LIVE BLOG: No. 3 UCLA at No. 20 Oregon State

UCLA has an opportunity for a strong road score at this meet: Scoring in Gill Coliseum can err on the friendly side. At this point in the season we know more or less what to expect from the Bruins, but as usual it will be fascinating to see which of the seven top floor routines will have to sit out. I’ll also be watching for the possible return of Grace Glenn to lineups.

Oregon State is also set up well for a strong store in front of an undoubtedly intense audience. We’ve seen the Beavers flirting with a few more 10.0 start value vaults in training, and while I would be shocked to see any in lineups today, it’s a possibility.


MACK – OSU: Back in lineups after a wacky floor landing a few weeks ago. Yurchenko full, not an incredible block, kind of falls off the table but solid landing.

FRAZIER – UCLA: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen great, hard to tell how her handstands are doing here, double lay stuck. She’s uncanny on this event.

FORCE – OSU: Soft on the table but good body position and amplitude, gets her chest up.

HANO – UCLA: Bars debut for the soph. Ray, a little too far and falls. Repeats it to an overshoot, blind full double back solid.

L. DAGEN – OSU: Yurchenko full, best of the bunch, lands emphatically, has to step back a little but really solid.

A. GLENN – UCLA: Blind to Jaeger, beautiful, she’s getting really consistent. Teeny tiny leg split on the Pak, tiny back arch in her blind full, double back with a hop.

M. DAGEN – OSU: Another big full, chest down a touch but stuck-ish. Great!

FLATLEY – UCLA: Giant to blind to Eagle to Jaeger, nice bail, little leg split in the air. Double lay stuck. Great.

YANISH – OSU: Tons of distance on her Y full with a hop back.

KOCIAN – UCLA: Chow to Pak, really good, tuck full in is getting much cleaner with a little hop back.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Tsuk full, touch piked in the air but THERE on the landing, just pulls her heels together. Good for her!

ROSS – UCLA: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, the usual.On the handstands, double lay stuck. Nice 10 you got there.

ROTATION 1: UCLA 49.650 – OSU 49.275

The Bruins are approaching postseason form on bars. Just need to get vault sorted out… and that’s up next, let’s see what they can do. The lineup adjustments worked out great for Oregon State, tons of amplitude in that rotation.


TRATZ – UCLA: Big full in the lead, she’s getting so good at flaring that, small hop back.

YAMAOKA – OSU: Toe on to Maloney, bail, blind full double back, hop forward.

DENNIS – UCLA: Huge full, tiny shuffle back. Kind of miss her one and a half but this vault is so good. Massive height, vault is just textbook in slowmo.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Short on first handstand, big Tkachev to overshoot, caught a bit close but worked through it. Blind to double front, bit of leg sep and stuck.

WRIGHT – UCLA: One and a half, slight knees and a big step forward. Her worst one so far but still a pretty good vault.

LOWERY – OSU: Toe on to Maloney to Pak with a bit of leg sep, looked short on a cast handstand there, double lay stuck. Amazing!!

HANO – UCLA: Not an amazing rotation so far, hoping she can get the Bruins on track. One and a half, great form, pulls her heels together. YES.

COLUSSI-PELAEZ – OSU: This first cast always looks like such hard work for her. Blind to Jaeger, a touch close, tentative on handstands, double lay STUCK. These landings are fire.

ROSS – UCLA: One and a half, big step forward but much better to overrotate that than the opposite.

BRISCOE – OSU: Blind to Jaeger, maybe a touch of hip angle on her bail, double lay and seems surprised by the landing with a hop back.

POSTON – UCLA: Front pike half, beautiful in the air, a few steps back out of it.

GREENE – OSU: Really interested to see how she can do. She’s been coming off an injury and also was a vaulter last year. Clear hip to Tkachev, I think she missed a handstand off the top, lands crunched on her bail, jumps straight off. Sam thinks she might have hurt her thumb? Uncertain.

UCLA 98.950 – OREGON STATE 98.500

Really solid totals for both teams so far. UCLA is still working on those landings on vault, OSU is getting there on bars but if Greene is back out and they’ve lost another precious 10.0 set life won’t be great just yet. Scoring definitely soft but not egregious in any case.


LOWERY – OSU: Full turn, BHS LOSO with one really wild foot and a leg up check. Switch straddle quarter, side aerial, good dismount.

KRAMER – UCLA: Front double full punch pike, step back, not her best landing but not seriously problematic. One and a half front lay, two little steps forward but stays in bounds. Switch side Popa, Rudi to arch jump.

M. DAGEN – OSU: BHS LOSO great. Switch switch half beat, full turn, side aerial back full stuck. Short routine but really good hit.

ROSS – UCLA: This routine is soooo much better than either of her underclassman routines. Whip double back is ridiculously high, one and a half front lay a little low but gets it around no problem. Switch half to Shush, double pike great.

DAVIS – OSU: Front aerial, leg up check. Stream is fuzzy but think she’s got bows in her hair. BHS LOSO a little off line but saves it, switch straddle quarter. Full turn to split, front gainer full stuck.

TRATZ – UCLA: Full in, big step OOB but hey she pointed her toe while she did it. One and a half front full is solid, clean through leap series, nailed her double back.

GILL – OSU: She’s had a few injuries and is only back training the past three weeks. She’s in beam for Yanish who fell in warm up. Split double stag, front aerial BHS great.Stuck gainer full. Looked a bit tentative throughout but not a surprise for a first routine.

DENNIS – UCLA: Pike full in gorgeus and great landing! Front full front lay dances out, I worry about that landing sometimes, she hops into a pose and it’s very open to interpretation. Leaps huge as always, double back fantastic. Phenomenal routine.

L. DAGEN – OSU: Switch switch side, little check, front aerial split great. BHS LOSO great and beams. Full turn, gainer pike with a little foot shift. Amazing, team hug tackles her and knocks her over.

FRAZIER – UCLA: Full in, frame is not great but I think she had to pull her front foot back. Whip thru double back, definite scoot that time. Another one on the double pike. TOO MUCH POWER.

LAZARO – OSU: BHS LOSO great, switch straddle 3/4. Full turn, check and an arm swing, side aerial back full stuck DEAD.

HANO – UCLA: I’m warming up to this routine, great double lay. front full to Barani. Tour jete half wolf full or something like that, double pike hop to lunge. One of her very best. 9.9? Rude.

UCLA 148.325 – OREGON STATE 147.850

Oregon State doesn’t feel like a team that’s about to go 197 but I can’t point to anything that I’m unhappy with, it’s odd. UCLA is much less erratic than in previous weeks and could be set up for a season high here.


NGUYEN – UCLA: Full turn, front aerial LOSO… looks like one foot isn’t quite on, uses her arms to stay in line. Switch split, split 3/4, punch front full stuck-ish.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Double pike, one and a half front lay… apparently she fell on that in touch, stat the front lay, but this is fine! Great leaps. Punch Rudi is great. One of her absolute best and the dance in this one is just fabulous.

KOCIAN – UCLA: BHS LOSO great. Front aerial to split, full turn, switch split. Double full dismount hop back.

MACK – OSU: Still with the Hunger Games routine, I’m excited to see her back in. Front lay Rudi. Switch side Popa, so much energy in the choreo here. Double pike underrotated but didn’t look painful, front lay front full comes in a bit deep but solid.

FLATLEY – UCLA: Front aerial LOSO, knees look better though it might just be the front aerial. Check on her side aerial, pretends it’s just a side somi, switch split, BHS one and a half dismount with a little hop back.

M. DAGEN – OSU: Double back, bit of a slide on the front foot, good leaps. Big slide on her double pike, another one who’s just got a bit too much gas today. Front lay front full, good.

DENNIS – UCLA: Front aerial LOSO good. Great thru dance, double full dismount STUCK.

FORCE – OSU: Great double pike, overpowered her front pass with a big lunge forward, double back looks a little underrotated but just a touch.

ROSS – UCLA: BHS LOSO great. Front aerial sissone, switch split, side aerial back full with an arm swing. Not perfect but great.

LOWERY – OSU: Front double full, huge, steps right up to the line. One and a half front full, great Rudi, not as much energy in this routine as I’ve seen but solid anyway.

OHASHI – UCLA: This routine is so short. Hits the layout, it looked crooked in the middle but no check, front aerial BHS LOSO back full with a little hop back.

YANISH – OSU: UGH the slide on the double lay is back. Clean thru the combo, another slide on the double back. STOP OVERPOWERING THINGS. LOL 9.975 OH MY GOD WHAT.

FINAL: UCLA 197.900 – OREGON STATE 197.450

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL DEAD. I said Gill can be friendly and it was soft-but-sane for 7/8 rotations but things went completely off the rails on floor. The Beavers had a sloppy rotation, overpowered more landings than they hit, and got a 49.6 anyway. I give up. They were great, but I’d have the total like a point lower than it ended up.

UCLA also got a few gifts on scores… I’d have Kocian on bars and Frazier on floor half a tenth lower, off the top of my head, but overall fairly reasonable. Fantastic days for Nia Dennis and Felicia Hano today, which is very good news for the Bruins. Those two can be phenomenal but struggle to keep their energy in check from time to time.

VAULT: Jacobsen, Hano 9.950
BARS: Ross 10.00
BEAM: Dennis 9.975
FLOOR: Yanish 9.975
AA: Ross 39.650

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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