LIVE BLOG: No. 20 Ohio State at No. 35 Maryland

Are we all fully on the Ohio State train yet? Good. The Buckeyes had a somewhat rough home opener last weekend, putting up a 195.000 after three consecutive road 196s. Will being in College Park help them continue the road streak? Remember, for RQS a team must count at least three road scores but can count more. If the team hits another 196 here, it could count all four when RQS kicks in during week eight.

Maryland is a team that is building. The Terps finally hit 195 last weekend at Rutgers, and will want to do so again at home. That means relying on its stellar bars squad in the second rotation. Maryland has struggled so far on beam and floor, so it will need to position itself well after two to hit a high mark.

Ohio State is also very strong on bars. Look for the Buckeyes to put up a big number in the first rotation.

So I imagine most folks are watching Auburn at Florida live, and planning to catch up on this one later. That’s fair. For those of you using this meet as a first entre into FloPro/BTN+ meets, they never start on time. This is not the SEC. Maybe tonight they’ll prove me wrong.

Also, if you need into the live scores, the password is “terps”, as it is for every Maryland home meet.

We have video! But no sound yet. It’s a start.

Okay! We got sound. It’s 6:15 and the first four minute touch just started. Very good.

Claire Gagliardi! EZHOVA TIME. She has only done exhibition bars to date.

Rotation 1: Maryland vault, Ohio State bars

Johnson (UMD): FTY, Some knees on the table, small bounce, good distance.

Hinterberger (tOSU): Blind + Jaeger, nice. Good handstands. Bail hand, solid. Blind full + Double tuck stuck. Good start!

Rouse (UMD): FTY, twisted a little early, not too high and some pike but good distance, hop back.

Abanto (tOSU): Her bars debut this year. GREAT first handstand. Toe hand, Maloney good. Bail hand touch shy. Blind full little loose in the body + double tuck, hop forward.

Barber (UMD): FTY, BIG some pike down and a hop back.

Stone (tOSU): Blind + Jaeger, great extension, bail. Blind full + double tuck, step back. Maybe a hair shy on some handstands.

Burgess (UMD): FTY, some knees, bouncy out of it, maybe two hops.

The Ohio State girls have a flag that says “OHIO AGAINST THE WORLD” and I spotted Paulicivic carrying a football helmet around.

Aepli (tOSU): Toe hand + Maloney, bail hand. Some leg sep in that combo. Full-in, small hop.

Farina (UMD): FTY, some pike throughout, small hop.

Swartzentruber (tOSU): Maloney, good legs, pak, lovely. Van Leeuwen, gorgeous. DLO, medium step back. Great handstands and toes throughout.

Rubio (UMD): FTY, good in the air, tiny hop.

This announcer is lovely but she is pronouncing Aepli “Ap-el” and I am losing it.

Gagliardi (tOSU): Her competitive bars debut! Blind + Ezhove huge! Toe shoot. Shy last handstand. DLO, gorgeous, small step. Great set for her first go in the lineup!

Magro (UMD-exh): FTY, leg sep and some piking.

AFTER ONE: Ohio State 49.150, Maryland 48.875

A good start for both teams. Scores are on point so far. Aepli is the sole 9.9 we saw in that rotation, which tracks.

Rotation 2: Maryland bars, Ohio State vault

McClelland (tOSU): Yhalf, great body, big step forward.

LeBlanc (UMD): Blind + Jaeger, some feet, bail. Good flow. DLO, stuck cold. That’s a start!

Jennings (tOSU): FTY, hop back, a nice vault.

Glauber (UMD): Tkachev, very big. Clear hip hand touch short, bail hand, better handstand. Nails final handstand. DLO, small step back.

Lowe (tOSU): FTY, hop back a small pike and leg sep.

Peterman (UMD): Blind + Jaeger, some leg form. Bail hand, some arch. DLO, medium step back.

Aepli (tOSU): FTY, great landing! Some leg sep.

Wright (UMD): Maloney, good. Big Ray! Some feet to bail. Stalder + double tuck, panned away from feet on her landing. Okay, replay, she stuck!

Stone (tOSU): Yhalf, great body, hop forward.

Barber (UMD): Bit of a wait for the judges. Nelligan talking Barber through her set to keep her loose. Clear hip hand + Hindorff+ bail, good. DLO leg sep, small step forward.

Abando (tOSU): Yhalf, little close to the table, small step back.

Farina (UMD): Blind + Jeager, very good. Bail hand, nailed the handstand. DLO, step forward.

AFTER TWO: Ohio State 98.175, Maryland 98.000

WELL THEN this is close. We expected as much after both teams went to bars. What will be telling is how these teams fair on their weaker events in the second half. Ohio State’s 49.025 on vault is a season high. This team wants that 196.

Ooops the video glitched and we missed an Alex Robinson bar set.

Oh! Maryland’s bars total is also a season-high 49.175! Very nice. I do love a good, clean, hit meet that comes down to details. We have ourselves a battle!

Rotation 3: Maryland beam, Ohio State floor

Rouse (UMD): Haha the camera cut away as she mounted. Very cool. Okay we’re back. Standing loso + split, not really connected. Bhs loso, solid. Straddle + straddle 3/4, drops her chest but recovers. RO 3/2, just got no punch and sat it.

Hinterberger (tOSU): FHS 2/1, and she sits it! What is going on here? Double pike, good. Switch side + Popa, nice rotations. Showing off her Paulicivic choreography well. 3/2 + front pike, good landing.

Burgess (UMD): Front toss bhs, good, nice flow. Switch + straddle, great splits. Gainer front toss + beat. That’s fun! Little hesitation in between. Front full, step. Good recovery from the fall.

Perez (tOSU): Some pressure; she’s newer to this lineup and following a fall. Double pike, two steps back and OOB. Front lay + front 1/1, step forward and knees on the lay. Switch ring + switch 1/2, good. Double tuck, better landing, does slide the front foot. Not great but not a disaster.

Peterman (UMD): She has a quick beam tempo. Wolf 3/2, good. Bhs loso, some knees, but totally steady. Cat + side somi, good. Cat + Switch side. RO 3/2, bit hop forward. That’s a .3 hop, a shame because otherwise that was great.

Abanto (tOSU): Performing from the moment she steps on the floor. Great quality from the start. Double pike, lunges forward, but good chest position. 3/2 + front lay, bounced into the lunge out. Switch ring + tour jete 1/2 good. Double tuck, her best landing. That should get scores back on track.

Barber (UMD): Bhs loso, great extension and very secure. Front toss, small bobble, beat. Switch + split. I want her to show extension in her dance just a touch more. Split + back tuck, leg up but stays on. RO 2/1, hop back.

Aepli (tOSU): Double tuck, good, slides the front foot on her lunge. Tour jete 1/2 + Popa, great splits. Really performing. She has great musicality, changing with the tempo. FHS front lay + front 1/1, good, maybe a touch low. Double pike, hops back and OOB and hands down. Ohio State will count a fall.

Wright (UMD): Split + Split 1/2, very nice. Pike front toss bhs, good connection. Beat. Sisonne. Gainer pike stuck.

McClelland (tOSU): Double pike, great landing. Very precise dance. Front 11/1 + front lay, great height. Switch side + Popa, cheated the rotation a touch. Double tuck, another solid landing. Very good.

LeBlanc (UMD): Keeps a great carriage in her dance. Front aerial + split, lovely. Bhs loso, very secure. Switch + split, lost attention to her feet a bit. Small bobble on full turn. Pause before dismount. RO 3/2, small foot adjustment.

Stone (tOSU): Double pike, excellent landing into a controlled lunge. Great attention to detail in her face. 5/2 + punch front, just doesn’ tget the twist and sits the front. Switch side + popa. 5/2 much better, some leg cross. This is rough for the Buckeyes.

Agaran (UMD): Split + straddle 3/4, good. Bhs loso, falls. Now the Terps will also count a fall. Side somi, secure. Cat + switch side, good splits but some feet. Gainer full, small adjustment.

AFTER THREE: Maryland 146.875, Ohio State 195.700

Well that got ugly! Three falls for tOSU, two for UMD. Ick. I don’t think we’ll be seeing those 196s here. This becomes about salvaging as high a score as possible now, for both teams. Maryland will be hoping to serve Ohio State its first conference loss.

Rotation 4: Maryland floor, Ohio State beam

Lowe (tOSU): Bhs loso, so high! Great landing. Switch + straddle 1/4, nice splits. Beat + side aerial, small adjustment. RO 3/2, small hop forward. Good start after a rough rotation.

Peterman (UMD): Double pike, hops back. 3/2 + LOW barani + shush. Tour jete 1/2 + popa. FHS rudi, knees and low chest.

Stone (tOSU): Bhs loso, some knees on the bhs. Beat. Cat + switch side. RO 5/2, small step back and some knees and leg cross. Great comeback from floor.

Rouse (UMD): Double pike, uncontrolled lunge. Front lay + front 1/1, better landing. Tour jete 1/2 + popa, good. Double tuck, best landing yet.

Aepli (tOSU): Bhs loso, small check. Cat + front toss + beat. Switch + straddle, not quite 180. Gainer full, piked, small step.

Farina (UMD): Double pike, good. 3/2 + front lay, sort of wonky in the air but she landed fine. Switch side + popa, cheated it and missed 180. Double tuck, not there and puts her hands down.

Abanto (tOSU): Bhs loso, just didn’t have any amplitude and falls. Switch + straddle 1/4, good. What is with these dueling falls!? Front aerial, small bobble. Split huge! Gainer pike, small hop.

Barber (UMD): Full-in good landing, we didn’t see it in the air thanks camera guy. 3/2 + front pike, loose knees. Missed jumps while I was angrily typing the below. Double tuck, excellent chest up landing.

I don’t know what this announcer is doing. She clearly knows gym, but she keeps misnaming things? Like a “front toss” for a gainer pike dismount . I don’t know. It’s constant and making me go loony.

Perez (tOSU): Front tuck, small bobble. Bhs loso, solid. Switch ring + beat, nice! Front 1/1, good, small hop. That was her first beam outing!

Burgess (UMD): 3/1, good in the air, lunges to the side a bit. Im sorry, announcer just said “HERKY JUMP” and I blacked out and missed the actual jump. Front through 2/1, wild lunge I think she barely stayed in. 5/2 FLAIRED IT AND STUCK. Wow.

McClelland (tOSU): Handstand + bhs loso, offline and she falls. Well. Counting a fall here too. Switch + straddle 3/4. WHAT IS A SIDE STRADDLE TWIST?! Front tuck, good beat, not really connected. Front 1/1, I think stuck, couldn’t see feet.

Robinson (UMD): Double tuck, low chest and lunges forward some. 2/1 turn + tour jete 1/2 + sisonne!!!!!! 3/1 turn! YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. This set! So much dance bonus. 3/2 + front lay, good. Shoot. That might be my new favorite routine.

FINAL: Maryland 195.950, Ohio State 194.250

Ohio State really pooped the bed here. Just fallsy. What the Buckeyes hit was clean, it was just a disaster for falls! Not great. Maryland is THRILLED to take down the Buckeyes, and another 195 doesn’t hurt, either. So close to the 196!

Live blog by Emily Minehart

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