The DIIIsmount: Week 12

Division III action all but wrapped up for the 2018 season, with UW-Whitewater soaring to pick up its second consecutive NCGA title, upsetting first-ranked Brockport and both regional champions on its way to a program record score. NCGA gymnasts registered an incredible twenty five 9.800+ scores at nationals!

Division II participated in conference championships this weekend, with Lindenwood picking up the MIC title at home and Bridgeport setting a season high to claim ECAC-II victory for the 10th year running. Check out the Dismount for more details on those!

Top DII/DIII Scores of the Weekend
Dani Barmore UW-La Crosse VT 9.80
Lisa O’Donnell UW-Whitewater UB 9.90
Brooke Kachinsky UW-La Crosse UB 9.80
Candis Kowalik Brockport FX 9.90
Bridgette Schaal Brockport FX 9.825
Sydney Tribbett Hamline FX 9.825
Acacia Fossum UW-Whitewater FX 9.825
Brittany Vasile Brockport FX 9.80
Stephanie Mager Brockport FX 9.80
Emma Schulz Cortland FX 9.80
Amy Enright UW-La Crosse FX 9.80
Franchesca Hutton UW-Whitewater FX 9.80
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood VT 9.85
Schyler Jones Texas Woman’s VT 9.80
Andy Alexander Lindenwood UB 9.85
Courtney Mitchell Lindenwood UB 9.80
Alyssa Kelly Texas Woman’s UB 9.825
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood BB 9.925
Andy Alexander Lindenwood BB 9.80
Taylor Colwell Lindenwood BB 9.80
Breanna Franklin Lindenwood BB 9.80
Schyler Jones Texas Woman’s BB 9.90
Mallory Moredock Texas Woman’s BB 9.90
Alyssa Kelly Texas Woman’s BB 9.80
Andy Alexander Lindenwood FX 9.825
Ryan Henry Lindenwood FX 9.80
Mallory Moredock Texas Woman’s FX 9.875
Schyler Jones Texas Woman’s FX 9.85
Kelli Tereshko Bridgeport UB 9.825
Lauren Ramirez Bridgeport BB 9.875
Kathryn Doran Bridgeport BB 9.85
Kelsey Campbell Bridgeport BB 9.80
Maya Reimers Bridgeport FX 9.925
Gabrielle Kistner Bridgeport FX 9.9
Kathleen Aberger Southern Connecticut FX 9.875
Kelly Aycock Bridgeport FX 9.85
Kelsey Campbell Bridgeport FX 9.85
Alexandra Avendano Southern Connecticut FX 9.825
Jessica Meakim West Chester FX 9.825
Molly Grau Bridgeport FX 9.80
Madison Brent West Chester FX 9.80
Dani Barmore UW-La Crosse VT 9.825
Candis Kowalik Brockport VT 9.80
Baylee Tkaczuk UW-Oshkosh UB 9.85
Amy Enright UW-La Crosse UB 9.825
Sam Weyker UW-La Crosse BB 9.825
Tali Twomey Springfield FX 9.90
Candis Kowalik Brockport FX 9.875
Carolyn Nichols Ithaca FX 9.85
Acacia Fossum UW-Whitewater FX 9.85
Brittany Vasile Brockport FX 9.85
Eleanor LaFountain Ursinus FX 9.825
Stephanie Mager Brockport FX 9.80
Franchesca Hutton UW-Whitewater FX 9.80
Miyuki Matsune Seattle Pacific BB 9.85
Lena Wirth Seattle Pacific BB 9.85
Itzia San Roman Seattle Pacific BB 9.80

NCGA Championships
Full Results

Event Results

UW-W: 193.700 UW-LC: 192.550 Brockport: 191.350
Hamline: 190.000 Cortland: 189.000 Ithaca: 188.175
VT: Barmore 9.825 UB: Tkaczuk 9.850 BB: Weyker 9.825 FX: Twomey 9.900 AA: O’Donnell 38.675
  • Whitewater set a program record of 193.700.

UW-Whitewater set a program record to claim its fifth national championship, defending its title from 2017. It upset No. 1-ranked Brockport, as well as regional champions UW-La Crosse and Brockport. Whitewater’s Lisa O’Donnell claimed her fourth national title in the all around, also defending her title from last year. La Crosse set a season high on floor to wrap up second while Brockport’s signature 49+ floor rotation couldn’t counter the effects of a difficult bar rotation—but junior Candis Kowalik ranked second in the all around, including a 9.900 on floor.

Hamline set its second consecutive program record, scoring a 190.000 for the first time in program history.

All four event titles were won by scores of over 9.800, and two non-team qualifier gymnasts took top honors. Dani Barmore won vault with a 9.825, UW-La Crosse’s single highest vault score of the season. Oshkosh’s Baylee Tkaczuk has been ranked competitively throughout the year, so her meet-winning 9.850 is no surprise. La Crosse’s Sam Weyker has been incredibly consistent on beam throughout the year but brought her best performance for a 9.825 there. Springfield’s Tali Twomey wrapped up the meet with a 9.900 on floor for the title.

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Article by Rebecca Scally

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