9 Resolutions All NCAA Gym Fans Should Make This Year

Whether you’re on top of your resolution game or tend to let them fizzle out by mid-January, these nine resolutions are some you’ll want (and should try) to keep all season long.

  1. Don’t get angry with inevitable biased scoring. Carol is practicing writing “10” at this very moment.
  2. Stay up late enough to watch some MPSF matchups (or catch EAGL action if you’re on the west coast).
  3. Catch UIC, both men and women, in action because your remaining chances could be limited.
  4. Watch at least one meet between teams in a conference you don’t regularly follow.
  5. Resist the urge to do “10 hands” (or “10 tweet”) unless it is really a 10.0.
  6. Watch at least one video of all 20 members of your fantasy team.
  7. Make it to at least one meet in person. While SEC Network protractors and Jim Watson’s dad jokes are great, there’s nothing like experiencing the gymnastics live.
  8. Finally learn which midwest and east coast teams are in which conferences. (It was a process for us too.)
  9. Watch the USAG nationals live stream—or go to the meet in person! (Because there’s no other women’s meets that weekend and the gymnastics is just as impressive and maybe even more exciting than the top teams.)

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Article by Elizabeth Grimsley, Emily Minehart, Rebecca Scally and Emily Howell-Forbes

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