LIVE BLOG: No. 54 TWU at No. 42 Lindenwood

I’ve been looking forward to this meet for MONTHS, and I’m so glad it’s finally here. These two teams have topped the MIC and USAG for several years now, and while UIC is now a factor in both cases, the heightened competition only adds more incentive for these two to show what they can do.

This is the second time of four that the Lions and the Pioneers will meet in 2019. The first was on Friday at the Perfect Ten Invitational. TWU was truly on the struggle bus that meet, but the Lions excelled and registered their second 195 of the season.


BAZE – LU: Tucked full, chest maybe a touch down but looks like a stick to start!! 9.65

STUYNISKI – TWU: Bars isn’t their strength. Tkachev nice, loose legs on the bail, blind full double back okay with a hop.

HENRY – LU: Yurchenko Arabian, comes in a touch short with two steps back. Well, we can’t be perfect all the time. 9.35

DICKSON – TWU: She isn’t always in this lineup, but it’s great to see her when it happens.Straddle back great, missed a handstand, Shushunova and makes it over though it’s super low!! Casts over, jumps off. Stuck double layout to close. 9.0

MITCHELL – LU: Yurchenko Arabian STUCK. 9.725

TURON – LU: Yurchenko Arabian, just short and sits it. Aww, that vault is usually excellent. 9.125

COLEE – TWU: Maloney to bail to toe on, double layout dismount HEAVILY piked down but a good landing, just a small hop.

BOOGERD – LU: Yurchenko full, solid in the air, midsize hop back. 9.725

LEMAN – LU: Yurchenko full, great. Chest maybe a touch down on the landing but stuck or close to it. 9.7

NORTHROP – TWU: Clear hip to Gienger to overshoot, SO clean. Double layout with a hop. YAS QUEEN.

Franklin in the exhibition for LU. Her handspring pike half is a little wild in the air as usual but

VINCENT – TWU: Toe on to bail, I think, Tkachev really pretty. Full in stuck.


Baars in the second exo for LU. Twists super late on her full, which I love, pikes down a bit.

CASHMORE – TWU: Clear hip to Gienger to overshoot, one leg trailing behind her the whole way. Leg split under her giants too, and through her double lay, but good landing. So weird. She’s in a knee brace, but that’s not the leg that’s on the struggle bus.

Isabel Goyco and Bridgette Peterson did exhibitions for TWU.


Well, well, well. Having to count Henry’s stumble on vault there is a problem for Lindenwood.


BISH – TWU: Yurchenko layout, hop in place. 9.7

ALEXANDER – LU: Blind to pike Jaeger to overshoot. Jaeger felt a little wonky. Double lay with a hop. 9.8

BOOGERD – LU: Half turn to Deltchev to overshoot. AMAZING. Tentative on a couple handstands, double lay close to the bar but pretty good landing. 9.725

NORTHROP – TWU: Really nice full, small hop back. She’s GREAT today. 9.7

VINCENT – TWU: Really soft on the table on her Yurchenko full, no height and lands it on hands and knees. 8.7

COLWELL – LU: Tkachev so pretty, blind to straddle back, double lay and the graphic was over her feet but might have been stuck.

PARKIN – TWU: Best vault of the lot. 9.725

BORGES – LU: Bail, somehow peels as she tries to kip out of it and falls onto her butt. Weird. Maybe missed a hand. Nailing handstands, nice Tkachev, blind full double back with a hop.

HENRY – LU: Blind to Jaeger, maybe a bit close, great bail. Full twisting double back dismount with a small hop. Great. 9.6 is rude.

MITCHELL – LU: HANDSTANDS. Blind to Jaeger, stunning, missed a hstd there, great bail. Double lay beautiful with a small hop. 9.825!

Bailey in the exhibition. She’s had a billion injuries but she’s so pretty.


Lindenwood has cut the gap from last rotation in half (ish) with some really pretty bars. Texas Woman’s has a depth problem on some events—it’s not using a layout on vault for fun, but today it needed to count it. Freshman underutilization is a problem for the Pioneers, I think they’ve had some injuries. Both teams heading to strengths now, though.


BALDERAS – TWU: Double pike, big lunge. Nice combo pass, one and a half front lay to close. Nice solid start.

ALEXANDER – LU: Front aerial back tuck, GORG. Tentative on full turn, switch split 3/4. One of the GOATs of turning splits. Gainer pike stuck. Amazing today.

BAILEY – LU: BHS LOSO, arm shift, split full jump. Full turn, switch straddle quarter. One and a half twist stuck.

PARKIN – TWU: Double pike, whippy in the air but okay landing, iffy leaps. One and a half front lay, comes down completely out of bounds. Also has a truly insane music cut. There was Funkytown and Ice Ice Baby and several others.

MILLIET – LU: Front aerial BHS, attitude turn, kickover front slightly to one side but holds it. Split… breaks the connection. Split sheep, step forward, gainer front full with a step back. Still waiting for her to have a perfect routine but she’s just so gorgeous.

BISH – TWU: Double pike, huge stumble back, borderline OOB on her back foot. Great leaps, it was like tour jete half thru split full wolf full, I don’t know for sure. One and a half front lay.

FRANKLIN – LU: Sissone to side aerial, beat to split 3/4. Full turn, gorgeous, great details on all these routines, gainer pike stuck with her feet maybe a little wide.

GOYCO – TWU: Great double pike. Switch thru wolf full Popa, front lay front full. Double back to close. Best one yet by FAR.

HENRY – LU: Full turn, BHS LOSO nice and easy, wolf hop switch side. Side aerial with a lean, beat to straddle half. One and a half twist with a hop.

ALDERMAN – TWU: Double pike STUCK, tour jete half Popa a little crazy in the air. Front full front lay, beautiful, Rudi to close.

MITCHELL – LU: Full turn, side aerial with a small check. Switch quarter, cartwheel gainer full stuck. I didn’t see an acro series, but it probably happened before the video cut over to her.

NORTHROP – TWU: Double pike fabulous. Great leaps, double back with chest down a bit. Whip half front full.

Hadley Roberts in the exo for LU. She’s a freshie and she does a triple series and that’s all you need to know.

TEXAS WOMAN’S 145.575 – LINDENWOOD 145.350

It’s going to be SO CLOSE. Unless TWU counts a fall on beam, then it won’t be. Great recovery from TWU after some bombed landings early in that rotation. LU got lowballed on beam to my eye, but oh well.


LEMAN – LU: Front double full great, switch half to Popa. Rudi to close I think.

DICKSON – TWU: Punch front mount, leg up check. Full turn to beat. BHS LOSO with knees, switch split 3/4 short of position. Good dismount.

TWU: Switch wolf 3/4. Missed her mount. BHS LOSO. Full turn. Split back tuck. Clean through the rest.

COLWELL – LU: Missed most of this due to beam. Leaps majorly short.

GOYCO – TWU: BHS LOSO great. Pretty leaps, switch half to beat. Punch front full. Didn’t see the whole thing, there might have been a problem somewhere else because her scores are low.

FRANKLIN – LU: Sorry, I’m struggling to keep up with the routine overlap. Double back, double pike to close, great landings.

Now the stream is cutting out. WHY.

I don’t think it’s coming back. That sucks.


Super close! Better meet for TWU, worse one for Lindenwood but it’s not surprising that a few mistakes crept in on either side in a double meet weekend. Looks like Courtney Mitchell sat the AA out tonight, resting (?) on floor, so Northrop grabbed the AA.

VAULT: Parkin 9.775
BARS: Mitchell, Cashmore 9.825
BEAM: Vincent 9.775
FLOOR: Alderman 9.825
AA: Northrop 38.950

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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