Suzanne Yoculan Through the Ages

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at College Gym News. We’re thankful for a lot of things here: the SEC protractor, nice toe points and all of you, our readers! We’re also thankful for all of the hard work gymnasts and coaches put into gymnastics so we can have the joy of watching—or some might say obsessively following—the sport we love.

One of the coaches who has been at it the longest, hiatus notwithstanding, and brought us the most to talk about is without a doubt Suzanne Yoculan. You know her resume; she drove Georgia to glory and then walked off into the sunset. That is, until her protege took the helm. Now she’s back as a volunteer assistant, and she’s still serving looks that could kill. Take a moment to reflect on the years of Yoculan while you digest your turkey, and see how many G’s you can spot hiding in her wardrobe over the years.


Our first glimpse of the legend-to-be.


First of just a few.


We spy some G’s.


Waiting for beam scores like.


The hair and the sleeves got bigger to ring in the ‘90s. You’ve got to be cool to wear your credential on your belt too.


The Beam is Going Badly face™.


Have the G earrings grown?


Beam must be going better.


She’s in white!


Everything about this is amazing: the red sparkly dress, the hand-stitched (?) “Dawgs,” the fact that her face and hair still look the same as 10 years from now.


Question: What is the origin of the 10 HANDS? Fun fact: The routine did not receive a 10. Another fun fact: Her dress matches the team’s leotard.


Those giant G earrings though…


We like to think all those rings she’s wearing are all her championship rings (she had three, almost four, national titles and nine conference titles at this point). “Let me wear all my bling to intimidate the competition.”


Peep young Jay Clark in the background.


Mixing it up with the beige (grey?) blazer!


Suzanne in her element.


All hands on deck for this outfit in the big rivalry meet vs. Alabama this season.


Side note: Does she ever age?


Can we talk about her red leather blazer?


A nice pan of all the bling. Also, you’d think after all these years, she’d run out of different red and black outfits to wear. Because let’s be honest, she was never an outfit-repeater.


Playing into the notion of Georgia being the dark to Alabama’s light with the black suit this year.


Her hair gets longer the closer she is to retirement. Maybe it’s because it’s getting more full of secrets?


Only the cool kids wear their national championship bling as a pendant.


The Queen in her final season. Just as commanding as ever.


She’s baaaaack.

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Article by Emily Minehart and Elizabeth Grimsley

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