but stays on. Punch front a little awk but again, stays on. Shaky. 9.575.
  4. Lund: Wild landing on the series but stays on. Sticks the Gainer full but looks like she had to come off at some point. 9.00.
  5. Dudley: Bit hard to see this routine. Looks like she fell. Straddle full and a nice leap combo. Stuck the full twisting dismount. 9.00. Yikes counting a fall now.
  6. Green: Front aerial to BHS. 9.800.

Penn FX

  1. Matsuda: Double pike chest slightly down. Punch front to Rudi near perfect landing. Finished with a great double tuck. Awesome leadoff. 9.650.
  2. Moore: Big double pike. FHS Layout layout half. Rudi slightly awk landing but great. 9.675.
  3. Hunker: Back 1.5 to back full to stag, fun pass. Very enthusiastic routine. Slayed that punch Rudi. 9.675.
  4. Kraez: Rudi landed with a stumble. Double tuck very high step back. 9.725.
  5. Mannino: 1.5 to front tuck. Fan favorite in here, I can tell. Missed last pass but good landing. 9.800!
  6. Swirbalus: OMG IGGY AZAELEA “WORK” FLOOR MUSIC. YES!!! Double pike legs a little apart. Back 1.5 to front lay, a little step. Double tuck high but very cowboyed.

After 3: Yale 145.975 / Penn 145.425 / Cornell 144.825 / Brown 143.775

Rotation 4: Penn VT / Brown UB / Yale BB / Cornell FX

Penn VT

  1. Joost: 9.700.
  2. Rube: 9.775.
  3. Hoffman: Landed weird on the full. 9.150.
  4. Moore: Bouncy full, lands with a step back. 9.125.
  5. Caravela: 9.725.
  6. Kraez: 9.200.

Brown UB:

  1. Gardner: Lovely Gienger. Pak close but caught. Some legs on the pirouette. Comes off. 8.925.
  2. Warren: Crazy legs on the Gienger. Bail was really pretty. Double tuck close to the bars but she fights for the stick and gets it. 9.625.
  3. Hansen: Beautiful Pak. Full pirouette a little off but it’s a stuck double tuck. 9.725.
  4. Petrillo: Nice release and bail. Last handstand not quite there but a beautiful DLO with a step back. 9.625.
  5. Costa: 9.700.
  6. Nelson: 9.725.

Yale BB:

  1. Cooperman: Wolf jump to switch leap. Nice front aerial. Looked like a nice dismount. 9.225.
  2. Buford: Gorgeous leap position and maintains the toe point. 9.750.
  3. Firmstone: Awesome BHS LOSO series. Attacks the leaps, especially the switch half. 9.750.
  4. Wang: Lovely series. Full turn is perfect. Straddle half gorgeous position. 1.5 dismount soooo much air. 9.875.
  5. Chia: Beautiful full turn. Side aerial to full twisting dismount, very nice. 9.875.
  6. Baldovino: Beauty in motion over here!! Front aerial literally no movement. Stuck dismount. 9.850.

Cornell FX

  1. Chall: She is having so much fun. Punch front to front full. Lands the Rudi to her chest 🙁 8.775.
  2. Prescott: Double pike chest down. Love the “Smooth Criminal” By 2Cellos floor music. Look it up, y’all!! Front full to front tuck, lovely landing. 9.775.
  3. Webster: Double pike really big and open. 9.775.
  4. Herczeg: Another really fun routine. Front rudi with a bounce back. 9.800.
  5. Haklik: Back full to double tuck. 9.900.
  6. Henry: Handspring, Punch front, front full, stag leap. Got all that? Amazing packed routine. Double tuck chest a little low but reallyyyyy good overall.

FINAL: Yale 195.100 / Penn 193.100 / Cornell 192.850 / Brown 192.200

Event Winners

VT: Costa (Brown) and Webster (Cornell) 9.800

UB: Baldovino (Yale) and Luniewicz (Cornell) 9.850

BB: Chia (Yale), Wang (Yale), and Moore (Penn) 9.875

FX: Haklik (Cornell) 9.900

Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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