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LIVE BLOG: No. 36 Pittsburgh at No. 28 NC State

It’s Mary Emma here again for another exciting EAGL matchup (but this time, I’m watching from the comfort of my couch at home). N.C. State is coming off two straight 195 road scores and will be looking to continue that momentum at home. In particular, keep your eye on all arounders Drew Grantham and Caitlyn Fillard, as well as mid-year transfer Nicole Webb, who has scored as high as 9.875 on beam this season.

Pitt is coming off a bittersweet meet last week, where it was forced to count a low score on bars due to only having five people in the lineup, but set the fourth highest beam score in program history. Look for Pitt to hopefully be able to field full lineups this week and improve upon its bars scores from past weeks. The Panthers have broken 195 already this year, so they will be wanting to get back to that level. Gymnasts to keep an eye on include all arounder Olivia Miller, as well as Brittany West and Kiley Robatin on beam and Charli Spivey and Alecia Petrikis on floor.

Rotation 1

Robinson (NCSU) – good yurchenko layout. Not the most difficulty, but clean

Bochenek (Pitt) – good gienger, bail a little close. Dismount with a step

Prati (NCSU) – yurchenko tucked full with a small hop

Miller (Pitt) – good jaeger, little leg separation on bail, and step on dismount

Fillard (NCSU) – little short on yurchenko full

Brechwald (Pitt) – She lives! Season debut on bars. nice jaeger, short on handstand, and takes a couple steps on DLO. Welcome back Haley!

P. Phillips (NCSU) – good yurchenko full with a small hop

Collins (Pitt) – good bail, nice handstands, good tkatchev, and falls on giant. Bummer it was going so well, and hands down on dismount.

A Phillips (NCSU) – yurchenko full with a small slide back.

Brett (Pitt) – nice gienger, mistake on bail and has to recast, stuck DLO to end.

Grantham (NCSU) – stuck yurchenko full. Great!

Dugan (Pitt) – good gienger, good on bail, STUCK DLO! Nice recovery from last week!

After 1: NC State 49.000 Pitt 48.300

Great vault rotation for NC State! They’ve struggled a bit with having enough difficult routines, but very clean vaults mean a score over 49. Pitt had a bit of a rough bars rotation again, but having 6 in the lineup really helps. It didn’t have to count anything lower than a 9.525 this time. Haley and Lucy are better than that, so I’m sure Pitt is going to continue to improve on that event.

Rotation 2

Spivey (Pitt) – yurchenko full with a hop back. Good start!

Robinson (NCSU) – good jaeger to pak, and small hop on dismount

Miller (Pitt) – yurchenko full with a step

Grantham (NCSU) – nice handstand to start!, good tkatchev, bail great, stuck DLO. Great routine!

Herbine (Pitt) – yurchenko half with a rather large step.

Brooker (NCSU) – good shaposh, toe shoot a little close, small hop on dismount.

Brechwald (Pitt) – stuck yurchenko full!

Tamburro (NCSU) – good jaeger, little short on bail, small hop on dismount

Bochenek (Pitt) – yurchenko full with a step back

Fillard (NCSU) – huge tkatchev little shirt on bail, small hop on dismount

Petrikis (Pitt) – huge yurchenko full with a step

Kent (NCSU) – good shaposh, and great jaeger to shootover, and STUCK dismount! Great routine!

Cox (NCSU) – exhibition, great handstands and stuck DLO dismount!

Great bars rotation from NC State! They are on fire today! Pitt with its usual vault rotation but on pace for a pretty good road score.

Rotation 3

Harrison (NCSU) – great series to start off, little short on straddle jump, good full turn, good punch front, stuck gainer full

Ceccarini (Pitt) – good double back to open, good 1.5 to front lay. Great start!

Kent (NCSU) – good full turn to open, great BHS LOSO series, little wobble on mixed series, stuck gainer full.

Brett (Pitt) – good double back to open, little chest down, good on second pass, little chest down on rudi but saves it.

Nelson (NCSU) – good series to start, good on side somi, and stuck dismount! NC State nailing these landings!

Miller (Pitt) – good double pike to open, stuck double tuck, falls on front lay to front full

Fillard (NCSU) – good series to start, good front toss, and stuck gainer full to end.

Bochenek (Pitt) – good rudi to open, leaps are great, good on double pike, and a great last pass to finish. Good recovery!

Webb (NCSU) – good BHS LOSO series, leaps are so pretty, great front aerial, slight wobble on sheep jump, and small hop on dismount

Petrikis (Pitt) – big double pike to open, good front lay to front full, and good double back to close.

Grantham (NCSU) – falls on BHS LOSO series, good side aerial, stuck dismount to end. Great recovery after the fall!

Spivey (Pitt) – great 2.5 twist to front tuck, good double back, and a good rudi to finish

Beucler (NCSU) – SHE LIVES! In exhibition for NC State, great leap series, good BHS LOSO series, solid full turn, small hop on dismount. Great to see her back!

Great rotations for both teams!

Rotation 4

Brechwald (Pitt) – good front aerial to BHS, good on leap series, great front toss, small hop on dismount

Fillard (NCSU) – huge double pike to open, 1.5 to front pike is great, good double back to close, huge power and almost OOB but saves it

Robatin (Pitt) – good on full turn to start, good front toss to BHS to start, beautiful front toss to scale, small step on dismount

Brooker (NCSU) – good double back to open, good front lay to front full to close

Brett (Pitt) – great leaps to open, good side aerial to BHS series, wobble on illusion turn, nice full turn, step on dismount

Webb (NCSU) – such pretty dance, huge double pike to open and OOB, good rudi to stag jump, 2.5 to front lay is solid. Lovely routine!

Herbine (Pitt) – good BHS LOSO series, great leap series, solid punch front, stuck dismount!

A Phillips (NCSU) – stuck double arabian to open! solid 1.5 to front lay, and solid rudi to close

Spivey (Pitt) – career debut on beam, solid BHS LOSO series, solid front toss, and small step on dismount, leaps might get hit in the score but solid routine!

P Phillips (NCSU) – great double arabian, little short on second pass but saves it, and good rudi to finish. Now are we sure Paris and Alexa aren’t the same person? They have the same exact tumbling passes haha

West (Pitt) – slight wobble on leap series, great BHS LOSO series, great straddle 3/4, and step on dismount.

Grantham (NCSU) – great open double back to start, great leaps! good front lay to front full, and great double pike to close

Mesmer (NCSU) – Exhibition. good double back to open, sits combo pass, and good rudi to close. Definitely has potential, just needs to clean up some landings

Final: NC State 196.350, Pitt 194.850

GREAT meet for NC State. They were on fire throughout the meet and got a well deserved 196. Scoring seemed a bit tight on beam for Pitt, but a nice beam rotation to finish. I think beam is Pitt’s best event this year when they hit. Bars still needs some improvement, but I think they will get there.

Live Blog by Mary Emma Burton

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